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[Cashstar Banana Floss Bread Practice]_Cashta Banana Floss Bread Common Practice_Cashda Banana Floss Bread Practice Daquan_Cashda Banana Floss Bread

[Cashstar Banana Floss Bread Practice]_Cashta Banana Floss Bread Common Practice_Cashda Banana Floss Bread Practice Daquan_Cashda Banana Floss Bread

Everyone likes to eat home-cooked food. Simple food can bring us a sense of happiness. Kastar Banana Floss Bread is a very healthy nutritional recipe.Simple, you need to prepare potatoes, and they are fresh, ungerminated potatoes, which will taste even better.

1. First make the custard sauce, add 50 grams of sugar to the three yolks!

2, hit the color blush!

3. Add milk corn starch and mix well!

4. Then heat over low heat to cook. If you keep stirring to avoid stickiness, you can turn off the heat if the mixture is thick and sticky.

5. Add yogurt, eggs, salt, mashed bananas, and sugar to the toaster bucket!

6, add high-gluten flour, knead the baking powder to a quarter of an hour and put in the paste, continue to knead to the full expansion stage for fermentation!

7. Ferment to 2.

5 times as large, the fermentation will be completed without shrinking!

8. Knead the air with a bread machine for a few times and take it out.

9, in your hand, roll into a flake and wrap in the floss!

10. Add all the reunions to the mold, put the oven in the second fermentation, and adjust the temperature to 30 degrees for 40 minutes!

11. After the second fermentation, brush the egg liquid on the surface, mix the Casita sauce into the flower bag, cut a small mouth and squeeze on the surface!

12, the oven is preheated in advance, and baked at 180 degrees for 20 minutes!

13, the finished picture!

If you want to enjoy life, you can’t ignore the diet. The practice of Casta Banana Floss Bread is very simple. It is a good choice for those who want to be lazy and healthy.

[How to make cakes with potato powder]_Making cakes_Method

[How to make cakes with potato powder]_Making cakes_Method

In order to allow people to eat what they want at any time, many businesses will process some foods that are not easy to store into other states.

Potato is a kind of food similar to potatoes and sweet potatoes. There are many potato flours on the market. If you use potato flour for food, how can it be delicious?

There are many ways to process potato flour into potato cake. Let’s find out together.

First, method one main ingredients: the right amount of sweet potatoes, the right amount of sugar, the right amount of glutinous rice flour, the right amount of flour.

Practices: 1. Put the sweet potatoes on the boiling water steamer rack, steam over medium-high heat for 15 minutes until cooked.

2. After taking it out, use a spoon to squeeze it into mud (this is a test of everyone’s strength).

3. Add flour, sugar and a little water.

4, take an appropriate amount of mashed potatoes with both hands first knead into a ball, then use both palms to pat into a cake.

5. Put a thin layer of oil into the pan, add the prepared cake embryos, and cook on low heat to serve.

Sweet, soft and not worse than the restaurant.

Tips: 1.

I’m afraid of fat, so I use fried. If I fried it, it will be more fragrant.


When sweet potatoes are peeled and mashed, they must be hot so that the flour and sugar can be dissolved.


Don’t put more flour, it will be hard and not fluffy. 3.

Sweet potatoes are sticky, so use a little starch and flour.

Second, method two: 1. Add red beans to the pressure cooker and cook, then stir-fry, add raisins, pine nuts, sesame to make bean paste; 2. steam the sweet potatoes, peel and press them into mud, add glutinous rice noodles and form dough, one by oneWrap the bean paste stuffing to make a small cake, add sesame seeds and mix well, and fry in a pan.

Third, method three: 1, put the sweet potatoes on a boiling water steamer rack, steam over medium-high heat for 15 minutes until cooked.

2. After taking out, press into a mud with a spoon while hot.

3. Add glutinous rice flour, white sugar, and about one tablespoon of water, and knead well (with moderate dryness and humidity).

4, take an appropriate amount of mashed potatoes with both hands first knead into a ball, then use both palms to pat into a cake.

5. Put the oil in the pan and simmer to 80% heat, add the pancakes and fry on medium heat for 8 minutes (the pancakes will be turned in the process).

6, after turning off, use a shovel to squeeze out the oil content by the side of the pan.

7. Serve after serving.

Fourth, practice four: 1.

Wash the sweet potatoes, cut them in half or cut into three large pieces (easier to cook), and then cook in a pressure cooker to cook, usually 10-15 minutes.


Then remove the hot sweet potato skin and put it in a porcelain bowl, stir with a wooden shovel, add sugar, flour, and eggs after stirring.


After mixing well, knead into balls, gently flatten them on a cutting board, and then use the baby to eat a large jelly shell as a mold and press it into a round or heart shape.


On the oil pan rack (you can use a lot of oil, don’t eat any oil), put the pancakes and cook on both sides once.

Don’t do these things after exercise

Don’t do these things after exercise

Life lies in exercise, and our health is inseparable from exercise.

Exercise is good for health, but conditioning after exercise is also good for health.

If we don’t pay attention to some small details in life after exercise, it will also cause some damage to our bodies.


hzh{display:none;}  下面,就带你去看看有哪些事情是运动过后不宜的吧。In this case, you can better think about your health after the exercise is completed.

  If you ca n’t rest immediately, if you stop and rest immediately, the rhythmic contraction of the muscles will stop, and the large amount of blood that originally flowed into the muscles will not flow back to the heart through the muscle contraction, resulting in lower blood pressure, temporary brain damage, and shortness of breath, Dizziness, pale, and even shock and faint.

  Do not wash immediately. If you take a cold water bath immediately after exercise, the blood vessels will immediately contract due to sudden stimulation, and the blood circulation volume will increase. At the same time, the body’s resistance will decrease, and people will become ill.

And like taking a hot bath.

Lead to increased blood flow in the skin, excessive blood flow into the muscles and skin, leading to insufficient blood supply to the heart and brain, dizziness in the light, prolapse in severe cases, and other chronic diseases.

  Some people should not eat a lot of sugar. Some people feel that eating sweets or sugar water is very comfortable after exercising in the body. They think that it is good to eat more sweets after exercise., Loss of appetite, etc., affect the recovery of physical strength.

Therefore, it is best to eat more foods containing vitamin B1 after each exercise, such as vegetables, liver, eggs and other foods.

  After drinking and boring, people’s physical functions will be in a state of excitement. At this time, drinking alcohol should pay attention to the body’s conversion to absorb alcohol and enter the blood, which will be more harmful to the liver, stomach and other organisms than usual.

It can cause fatty liver, cirrhosis, gastritis, gastric ulcer, dementia and other diseases for a long time.

Even drinking beer after exercise is not good, it will increase uric acid in the blood and cause great irritation to the joints.

Causes arthritis.

  Unsuitable for smoking After exercise, smoking is accelerated because of the metabolism of the human body, and all organs in the body are in a high level of working state, so that a large amount of smoke enters the body, and the body will be more vulnerable to carbon monoxide, nicotine and other substances because the body needs a large amount of oxygen and cannot be satisfied after exercise.Harm. At this time, smoking is more harmful to you than usual. At the same time, poor oxygen absorption also affects the recovery process after exercise. People are more likely to feel tired.

Acne removal diy methods compare


Acne removal diy methods compare

The acne on the front end is red and swollen, invading many young people, especially for the beauty MM, it is a nightmare.

After all, it was hard to eliminate them. After a few days, the spring breeze blew up again and again, which made people very flaming?

What is the correct way to remove acne?

How can we cure acne?

I collected some methods to remove acne, and compare which one is more effective.

  Acne clearing diy method one by one: Method: Acne clearing mask (paste.

Paper-like) Method: The acne clearing mask uses the principle of removing the acne after the mask is dry to remove the acne effect: ★★★ Disadvantages: Although it can remove blackheads, the normal skin epidermal cells removed are more than acneA lot of notes: It is best not to use it after washing your face, after exfoliating, it will exfoliate the keratin of the skin surface. After use, be sure to use astringent water to help pores shrink. Method: Acne gel. Method: Acne gel is usedThe principle of softening the skin’s horny and acne, cleansing the acne by rubbing it: ★★★ Disadvantages: Although it is milder, the effect is not as good as the acne-removing mask, and it also removes normal skin epidermal cells a lot more than acneMatters: It is best not to use it after washing the face, after exfoliating, it will exfoliate the cuticle of the skin surface. After use, be sure to use astringent water to help the pores shrink. Method: squeeze by hand: see the skin surfaceAcne, squeeze it out with the force of your nails: ★ Disadvantages: no professionally trained extrusion method, no powder can be caught at allThe direction of thorn growth will not only cut off the visible acne, but also cause the underlying pressure to rupture, which will easily cause infection. Note: This method is best to find a professional dermatologist or beautician to uproot along the direction of acne growth.How to pick it out: Acne stick (youth stick) picking method: The acne stick uses the surrounding power to let the acne come out, and then picks out the acne with the sharp end: ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★Whether it is a professional acne stick or acne needle, you must pay attention to whether it has been disinfected. Method: Use a clip to clamp it. The method to use the clip is to clamp the acne emerging from the clip, and then pull it out with force: ★ Disadvantages:A method rarely used by even a professional doctor. With ordinary people’s technology, not only can there be no way to uproot acne, but it also easily causes inflammation around the pores. Note: In addition to paying attention to whether the clip has been disinfected, this method must be performed by a specialist.业Dermatologist method: Acne suction machine method: special electric suction head, the dirt on the skin surface and acne suction effect: ★ ★ disadvantages: the effect is not good, usually only a part of the surface acne Note: mustThis method works better with skin care products that steam or soften the face. After use, be sure to use astringent water to help pores shrink. So what can prevent or control the growth of acne?

  First of all, we must reduce fried, spicy and nut foods. This kind of food is easy to cause the growth of facial blister. Therefore, to reduce the problem of acne, we must first change our eating habits, drink more water and eat more vegetables and fruits, and accelerate the body’s metabolism.Promote the ability of cells to detox.

Reduce deep-fried, spicy, and nut-based foods. This type of food can easily stimulate the growth of acne. You should also eat less high-sugar small amounts such as chocolate, sweet bread and cookies, cream cakes, french fries, and candy.

  Vegetables and fruits are good friends of the skin. As mentioned earlier, the external factor to prevent acne is to prevent keratin precipitation, and vitamin A is an important element to prevent it. It can promote the continuous proliferation of epithelial cells, regulate the function of skin sweat glands, and reduce acid metabolism.Epidermal erosion.

Among vegetables, pakchoi, enoki mushroom, amaranth, spinach, etc. are also rich in vitamin A. Among fruits, orange is a fruit containing vitamin A instead.

In addition, foods containing zinc and foods containing vitamin B6 can inhibit sebum secretion.

Foods containing zinc vitamins include lean meats, oysters, sea cucumbers, eggs, walnuts, sunflower seeds, apples, shallots, enoki mushrooms, etc., while foods rich in vitamin B6 include egg yolks, bananas, lean meats, fish,Beans and cabbage and more.

  Finally, it should be mentioned that yogurt is also a good source for preventing acne, because its unique lactic acid bacteria can regulate gastrointestinal function, promote colonic peristalsis, and solve constipation.

Eating peanuts in moderation is good for your health

Eating peanuts in moderation is good for your health

The tide of obesity fear that occurred in the 1990s drove people out of the dining table.

But now people’s demand for peanuts has begun to grow and has reached the highest level in 20 years.

Because the latest research finds that people have misunderstood the nutritional content of peanuts in the past, more and more doctors now recommend eating peanuts to maintain heart health.


hzh {display: none; }  花生有营养又能减肥——炸花生米、花生酱,甚至带有花生碎屑的蛋糕,都受到美国人的喜爱。  Americans love peanuts again. The United States is a big producer of peanuts, but in the 1990s, out of fear of obesity, Americans abandoned peanuts out of their tables.

Because they think that the content of peanuts is too high.

Nutritionists point out that the trace content of peanuts accounts for about 30% -39% of total nutrition, while corn with higher trace content in plant foods only has about 4%.

  In the tide of obesity in the 1990s, when Americans switched to low-fat foods, the consumption of peanut butter and peanut snacks plummeted.

In order to change this situation, the peanut industry has carried out in-depth research on the impact of peanuts on human health. The results of the study show that peanuts are actually a kind of food that is beneficial to people.

After eliminating people’s misconceptions about peanuts, the consumption of peanuts rose to nearly 1.7 billion pounds last year, compared to 1.5 billion pounds in the previous year.

  In 2003-2004, the consumption of peanut snacks climbed to 4.

1.5 billion pounds, a record high since the 1990s.

Peanut butter consumption has soared from 700 million pounds in the 1990s to 900 million pounds.

Diane, executive director of the Georgia Peanut Commission.

  ”In the past, moms let us eat peanuts and peanut butter.

We now know that mothers are doing the right thing.

However, in order to make it clear that peanuts are just harmful or beneficial to humans, many researchers and universities have expended this research.

“How to eat peanuts to re-nutrition?

-Peanuts are rich in nutrition and comprehensive. They are a good and economical source of protein. They replace monounsaturated fatty acids, contain no impurities, contain stacked fibers, and are a natural low sodium food.

Vitamin E, folic acid, nicotinic acid, B1, magnesium, potassium, copper, zinc, and iron in peanuts have many essential micronutrients, which have a good effect on lowering blood lipids, preventing cardiovascular disease, diabetes and related cancers, while helping to control weightAnd reduce obesity.

  Therefore, peanuts and peanut butter are the most popular foods in the United States. Even people who are vegetarian or want to reduce their meat consumption often eat peanuts.

US Olympic Diving Champion Kriging.

Luo Jia Nisi said, “Peanuts are the food of the champion.”

  In the past 10 years, when peanuts were no longer loved by people, consumers in the United States began to look to vitamin E, nicotinic acid, thiamine (vitamin B1), riboflavin, vitamin B6, and minerals likeCopper, phosphorus, potassium, zinc and magnesium.

These nutrients are also a good food source for fiber and protein.

Peanuts also contain a small amount of resveratrol, which is an antioxidant and is also found in red wine.

Chinese medicine externally treats gardenia

Chinese medicine externally treats gardenia

With the improvement of sanitary conditions, infectious diseases of skin surgery such as zongzi, tincture, erysipelas have been greatly reduced, but in summer, many people are still tormented by the seemingly small but troublesome disease of zongzi.

  The hair follicles and sebaceous glands of human skin usually have bacteria. When mosquito bites, local abrasions, mules, are often subject to friction and irritation, and the systemic or local resistance is reduced, mules may be caused by infection.

Some people will have multiple mules at the same time or repeatedly happen to the body, intermittently for months, and often make patients miserable.

  Because the zongzi is caused by a bacterial infection, western medicine mostly uses antibiotics to treat it. Local treatment is to use mild fishstone oil ointment with antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects when the swelling and pain are inflamed. After the abscess is formed, the pus is cut and drained, and the dressing is changed.

It usually takes more than 3 weeks to be completely good. It is very painful, and it may cause severe symptoms such as general discomfort, chills, and fever.

  Traditional Chinese medicine divides the disease process of zongzi into three stages of swelling, abscess, and ulcer. The main treatment is external application.

At the beginning of swelling, apply anti-inflammatory ointment, Wuxing San and other medicines, which can be dissipated through resonance in the early stage. When you encounter pus with pus, use fire needles or holes to accumulate the pus and cover it with medicine outside the wound; then useThe saprophytic method promotes healing, and can be healed in 5-14 days.

  Different from western medicine’s “expert sterility, protecting wounds”, traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes the use of drugs to promote the proliferation and differentiation of epidermal cells and granulation tissues, and promote the formation of regenerative blood vessels in wounds.

Western medicine believes that the wound must not have pus, and that pus indicates infection.

However, when the granulation of the wound surface grows vigorously after the change of traditional Chinese medicine, the secretion of its yellow thick and tasteless pus will follow. It contains various antibodies, complements, cellulose and bactericidal substances, which are important conditions for local anti-inflammatory and tissue reconstruction.

This is what Chinese medicine calls “extraction of poisonous muscles” and “stomach pus.”

Therefore, traditional Chinese medicine surgery has a good therapeutic effect on surgical infections such as mastitis, erysipelas, diabetes, and various purulent ulcers.

  To prevent cripples, the following should be paid attention to skin cleanliness, bathing, haircutting, changing underwear, cutting nails.

Avoid skin damage, especially to protect hard-collar, belt and other vulnerable areas of skin.

Do not scratch the skin after being bitten by mosquitoes, otherwise bacterial invasion is most likely to cause gnawing.

Prompt treatment of pruritic skin diseases such as eczema, boils, and athlete’s foot.

When taking a bath, do not use soaps with a large alkaline, so as not to damage the weak acidic environment of the skin surface and reduce its natural disease resistance.

Eat light and not greasy or spicy.

People who love raw rice dumplings can take Liushen Pill, Niuhuang Jiedu Pill and other antipyretic drugs under the guidance of a doctor to clear the “fire poison” in the body.

At home, it is necessary to prevent heatstroke and cool down, pay attention to indoor ventilation, and avoid elders, children, and fat people who have excessive sweating and have cripples.

Those who have repeatedly hit the mule should clean and dry the used supplies.

Bad mood helps improve memory

Bad mood helps improve memory

A recent study by US researchers has shown that people with good or bad moods have an impact on memory levels.

When people are in a bad mood due to bad or cold weather, their memory tends to be better; the good mood in sunny weather is scattered and makes people forgetful.

  Agence France-Presse reported on the 11th that researchers at the University of New South Wales placed 10 items such as toy cannons and piggy banks on the counter of a store and asked consumers what kind of goods they saw when they left the store.

  Research team leader Joseph?

Forga said that in cold, windy and rainy days and playing classical music, the number of items remembered by consumers tested was three times that of sunny weather.

  ”We found that negative emotions brought by (bad) weather can improve the accuracy of memory,” he said in a research report. “Consumers who are in a bad mood even have better memory and higher resolution.

“Folga further analyzed the reasons and said that bad moods help to focus attention and make thinking more thorough and meticulous, while good moods in fine weather can be dispersed and dispersed, making people self-confident and forgetful.

  He said the results of this study show that “emotional effects” can date fields such as law, medical and forensic expertise to help practitioners do their jobs better.

  The research report was published in the latest issue of Experimental Social Psychology.

Is Homosexuality Caused by Parents

Is Homosexuality Caused by Parents

With the rapid development of the economy, the incomes of many families have increased, and the Internet has also risen suddenly. Coupled with the influence of some social factors, students have matured early, and the phenomenon of early love has taken root.

The students who show early love are not necessarily students with unsatisfactory grades, and some are still very good students.

  Most of the parents or teachers pay attention to or forbid the communication between the opposite sex. If they are too repetitive, they will be discouraged by the parents and the teacher will find the way of the personality of both parties until the two seeds of friendship or love go out.

In fact, this approach will not fail to achieve their desired purpose, and further, the child will appear to be excluded or afraid of the opposite sex in choosing a partner.

  Children need idols when they are growing up, especially for adolescent children, which is in a need of human instinct for worship. Many girls like to imitate the walking methods of other beautiful girls, and boys like famous athletes and sports displays.My own strength, in fact, is all due to an instinctive imitation and the desire to be recognized by the same sex and the opposite sex.

  Most parents or teachers often block the problem of early love in general. Instilling how bad the influence of early love on the child is, it will cause the child to have a fear of the opposite sex, and it will also produce a resistance when contacting the opposite sex.

  Children at this age also have this natural need for love, both the need to love others and the need to be loved. Over time, this unrelievable love will naturally favor the same-sex side.In the future, I feel safe with the same sex without being criticized by parents and teachers.

In this case of adolescents’ ability to define gender is not yet strong, gender changes will occur, leading to the emergence of homosexuality in adolescence.

  Regarding the change of adolescent gender orientation, both parents and teachers’ attitudes towards “early love” must be resolved, and the contact between parents and the opposite sex will also affect children subtly.

  How to establish the child’s sexual orientation, the approach to the problem of early love is a question worthy of our consideration.

There are many ways to solve this “early love” problem. Many parents and teachers adopt a tough attitude to solve it, but the results are counterproductive. The child’s early love is actually an expression of normal feelings, sometimes even simple, but it is what we adults want.excessive.

  Therefore, parents must communicate with their children in many ways. They must respect both the child and the child’s feelings. Sometimes the child’s feelings are very strong. Do not override the child and deal with such problems with a reprimand.
  At the same time, we must be honest with him to overcome the responsibilities of both sides of the love, not to hurt the other side, but also to consider the problem from the perspective of the other side, so that the child can understand the parents’ good intentions, and can learn the truth of life from this aspectGrow up slowly.

  Of course, at this stage, the way the child interacts with the opposite sex has been imitating an adult. As a parent, it is first necessary to handle the contact with the opposite sex, so that the child feels that it is normal to contact the opposite sex or the same sex.thing.

  As a parent, we must solve the psychological problems of our children, especially adolescents. We believe that our children’s feelings should not be based on the standards of their parents. The child’s own growth is an irresistible force. Communication and guidance are the only solutions to children.The best way to grow up is also a good medicine to help your child truly mature!

How to use beans to lose weight?


Five soybeans help you to lose weight quickly

How to use beans to lose weight?
Five soybeans help you to lose weight quickly

Using beans to lose weight is a very correct choice. Beans are rich in nutrients. People who lose weight are prone to lack of protein. Therefore, you can choose to eat beans to lose weight.

So how do we use beans to lose weight?

銆€銆€Black Bean Black Bean is rich in dietary fiber, which helps to improve constipation. It also contains vitamins B1 and E, which can restore physical strength and improve skin condition. It is effective for both weight loss and beauty.

In Japan, many MMs like to drink tea with black beans.

Japanese black bean tea, rich in cellulose, vitamins, isoflavones and anthocyanins, can be used as a slimming drink.

If you can’t buy black bean tea, you can use the soaked black beans to make food, instead of the staple food or when dinner is good.

銆€銆€The high-quality protein contained in soy bean is not meat, so it is called 鈥減lant meat鈥?and is the main source of protein for a large number of vegetarians.

MM who wants to lose weight, may mix the soybeans in the dinner, use the isoflavones contained in the soybeans and rich protein and calcium to help lower the body’s cholesterol and strengthen the bone growth, which has a positive effect on weight loss.

銆€銆€Mung bean mung bean is rich in calcium, iron, phosphorus and lysine, which can supplement the nutrients consumed in metabolism. It also has the functions of clearing away heat and detoxifying, strengthening stomach and quenching thirst, and going to liver fire.

Use mung bean and kelp with syrup, and have the effect of clearing heat to fire and diuresis.

Moreover, kelp contains crude protein, vitamin A and B2, which can promote gastrointestinal function and strengthen skin elasticity.

銆€銆€Although pea peas are vegetables, the protein content is very good, similar to the same weight of tofu.

Moreover, the high B vitamin content is the advantage of peas, the potassium and carotene content is also higher, not only the yellow food has carotene, green may also have.

For those who are prone to lack of B vitamins and learning pressure, they can vote for peas.

Many people like to fry peas and corn diced, diced diced, and shrimp, and even have beautiful colors and a wide variety of ingredients, and more nutritious.

You can also fry rice, stir-fried minced meat, etc., all of which are delicious and appetizing.

銆€銆€The potassium and supplement fiber in the red bean red bean is very rich, and it is a veritable member of the coarse grain family. It has a certain effect on the laxative.

It reduces swelling, diuresis, blood, and strong heart. Girls often deal with red beans, which can make the skin younger and younger.

Although blood is the best food for animal food, red beans are very powerful in plants.

The outer skin of red beans is thicker. Before eating, you should first “educate” it, let it replace the dense “armor” and show its “energy” to the public.

The method of cooking is to soak or cook, let it be soft and then make red bean rice through rice. The vitamins and mineral nutrients rich in red beans, especially B vitamins, can make up for the nutritional defects of white rice.

Or use red beans to porridge is also a good food, adding color to rice or porridge, but also added nutrition.

9 sleep mistakes, teach you how to sleep to be healthy

9 sleep mistakes, teach you how to “sleep” to be healthy

Sleep is like air, sunlight, and moisture. It is an indispensable nutrient for the human body.
Incorrect sleep patterns can also greatly reduce the quality of sleep and threaten our health. The following are the nine most common sleep patterns. If there are similarities, it is certainly not a coincidence.
銆€銆€Pillow is too high From a physiological point of view, the pillow is preferably 8 to 12 cm.
澶綆锛屽鏄撻€犳垚 鈥滆惤鏋曗€濓紝鎴栧洜娴佸叆澶磋剳鐨勮娑茶繃澶氾紝閫犳垚娆℃棩澶磋剳鍙戞定銆佺溂鐨诞鑲?杩囬珮锛屼細褰卞搷鍛煎惛閬撶晠閫氾紝鏄撴墦鍛煎櫆锛岃€屼笖闀挎湡楂樻灂锛屾槗瀵艰嚧棰堥儴涓嶉€傛垨Humpback.
銆€銆€Sleeping with your hands and sleeping When you sleep, your hands are under your head. In addition to affecting blood circulation and causing numbness and pain in the upper limbs, it is easy to increase the pressure in the abdomen. Over time, it will produce “reflux esophagitis.”
Therefore, it is not advisable to use both hands as a pillow when sleeping.
銆€銆€The quilt is covered with hood, which is easy to cause breathing difficulties. At the same time, inhaling the carbon dioxide exhaled by yourself is extremely detrimental to your health.
Infants and young children should not be so, otherwise there is a danger of suffocation.
銆€銆€Closed night lying is the best way to maintain vitality, and mouth breathing will not only suck in dust, but also easily cause the airway, lungs and ribs to be stimulated by cold air.
It is best to breathe with the nose, the nose hair can block part of the dust, and the nasal cavity can warm the inhaled cold air, which is good for health.
銆€銆€Strenuous exercise The intense activity before going to bed will make the nerve cells that control the muscle activity of the brain show a very strong state of excitement. This kind of excitement will not calm down in a short time, and people can’t fall asleep quickly.
Therefore, you should try to keep your body calm before going to bed, but you may also wish to make some minor activities, such as walking.
銆€銆€Sleeping against the wind The body’s ability to adapt to environmental changes during sleep is reduced, and it is susceptible to cold illness.
The ancients believed that the wind was a long-term disease, and that it was good and varied; the photographer was well-adjusted, although the summer was not the wind and the sun was exposed.
Therefore, the place to sleep should avoid the air outlet, and the bed should be separated from the window and the door.
銆€銆€Being angry before going to bed Angry and angry before going to bed will make people’s heart beat faster, have shortness of breath, and have a lot of thoughts, making it difficult to fall asleep.