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[How to make glutinous bean paste]_Home-made method of glutinous bean paste_How to make glutinous bean paste_How to make glutinous bean paste

[How to make glutinous bean paste]_Home-made method of glutinous bean paste_How to make glutinous bean paste_How to make glutinous bean paste

Everything is dying in the winter. Of course, the diet can not be ambiguous in this slumped season. You must actively carry out diet and health care. After learning to make dough bean paste, this dish can help you add more, reasonably replenish qi and blood, and let you in the winterThe body can also become stronger and stronger, and with an appetizer, it’s awesome!

1. Prepare red bean paste 2. Take an appropriate amount of flour and pour it into a bowl 3. Add warm water, pour an appropriate amount of yeast, and noodles 4, knead into a dough, cover with fillings, send out a noodle, and when the dough is swollen, it will be nettedAt this time, the face has been made 6 and poured into a cardboard box, knead evenly, put it in the basin and wake up for 20 minutes 7, take out the dough and knead into long strips!

Cut into small-sized preparations 8, flatten them one by one, roll them into thick inside, and wrap around the thin crusts 10, add red bean paste, wrap them into buns 11, flatten them by hand 12, brush with vegetable oil one by one, put them in a small fireFry to 13 and fry on one side until golden brown. Brush the same steps with oil 14 and turn over with a shovel. Fry to the other side. 15 Fry until both sides are golden brown.Baked bean paste is a dish that is easy to make. Those who work overtime for a long time and have no time to cook can try this dish. Simply cook it and add the seasoning that suits their taste before leaving the pot.

[Cashstar Banana Floss Bread Practice]_Cashta Banana Floss Bread Common Practice_Cashda Banana Floss Bread Practice Daquan_Cashda Banana Floss Bread

[Cashstar Banana Floss Bread Practice]_Cashta Banana Floss Bread Common Practice_Cashda Banana Floss Bread Practice Daquan_Cashda Banana Floss Bread

Everyone likes to eat home-cooked food. Simple food can bring us a sense of happiness. Kastar Banana Floss Bread is a very healthy nutritional recipe.Simple, you need to prepare potatoes, and they are fresh, ungerminated potatoes, which will taste even better.

1. First make the custard sauce, add 50 grams of sugar to the three yolks!

2, hit the color blush!

3. Add milk corn starch and mix well!

4. Then heat over low heat to cook. If you keep stirring to avoid stickiness, you can turn off the heat if the mixture is thick and sticky.

5. Add yogurt, eggs, salt, mashed bananas, and sugar to the toaster bucket!

6, add high-gluten flour, knead the baking powder to a quarter of an hour and put in the paste, continue to knead to the full expansion stage for fermentation!

7. Ferment to 2.

5 times as large, the fermentation will be completed without shrinking!

8. Knead the air with a bread machine for a few times and take it out.

9, in your hand, roll into a flake and wrap in the floss!

10. Add all the reunions to the mold, put the oven in the second fermentation, and adjust the temperature to 30 degrees for 40 minutes!

11. After the second fermentation, brush the egg liquid on the surface, mix the Casita sauce into the flower bag, cut a small mouth and squeeze on the surface!

12, the oven is preheated in advance, and baked at 180 degrees for 20 minutes!

13, the finished picture!

If you want to enjoy life, you can’t ignore the diet. The practice of Casta Banana Floss Bread is very simple. It is a good choice for those who want to be lazy and healthy.

[How to get the hot pot?】 _Family Practice_Production Method

The father and the uncle are unhappy, and the father and the uncle are very worried. They are afraid of the unheard of manuscripts. They are not so good. They are not so good. They are not so good.粦鐨勬湰瀛愭槸涓€绉嶈櫨娉ュ埗鍝侊紝鍦ㄥ埗浣滆櫨婊戠殑鏃跺€欙紝铏炬槸蹇呬笉鍙皯鐨勬潗鏂欙紝鍙﹀Intercommunicating regulations and tweezers: Propagating and resolving errors in the world借悆鍙堟湁钀ュ吇锛屽湪鍚冪伀閿呯殑鏃跺€欙紝铏炬粦鏄潪甯稿ソ鐨勯厤鏂欍€傝櫨婊戞€庝箞涓嬬伀閿咃紵铏炬粦鍏跺疄灏辨槸椴滆櫨鑲夊垏纰庡悗鍔犲叆璋冩枡鐨勮倝涓哥被鍗婃垚鍝侊紝鍚冩椂鐨勮皟鏂欏彲浠ユ牴鎹嚜宸卞彛鍛抽殢鎰忛€夋嫨銆傚鏋滄槸鑷繁鍦ㄥ鍚冪伀閿呬釜浜哄缓璁彲浠ョ洿鎺ュ湪瓒呭競鎴栬€呯綉涓婅喘涔板埗浣滃ソ鐨勮櫨婊戯紝姣旇緝鐪佷簨鏂逛究銆傚鏋滄媴蹇冩湁杩囧娣诲姞鍓備篃鍙互鑷繁鍦ㄥ鍋氾紝涔扮敓铏撅紝鍘诲3锛?/ 4?綋 嶅 井 雒 囧 ぇ 镣 開 篃 鍙  Mutually admits that ammonia is indistinguishable. (雒 鍒 囩 殶  皬) Adopted?/ 4 鏄  雴 更 更 围 愯 栌 娉 ョ 咧 庯 纴 锷 犳 閡 掞 溴 2 翏 忓 宱 雱 〢 尲 尲 啲 娓?涓紝鏈€鍚庡井涓€鐐圭偣鐩愬拰绯?I’m going to die, I’m going to die: I’m going to do it!What are you talking about? What are you saying? What are you saying? What are you doing? What are you doing? What are you doing? What are you doing? Do you want to do it? Do you want to do it?岃铏炬粦鏇村嚌鍥恒€傚皢铏惧幓澶淬€佸幓鐨悗鎸戝嚭铏剧嚎娲楀噣锛岀敤鐩愭按灏嗚櫨鑲夋蹈娉″嚑鍒嗛挓鍚庢礂鐧姐€傛牴鎹櫨鑲夌殑閲忔斁鍏ヨ泲娓咃紙澶х害1鏂よ櫨鑲夋斁3涓泲娓咃級锛屽姞鍏ヨ皟鍛虫枡鐩愩€侀浮绮夈€佺櫧鑳℃绮夈€佹枡閰掑悇灏戣锛岀敤鎼呮媽鏈哄皢鍏舵墦鎴愯櫨娉ュ嵆鍙娇鐢ㄣ€傝櫨婊戞槸涓€绉嶈櫨绯滃埗鍝侊紝鍙湁铏惧仛鍑虹殑铏炬粦鍙f劅鐣ュ崟涓€锛屾墍浠ラキ搴楅噷甯哥敤鐨勮緟鏂欐湁楸艰倝鍜岀尓鑲夈€備紶缁熻櫨婊戠殑鍋氭硶鏄妸铏惧幓澹筹紝閫氳繃涓婂崈娆$殑鎽旀墦锛屼娇鑲夊叿鏈夌矘鎬э紝璁╁叾淇濇寔鍘熸湁鐨勮惀鍏绘垚鍒嗭紝鍙堝叿鏈変簡鐖借剢鐨勫彛鎰熴€傚埗浣滆櫨婊戞墍鐢ㄧ殑铏惧彲浠ユ槸闈掕櫨锛屼篃鍙互鏄捣铏俱€傝櫨浠佺殑鍚噺瓒婇珮锛岃櫨婊戝懗閬撹秺绾锛屼篃鏈夎澶氫究瀹滅殑鍔犲伐鍒跺搧鐢ㄦ穩绮夊拰铏剧矇鍐掑厖铏炬粦锛屽悆璧锋潵鍙湁婊″槾鐨勬坊鍔犲墏鍛炽€傞潚铏惧湪鍒嗙被瀛︿笂闅跺睘浜庤妭鑲㈠姩鐗╅棬锛屽張鍚嶆渤铏撅紝鏄湪涓浗骞挎硾鏍栨伅鐨勬布铏惧睘涓殑涓€绉嶃€傜敱浜庢槸涓€绉嶇函娣℃按铏撅紝鍑犱箮鍦ㄥ叏鍥藉悇鍦伴兘鏈夊垎甯冿紝闈掕櫨鏍栨伅鍦烘墍涓嶉檺浜庢贰姘存按鍩燂紝鍦ㄦ部娴风殑浣庣洂搴︽按鍩熶腑涔熻兘鐢熷瓨銆傞潚铏炬槸鍥借憲鍚嶆贰姘村吇娈栬櫨銆?

[How to stew chicken soup is delicious and nutritious?

】 _How to stew_How to stew

[How to stew chicken soup is delicious and nutritious?
】 _How to stew_How to stew

People often stew chicken broth to eat it, but everyone’s method of chicken broth may be different. Generally, in addition to preparing chicken meat, people can add mushrooms, red dates and wolfberry and other ingredients when cooking chicken broth.The taste will be very delicious, and the nutritional value is very high. It even has the effect of replenishing qi and blood. If you want to stew a delicious and nutritious chicken soup, everyone must learn the following methods.

How to stew chicken soup is delicious and nutritious?
Wash and chop the domestic chicken into four large pieces, put it into the cooking wine and boil it in a boiling water pot to cool it, and peel it for future use.

Angelica sinensis, Codonopsis, round meat, red dates, wolfberry, wash and set aside.

Add an appropriate amount of water to the pot, place the chicken and herbs together in the pot, cover with a high heat and boil.

Slow cook for 60 to 90 minutes, add salt.

Pay attention to the following when boiling chicken soup: slaughter live chicken and eat frozen chicken: Needless to say, buy live chicken, mainly to ensure the delicious meat.

But after you buy the fresh chicken, you should freeze it in the refrigerator freezer for about 3 hours before taking out the thawed soup.

This is the same principle as for sour meat.

When an animal is killed suddenly, many toxins are naturally released in the body, and the temperature of the newly killed chicken is more convenient for bacterial reproduction. At this time, freezing it can not only sterilize, but also allow the chicken to naturally transition from the “stiff period” to the “maturity period”.This kind of chicken meat is the best, and the soup taste will be more delicious.

Flying water is a necessary step: nutritional research shows that before cooking any meat, the main ingredients should be cooked in boiling water, so that the raw fishy smell can be removed, and it is also a process of thoroughly cleaning the meat, which can makeThe stewed soup is fresh without turbidity, fragrant and without odor. This process is called flying water.

Flying water is also tricky. If the meat is cooked in cold water, the nutrition of the meat will be seriously lost from cold water to boiling, so flying water is most suitable for boiling in warm water and then cooking 7?
For 8 minutes, turn the meat in time during the cooking process.

Of course, it is also possible to open an underwater pot and cook 3?
5 minutes.

It is suitable to use cold water for the stew soup: after the water is completely flushed, immediately rinse the meat pieces with cold water, and then add the stew to the pot.

Because stew soup is the most suitable cold water pot, the raw materials will fully release nutrients by slowly raising the water temperature, and raw materials with the same temperature as the water can cook a good taste.

Stewing soup is the key to a healthy diet: stewing soup is mainly to drink its soup, and secondly to eat its meat, so the use of pressure cooker for soup is not recommended because the nutrients need to be heated slowly and slowly in order to come out.The control time is short and cannot achieve its due effect.

Therefore, you should use a casserole to cook chicken soup, first boil for 10 minutes, then turn to low heat.

In the process of boiling soup, try not to expose it, as it is easy to “run out of breath”, so the soup will lose its original flavor.

[Efficacy and role of wild persimmon]_Advantages_Benefits

銆 愰 当 铆 铙 铙 姛 姛 堁 堜 嬌 欌 滤 銆 慆 搩 婂 _ 濂 BOR
Read about it, find out what it is, how to do it, what is it, what is it, what is it, what is it, what is it, what is it, what is it, what is it, what is it, what is it, what is it, what is it?紝涓€鑸潵璇达紝鐩存帴鍚冪殑璇濅細姣旇緝娑╋紝鍙互鐢ㄦ潵娉¢厭锛屽畠鐨勭硸鍒嗘瘮杈冧赴瀵岋紝鑰屼笖杩樻湁涓板瘜鐨勭淮鐢熺礌鍜屾灉鑳讹紝鏈夋竻鐑鼎鑲虹殑浣滅敤锛屽钩鏃跺悆鐨勬椂鍊欎笉鑳藉悆寰楄繃澶氾紝鍥犱负閲岄潰鐨勯灒閰告瘮杈冨锛屽鏄撳鑷磋偁鑳冧笉鑹紝浼氬紩璧锋秷鍖栦笉鑹殑鎯呭喌銆傞噹鏌垮瓙鐨勫姛鏁堜笌浣滅敤閲庢熆(鎷変竵瀛﹀悕锛欴iospyros kaki silvestris)锛屼负鏌跨鏌垮睘涓嬬殑钀藉彾澶т箶鏈ㄣ€傚皬鏋濆強鍙舵焺甯稿瘑琚粍瑜愯壊鏌旀瘺锛屽彾杈冩牻鍩规熆鏍戠殑鍙跺皬锛屽彾鐗囦笅闈㈢殑姣涜緝澶氾紝鑺辫緝灏忥紝鏋滀害杈冨皬锛岀洿寰勭害2-5鍘樼背銆備骇浜庝腑鍥戒腑銆佸崡閮ㄣ€傜敓浜庡北鍦拌嚜鐒舵灄鎴栨鐢熸灄涓紝鎴栧湪灞卞潯鐏屼笡涓紝鍨傜洿鍒嗗竷绾﹁揪1600绫Insects are screaming and striking. They are different. They are backpacks and yarns. They are different. They are different. They are very common. They are very common.阃斿悓浜庢熆鏍戙€傛爲鐨害鍚灒璐ㄣ€傚疄鐢熻嫍鍙綔鏍藉煿鏌挎爲鐨勭牕鏈ㄣ€傛嵁浜嗚В锛岄噹鏌垮瓙鏄彲浠ユ场閰掔殑锛屾熆瀛愪腑鍚湁涓板瘜鐨勭硸鍒嗭紝鏋滆兌鍜岀淮鐢熺礌锛屾湁鑹ソ鐨勬竻鐑拰娑﹁偁浣滅敤锛屾槸鎱㈡€ф敮姘旂鐐庯紝楂樿鍘嬶紝鍔ㄨ剦纭寲鎮h€呯殑澶╃劧鐨勪繚鍋ラ鍝併€備笉杩囨熆瀛愪腑澶ч噺鐨勫崟瀹侀吀浼氬奖鍝嶈韩浣撳閾佽川鐨勫惛鏀讹紝鎵€浠ヤ笉瀹滃鍚冦€傛澶栵紝涓尰I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I don’t like it, I don’t like it, I don’t like it, I don’t like it.堛€傞噹鏌垮瓙鐨勭蹇?銆 佺 ┖ can be ruined and sorrowful?銆佹熆瀛愬惈鍗曞畞锛屾槗涓庨搧璐ㄧ粨鍚堣捣鏉ワ紝浠庤€屽Θ纰嶄汉浣撳椋熺墿涓搧璐ㄧ殑鍚告敹锛屾墍浠ヨ传琛€鎮h€呭簲灏戝悆涓哄ソ銆?銆佹熆瀛愬拰铻冭煿鍚屽睘瀵掓€ч鐗╋紝鍥犺€屼笉瀹滃悓鍚冦€?銆佹偅鏈夋參鎬ц儍鐐庛€佹帓绌哄欢缂撱€佹秷鍖栦笉鑹瓑鑳冨姩鍔涘姛鑳戒綆涓嬭€呫€佽儍澶ч儴鍒囬櫎鏈悗涓嶅疁椋熸熆瀛愩€?I am afraid that you will be able to defend yourself: if you want to know how to do it, if you want to read it, you will be able to read it, and you will be able to read it in the same way.I am afraid that you will be able to read it in a simple way. You will be able to read it in a simple way. You can read it in a slippery way.The frontier is a must-have world?

[How to make soup noodles is delicious and easy?

]_ Delicious specifications _ simple approach

[How to make soup noodles is delicious and easy?
]_ Delicious specifications _ simple approach

Noodles are a very common staple food in our daily lives. Pasta is a daily necessity for northerners, and for some people, if they do n’t eat noodles for a day, they always feel a little less. For some people,Eating noodles is actually a kind of enjoyment. In recent years, it has experienced the improvement of people’s living standards. The practice of noodles is also very good. So how to make soup noodles delicious and simple?

How to make good noodles and simple tomato noodle ingredients: noodles, tomatoes, eggs, salt, monosodium glutamate, sesame oil, ginger slices.

Method: 1. Wash and slice two tomatoes, mash two eggs, add salt to the egg liquid, and chop a piece of ginger; 2. Put oil in the pot, and pour the egg liquid into the frying eggs, and heat them up.3. Put another oil and sauté the ginger with oil. Pour the tomatoes and stir fry. When the tomatoes are out of water, pour the eggs into the same fry for a while (you can add a little white sugar, if you think the tomatoes are too sour), But only add a little bit); 4, then add water to boil the flavor (water can be slightly more than when making soup).

You can cook it for about five minutes, then pour it into a noodle bowl, add salt (more salt), MSG, and sesame oil.

5. Put another pot of boiled noodles into the noodle bowl. When the noodles are good, put them in the noodle bowl of tomato soup, sprinkle with coriander, and spray.

I believe everyone is familiar with tomato egg noodles. The method is simple and nutritious. If you get tired after work, make some tomato egg noodles.

Yangchun noodles materials: noodles (preferably thin round noodles), sesame oil, shallots, salt, monosodium glutamate, soy sauce.

Practice: 1, chopped green onions for spare.

Add the right amount of boiling water to the boiling pot and set aside.

2. Add soy sauce, salt, monosodium glutamate, sesame oil into the empty bowl, and pour into half a bowl of boiling water.

3. The remaining boiling water in the pot is used to cook the noodles. After cooking, it rises, strains the water, puts it in the noodle soup prepared in the previous step, and sprinkles it with green onions.

The benefits of eating noodles are many. What are the specifics?

Let’s take a look together.

Benefits of eating noodles1. Noodles contain a certain amount of protein and are the main source of vitamins and minerals. They contain the essential vitamins B1, B2, B3, B8 and B9 to maintain nerve balance, and also calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesiumPotassium and copper are essential substances in the human body, so eating noodles can make people live longer, so there is a saying of “longevity noodles”.

2, noodles is the best food for athletes, it can provide the necessary glucose for the athlete’s muscle work.

3, eating noodles can make people more awake, focus attention, because it can slowly and regularly deliver glucose to the brain.

4, will not lead to obesity.

Eating noodles does not add weight and has been incorporated into a weight loss recipe.

5, noodles do not contain cholesterol, suitable for patients with high cholesterol.

6, has the characteristics of suppressing appetite, because noodles digest in the stomach is relatively slow, so that continuous feeling of fullness, not easy to swallow.

7, can decompose feces, because noodles do not contain feces, can be embedded to maintain a normal, stable level, slender to maintain long-term stability of blood sugar.

8. Noodles are made from durum wheat and whole wheat flour. The cellulose content is very high. Unlike white bread made from gluten-free wheat, refined flour lacks a lot of nutrients, so noodles have higher nutritional value than bread.

When noodles are eaten, there are many places to pay attention to.

What to pay attention to when eating noodles?

Let’s find out together.

You should pay attention to what noodles are best for lunch. Although noodles are not as hungry as rice, noodles can also provide sufficient energy for our body, resulting in a feeling of fullness.

In addition, durum wheat, the main ingredient of noodles, contains B vitamins, which have a certain stimulating effect on brain cells.

So eating a bowl of noodles with reasonable noodles at noon is a good choice.

In the morning, you should eat foods with high protein content.

Eating noodles at night is more difficult to digest.

The more gluten noodles are more nutritious. Generally, the more gluten noodles contain more protein.

Of course, the manufacturing process also leads to differences in the taste of the noodles.

For example, in order to make the noodles more glutinous, the northern noodles will add some salt to “wake up the noodles”. This will not destroy the nutrition of the noodles, so don’t worry.

There are many ways to eat noodles warmly, and different people have different tastes. Some people like cold noodles, and some people like hot oily noodles.

In fact, if the noodle is too hot, it will cause damage to our esophagus, and if it is too cold, it will not help digestion and absorption.

So most of the time, eating a bowl of warm noodles is the most suitable.When cooking starchy foods, the starch on their surface is scattered into the soup.

When heated to 100 ° C, starch granules break down into dextrin, which can help digest food.

The noodle soup also contains digestive enzymes, which will not be destroyed during cooking and can also help digest food.

[Can you eat peanuts with high blood sugar]_Peanuts_High blood sugar_Can you eat

銆 愯  順 揭 揮 鍙  咖 駖 姖 姳 姷 醧 抧 銆 慺 铺 尓 擓 _ As for the sorrel
Sorry for the defense, the pickaxe, the picker, and the slippery squid, the squirting and the squishy, the sorrowful, the sorrowful, the sorrowful, the sorrowful, the sorrowful, the sorrowful, the sorrowful, the sorrowful, the go to the board笉楗卞拰鑴傝偑閰革紝閫傚綋鐨勫悆涓€浜涘浜庡績鑴戣绠$柧鐥呮湁甯姪锛岄偅涔堣绯栭珮鑳藉悆鑺辩敓鍚楋紵 涓€銆佽姳鐢熺儹閲忛珮锛屼笉鍒╀簬琛€绯栨帶鍒躲€傛瘡100鍏嬭姳鐢熷惈589鍗冨崱鐑噺锛屾瘮鍚岀瓑閲嶉噺鐨勭背楗€佺尓鑲夈€佺緤鑲夈€侀浮楦倝鎵€鍚儹閲忓銆?0绮掍腑绛夊ぇ灏忕殑鑺辩敓绫虫墍鎻愪緵鐨勮兘閲忕浉褰撲簬50鍏嬪ぇ绫抽キ銆傜硸灏跨梾鎮h€呮渶閲嶈鐨勯ギ椋熷師鍒欐槸鎺у埗姣忓ぉ鎽勫叆鐨勬€昏兘閲忥紝鎵€浠ヨ姳鐢熺背涓€鑸槸涓嶅缓璁硸灏跨梾鎮h€呭ぇ閲忛鐢ㄧ殑锛屽悆鐨勬椂鍊欎竴瀹氳鈥滈€傞噺鈥濄€傚湪璁捐绯栧翱鐥呴ギ椋熼璋辨椂锛岃姳鐢熸彁渚涚殑鑳介噺闇€璁″叆鍏ㄥぉ鐨勬€昏兘閲忋€傝姳鐢熺殑鑴傝偑鍚噺涔熺壒鍒珮锛岃繎涓€鍗婁互涓婃槸鑴傝偑銆備竴鑸惀鍏诲笀浼氬憡璇変綘锛?8 What is the difference between back and forth and back and forth, and back and forth?0鍏嬶級锛屾槸璇存槑鑺辩敓绫冲惈娌硅剛楂樸€備笉鍔犻檺鍒跺湴椋熺敤鑺辩敓浼氬鍔犵儹閲忓拰鑴傝偑鎽勫叆锛屼娇浣撻噸澧炲姞锛岃鑴傚崌楂橈紝涓嶅埄浜庤绯栧拰琛€鍘嬬殑鎺у埗銆傛墍浠ワ紝涓嶅疁澶氶鐢ㄨ姳鐢燂紝灏ゅ叾涓嶅彲椋熺敤绯栬姳鐢熴€?浜屻€佺硸灏跨梾浜轰笉瀹滃鍚冭姳鐢熴€傜硸灏跨梾鎮h€呭鍚冭姳鐢熶笉鍒╀簬鐥呮儏鐨勬帶鍒躲€傝姳What is the silicon rigidity?0 橕 姳 姳 熺 絉 変 氰 簬 簬 10 鍏 嬫 裫 堃 兘 擶 熶 鐢?0 What is the key to reading the key?0鍗冨崱鐑噺澶ф闇€瑕佹暎姝?灏忔椂銆傜硸灏跨梾鎮h€呴渶鎺у埗姣忔棩鎽勫叆鐨勬€昏兘閲忥紝姣忓ぉ浣跨敤鐐掕彍娌逛笉鑳借秴杩?0鍏嬶紝鑰屼竴鑸悆鑺辩敓涓嶆20绮掋€傝繃澶氶鐢ㄨ姳鐢燂紝鍔犱笂鑿滆偞涓殑鍏朵粬鐢ㄦ补锛屼汉浣撻鐢ㄦ补鐨勬憚鍏ラ噺寰€寰€浼氳秴杩?0鍏嬨€傚彟澶栵紝鑺辩敓鐨勮剛鑲惈閲忎篃寰堥珮锛?00 is it right?5 What is the newest setting?00 嬬 嬬 哰 環 經 璫 Chong 擑 溜 劆 杩 涗 気 気 気 簩 尮 兮兮 兮兮 入 入 庥 吥 鐩 逩 綺 綜 浜 殜 揜 揜 揜75鍏嬬殑棣掑ご锛岃繖鏄剧劧涓嶅埄浜庣硸灏跨梾鎮h€呮帶鍒朵綋閲嶏紝鍙兘浼氬姞閲嶅叾鐥呮儏銆?涓夈€佸皯閲忕殑鑺辩敓瀵圭硸灏跨梾浜烘湁甯姪銆傝嫳鍥界墰娲ュ竷椴佸厠鏂ぇ瀛︾殑JeyaHcmy鏁欐巿涔熷垪涓句簡涓€椤圭爺绌舵垚鏋滐紝鍏辨湁356涓彈璇曞璞★紝鍏朵腑鏈?03渚嬫偅鈪犲瀷绯栧翱鐥咃紝153渚嬫偅II鍨嬬硸灏跨梾锛屽彈璇曞璞℃憚鍏ヤ綆琛€绯栨寚鏁伴鐗╋紙鍖呮嫭鑺辩敓鍙婂叾鍒跺搧銆佺硸楹﹁杽鐗囥€佸叏楹﹁剢鐗囷紝鎵佽眴绛夛級鎸佺画10鍛ㄥ悗锛屽叾绯栧寲琛€绾㈣泲鐧斤紙HhAIc锛夐檷浣庤嚦0。4%: What is the new tweezers?.2 Jiao?鍗囥€傜硸鍖栬绾㈣泲鐧界殑闄嶄綆锛屽绯栧翱鐥呬汉鍦ㄤ复搴婂叿鏈夐噸瑕佹剰涔夈€?

[How to make a Loofah Shrimp Mushroom Cup]_The common practice of the Loofah Shrimp Mushroom Cup

[How to make a Loofah Shrimp Mushroom Cup]_The common practice of the Loofah Shrimp Mushroom Cup

If you want to make good delicious food, you must prepare all the ingredients, seasonings, and tableware.

Of course, the most important thing is to grasp the climate.

With all this in place, let’s start making the Loofah Shrimp Cup1.

One big shrimp, take the meat, chop and add any salt and a little starch to smash it into shiitake.


Loofah peeled, cut into sections 3.

Without the middle three points, dig out a small part with a knife, taking care not to hollow out the bottom, and place the loofah cup 4.

Fill in with shiitake mushrooms 5.

Chop the pepper sauce + garlic + raw soy sauce + sugar + oil and mix well.

Steam the loofah cup with the dipping sauce for 7 minutes7.

Dip the dipping sauce directly onto the loofah cup.

The taste is a little spicy, a little sweet, a little fragrant and a little fresh.

It is not difficult to understand the Loofah Shrimp Mushroom Cup, but it is not very easy to really do it well. This requires our attention and hard work.

Binjiang Group (002244) Interim Review: Sword refers to the 100 billion target continued to expand

Binjiang Group (002244) Interim Review: Sword refers to the 100 billion target continued to expand

Core Views The company released a semi-annual report. In 2019H1, it realized revenue of US $ 5.3 billion, an interval of -45%; realized net profit attributable to its mother of US $ 600 million, an increase of + 6%; the performance was in line with expectations.

The company remains highly competitive in the Hangzhou market, with a high probability of achieving 100 billion sales targets in 2019; development efforts since the second half of 2017 have strengthened escorts for future scale growth while maintaining financial soundness.

We expect the company’s EPS to be zero in 2019-2021.

47, 0.

56, 0.

66 yuan, maintaining the “overweight” 深圳桑拿网 level.

Regional revenue has become more balanced, and settlement resources have increased significantly. The carry-over of Hangzhou’s consolidated projects in H1 2019 has decreased, resulting in changes in revenue.

However, the Jinhua and Jiaxing consolidation projects carried forward, so Hangzhou ‘s revenue share dropped to 31%, and the regional layout became more balanced.

In addition, the carry-over gross profit margin was up to +9 percentage points to 34%, which remained at a high level.

Due to the simultaneous expansion of sales revenue and the growth of interest-bearing debt, the company’s period expense ratio increased by +11 to 16%.

But the settlement of non-consolidated projects drives investment income3.

60,000 yuan (1 pass in 2018H1).

One hundred millionth, and minority shareholders’ profit and loss accounted for 22 percentage points to 32%, and jointly promoted performance growth.

Accounts received in advance for 2019H1 are significantly larger than the end of 2018 by + 73% to 437 trillion, which is 207% relative to the revenue coverage in 2018, and the settlement resources are more abundant.

The sales sword is worth 100 billion, and Hangzhou won another championship. In 2019H1, the company achieved sales of 51.7 billion, + 27% per year, and the equity ratio is about 40%.

According to Claire’s data, the sales area is 174.

40,000 square meters, previously + 81%; corresponding to the average sales price of 3.

0 million / flat, compared with April 2018.

20,000 / pingdu, mainly due to the increase in sales of Jinhua, Jiaxing and other places.

The company maintains its competitiveness in Hangzhou base camp, and continues to win the Hangzhou sales crown.

We estimate that the rolling stock value of H1 in 2019 will be 140 trillion, and the value of new pushes in the second half of the year will exceed 800 trillion, so it is likely to achieve the 100 billion target.

Continuing positive development and maintaining financial stability The company continues its positive development expectations since the second half of 2017. 2019H1 has added 1.71 million square meters of new soil storage construction sites in Hangzhou, Jinhua, Taizhou, and Wenzhou with a total price of US $ 27 billion, accounting for 49% of the same period last year.54%, 52% ground strength.

The new land reserve equity ratio is 41%, which is the same as the sales equity ratio. It is expected that the future investment income and the proportion of minority shareholders’ profits and losses will continue.

As of H1 2019, we expect the company’s soil reserves to be available for sale at approximately 2400 trillion yuan, and the gradual expansion efforts will remain at the same level as last year (3.54 million square meters of new construction area, with a total price of 496 trillion yuan).

The strong development and transformation changed the company’s financial soundness. In 2019H1, the net debt ratio decreased to 82% compared to -16 at the end of last year, and the overall financing cost was -0.

2 up to 5.

In the financing structure, bank loans accounted for 61%, domestic debt accounted for 39%, and there was no trust or foreign debt.

The sword refers to the 100 billion target and maintains the “overweight” rating. We expect the company’s EPS to be zero in 2019-2021.

47, 0.

56, 0.

66 yuan.

Refer to comparable companies for June 2019.

With a PE estimate of 1x, we believe that the company, as a leading real estate company in Hangzhou, has a strong brand effect. The reasonable PE estimate for 2019 is 8.


2 times, target price 4.


32 yuan (previous value was 4.

70-5.17 yuan), maintaining the “overweight” level.

Risk warning: there is uncertainty in the pace, scope and intensity of industry policy advancement; minority shareholders’ profits and losses may replace the return of the mother’s net profit; penetration by the impact of the Hangzhou and Yangtze River Delta regional markets.

[Celery can scramble eggs]_ scrambled eggs _ Huqin _ can you eat

銆 愯 姽 倃 倃 岲 嵠 ョ 倰 楦 泲 銆 抱 擣 掗 擣 铉 駳 _ 鍙  互 钖 冨 悧
The use of silicon is a very difficult problem, and it’s very difficult to find out what is happening in the world. It’s a hot chain. It’s a hot chain. It’s a hot chain.Do not know what to do, and how to identify it, what to do, what to do, what to do, what to do, what to do, what to do, what to do, what to do, what to do, what to do, what to do, what to do and what to do︿範鍋氳繖閬撹彍鐨勬柟娉曘€?涓€銆佽姽鑿滅倰楦¤泲 鏉愭枡鑺硅彍1鎶娿€侀浮铔?涓€佹枡閰掑皯璁搞€佺洂灏戣銆佸1灏忓潡鍋氭硶1銆佸皢楦¤泲纾曞叆纰楅噷锛屽姞鍏ョ洂鍜屾枡閰掓墦鍧囥€?銆 ? 瑢 鑺 Silicon 娲 奲 団 雒 囒 ソ 徶 囩 啤 銆?銆侀攨涓€掓补锛屽厛灏嗛浮铔嬬厧濂斤紝鍦ㄩ攨涓垎鍑轰竴鐐瑰湴鏂规斁鍏ヨ姽鑿滃拰濮溿€?銆佸皢鎵€鏈夊師鏉愭枡缈荤倰鍧囧寑锛屽啀鏀惧叆灏戣鐩愮炕鐐掑嚑涓嬪嵆鍙鐩樸€?浜屻€佽姽鑿滅倰楦¤泲 鏉愭枡鑺硅彍锛岄浮铔?涓紝鐩愶紝澶ц挏锛屽鍋氭硶1銆佸潗閿呬笂娌癸紝涓冨叓鍒嗙啛鏃跺姞鍏ヨ挏鐗囥€佸鐗囩垎棣欍€?銆 佽 タ 鑺 呏 墏 綉 綏 掶 х 伶 镣?鍒嗛挓锛屽彇鍑恒€?銆佸悓涓€閿咃紝鍏崇伀锛屼笉鐢ㄦ礂锛屽姞楦¤泲锛屼竴杞紝涓€鎵掋€?銆侀殢鍗冲€掑叆鐐掑ソ鐨勮姽鑿滀竴璧风倰锛屾渶鍚庡姞鐩愯皟鍛筹紝璧烽攨銆傚皬璇€绐嶅仛鍑烘潵鐨勮姽鑿滃緢瀚╋紝鏄敎鐨勩€傚湪鎵撻浮铔嬬殑杩囩▼涓紝鍔犱簡涓€鐐圭偣鐩愶紝鍛抽亾濂戒竴浜涖€?涓夈€佽タ鑺圭倰楦¤泲 鏉愭枡瑗胯姽200鍏嬶紝楦¤泲2-3鍙紝娲嬭懕20鍏嬶紝闈掕挏2鏍癸紝鑹叉媺娌癸紝Suddenly?The following are the most important issues: the following is the case: the following is the case: it ‘s very difficult to get through it.愯泲楗硷紝璧烽攨鍒囨垚涓夎鐗囷紱3銆佹斁鍏ュ皯閲忔补锛屽皢瑗胯姽娲嬭懕缈荤倰鍑犱笅锛屾帴鐫€鏀惧叆瑗跨孩鏌挎偿缈荤倰锛屽姞鍏ラ€傞噺鐩愶紱3銆佹渶鍚庢斁鍏ュぇ钂滄鍜岄浮铔嬬墖锛屽鏋滃共鐨勮瘽锛屽彲鍠风偣姘淬€傛敞鎰忎笉瑕佺倰澶儌锛屾柇鐢熷氨琛屼簡銆傚洓銆佽姽鑿滅倰铔?How do you think about it?50 协 嬶 楴 楦 ¤ 泲 200 鍏 嬶 纴 璩 垡 条 氭  鐗 ╂ Supplement 25 鍏 嬶 麴 揂 欓 盓 裓 10 鍏 嬶 鐩 鐩?What are you doing? 2 What are you doing? 5 What are you doing?.灏嗛浮铔嬬鍏ョ鍐咃紝鍔犲叆绮剧洂銆佹枡閰掋€佽懕鑺便€佸皯璁告按鎼呮媽鍧囧寑锛?.鑺硅彍鎷╂礂骞插噣锛屽垏鎴愬皬娈碉紝涓嬪叆寮€姘撮攨鍐呯劘涓€涓嬶紝鎹炲嚭杩囧噳锛屾帶姘村鐢紱3.鐐掗攨娉ㄦ补鐑х儹锛屽€掑叆铔嬫恫锛岀倰鑷冲崐鐔熸椂鏀惧叆鑺硅彍缈荤倰鑷崇啛锛屽姞鍏ョ簿鐩愶紝鎾掑叆鍛崇簿鍗冲彲銆?