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[How to make tender beef and egg egg rice]_Homemade recipes for tender beef and egg egg rice_How to make tender beef and egg egg rice_How to make tender beef and egg egg rice

[How to make tender beef and egg egg rice]_Homemade recipes for tender beef and egg egg rice_How to make tender beef and egg egg rice_How to make tender beef and egg egg rice

Our life is inseparable from friends, and naturally there is a meal between friends.

Gathering is a happy thing, we can gather together and talk about everything.

For dinner, most people choose to stay in a well-known restaurant.

But if you can do it yourself, I believe friends will be happier.

Well, here I will show you how to make tender beef and egg rice.


Soak the beef in water for half an hour, soak the bleeding water, and change the water once.

Cut beef into strips and marinate with 1 tsp (15ml) raw soy sauce, 1 tbsp (5ml) cooking wine, 1 tbsp (15ml) oyster sauce, 1 tsp (5g) starch and 1 tsp (5g) sugarMaking a few minutes 2.

Scoop the eggs into the bowl without breaking them completely3.

Add green onions to the egg mixture and set aside 4.

Pour oil into the pan 5.

When the oil temperature is 50% to 60%, add the onion and ginger slices to explode the aroma, then stir fry until the edges of the onion shreds begin to become transparent6.

Add marinated beef and stir fry with onion 7.

If you like more soup, you can add a little hot water 8 at this time.

Pick out the ginger slices and continue to stir fry until the beef is not completely discolored9.

Smooth the beef and onion and pour a layer of egg liquid 10 on the surface.

Without turning the ingredients, keep on medium heat, cover the pot, and wait for the egg liquid to solidify11.

Fill 2/3 of the rice in the bowl, and pour the remaining space into tender beef and egg 12.

If you like the taste of seaweed, sprinkle a little seaweed on the surface and you can start eating. After reading the detailed introduction of Xiaobian’s tender beef and egg egg rice, you must want to make it. Maybe you have a high level of understanding and strong hands-on ability, so notAfter a while I can make the most delicious of it.

Binjiang Group (002244) Interim Review: Sword refers to the 100 billion target continued to expand

Binjiang Group (002244) Interim Review: Sword refers to the 100 billion target continued to expand

Core Views The company released a semi-annual report. In 2019H1, it realized revenue of US $ 5.3 billion, an interval of -45%; realized net profit attributable to its mother of US $ 600 million, an increase of + 6%; the performance was in line with expectations.

The company remains highly competitive in the Hangzhou market, with a high probability of achieving 100 billion sales targets in 2019; development efforts since the second half of 2017 have strengthened escorts for future scale growth while maintaining financial soundness.

We expect the company’s EPS to be zero in 2019-2021.

47, 0.

56, 0.

66 yuan, maintaining the “overweight” 深圳桑拿网 level.

Regional revenue has become more balanced, and settlement resources have increased significantly. The carry-over of Hangzhou’s consolidated projects in H1 2019 has decreased, resulting in changes in revenue.

However, the Jinhua and Jiaxing consolidation projects carried forward, so Hangzhou ‘s revenue share dropped to 31%, and the regional layout became more balanced.

In addition, the carry-over gross profit margin was up to +9 percentage points to 34%, which remained at a high level.

Due to the simultaneous expansion of sales revenue and the growth of interest-bearing debt, the company’s period expense ratio increased by +11 to 16%.

But the settlement of non-consolidated projects drives investment income3.

60,000 yuan (1 pass in 2018H1).

One hundred millionth, and minority shareholders’ profit and loss accounted for 22 percentage points to 32%, and jointly promoted performance growth.

Accounts received in advance for 2019H1 are significantly larger than the end of 2018 by + 73% to 437 trillion, which is 207% relative to the revenue coverage in 2018, and the settlement resources are more abundant.

The sales sword is worth 100 billion, and Hangzhou won another championship. In 2019H1, the company achieved sales of 51.7 billion, + 27% per year, and the equity ratio is about 40%.

According to Claire’s data, the sales area is 174.

40,000 square meters, previously + 81%; corresponding to the average sales price of 3.

0 million / flat, compared with April 2018.

20,000 / pingdu, mainly due to the increase in sales of Jinhua, Jiaxing and other places.

The company maintains its competitiveness in Hangzhou base camp, and continues to win the Hangzhou sales crown.

We estimate that the rolling stock value of H1 in 2019 will be 140 trillion, and the value of new pushes in the second half of the year will exceed 800 trillion, so it is likely to achieve the 100 billion target.

Continuing positive development and maintaining financial stability The company continues its positive development expectations since the second half of 2017. 2019H1 has added 1.71 million square meters of new soil storage construction sites in Hangzhou, Jinhua, Taizhou, and Wenzhou with a total price of US $ 27 billion, accounting for 49% of the same period last year.54%, 52% ground strength.

The new land reserve equity ratio is 41%, which is the same as the sales equity ratio. It is expected that the future investment income and the proportion of minority shareholders’ profits and losses will continue.

As of H1 2019, we expect the company’s soil reserves to be available for sale at approximately 2400 trillion yuan, and the gradual expansion efforts will remain at the same level as last year (3.54 million square meters of new construction area, with a total price of 496 trillion yuan).

The strong development and transformation changed the company’s financial soundness. In 2019H1, the net debt ratio decreased to 82% compared to -16 at the end of last year, and the overall financing cost was -0.

2 up to 5.

In the financing structure, bank loans accounted for 61%, domestic debt accounted for 39%, and there was no trust or foreign debt.

The sword refers to the 100 billion target and maintains the “overweight” rating. We expect the company’s EPS to be zero in 2019-2021.

47, 0.

56, 0.

66 yuan.

Refer to comparable companies for June 2019.

With a PE estimate of 1x, we believe that the company, as a leading real estate company in Hangzhou, has a strong brand effect. The reasonable PE estimate for 2019 is 8.


2 times, target price 4.


32 yuan (previous value was 4.

70-5.17 yuan), maintaining the “overweight” level.

Risk warning: there is uncertainty in the pace, scope and intensity of industry policy advancement; minority shareholders’ profits and losses may replace the return of the mother’s net profit; penetration by the impact of the Hangzhou and Yangtze River Delta regional markets.

[Can you still eat persimmons after menstruation?

]_ Physiological period _ can you eat

[Can you still eat persimmons after menstruation?
]_ Physiological period _ can you eat

In normal life, you can choose some foods according to your physical needs. However, women have special days every month. In these special days, you ca n’t eat randomly. The diet must be special.Pay attention to the health of your body. Do not eat more persimmons during menstruation. Persimmons that are too cold belong to the cold, which will affect the normal discharge of menstrual blood and cause certain obstacles to uterine contraction.

Can you eat persimmons during the physiological period?

If it is only one or two, there is no problem, but if you eat more, it is not good, because persimmons are cold foods. Eating during menstruation can easily cause contractions, which will cause bad effects on the body.Should be eaten in moderation.

More specific information is as follows: persimmon tastes astringent, cold, affects the discharge of menstrual blood, stimulates uterine contraction and causes dysmenorrhea.

In addition, eating more persimmons during menstruation can lead to coldness of the uterus and cause symptoms such as low menstrual flow and delayed menstruation.

In addition, persimmon contains nitric acid, which is easy to combine with iron to prevent the body from transferring iron in food. Women themselves lose a lot of blood during menstruation and need to supplement iron.

Therefore, persimmons are not suitable for women during menstruation.

Especially those women who already have dysmenorrhea habits are more unsuitable to eat persimmons during menstruation.

What fruits can’t I eat during the physiological period?

1. Tangerines are delicious and fresh. They can’t help but eat more, but they are cold fruits. They are good for those who are hot, and those who are cold should not eat them.

2. Oranges Oranges and oranges are almost the same in appearance.

And both belong to the same category, cold fruits.

Therefore, like oranges, people who have a cold body must eat less.

3. Bananas Many people think that they should be hot fruits, but in fact they are not. Bananas are cold fruits, so if you are banned from eating cold foods, bananas are one of them.

4. Mango Mango is a cold fruit.

Generally, people with cold constitutions or people with cold constitutions are not easy to eat more, especially if women are in the regular vacation, mango is also one of the foods that cannot be touched.

Can you eat persimmons during the physiological period? Watermelon Watermelon is a cold food, so it is generally not recommended for the elderly, pregnant women, mothers or children to eat more.

Especially after the autumn weather is cold, adults should not eat more. Eating watermelon during menstruation will cause dysmenorrhea.

6. Strawberries Strawberries are small, cute and cute, so they are very popular among girls. Therefore, girls eat wildly in the season when strawberries come down. When the holiday comes, this is no exception.

But this is cold food, eat less.

7, pomegranate acidic tannin substances, such as tannic acid, precipitates, nitric acid, etc., will increase menstrual discomfort.

Pomegranate acid, which contains alkaloids, ursolic acid, etc., has a significant astringent effect, which is not conducive to the excretion and smooth flow of menstrual blood, especially patients with dysmenorrhea should avoid eating.

Heading in that direction is more fragrant

Heading in that direction is more fragrant

To understand how to sleep, you should look for the proper sleep pattern from the traditional theory of traditional Chinese medicine.

  Head north foot south accurate positioning.

The human body is affected by the earth’s magnetic field anytime, anywhere. During sleep, the brain is also disturbed by the magnetic field.

When people sleep, they adopt the posture of head north foot south, so that the magnetic field lines pass through the body smoothly, which can reduce the interference of the earth’s magnetic field and make sleep more sweet.

  The sleeping posture is relaxed.

The effect of sleeping like a bow is good, and the burden on the right side is light.

Studies have shown that “Sleeping Like a Bow” can be embedded into the force of gravity on the human body.

Because the human heart is mostly in the body part, lying to the right can reduce the stress on the heart.

Also, keep your hands away from your heart.

  ”Midday” sleep with less effort.

Whether it is a “late-sleeping” person or an “early-sleeping” person, you should find your biological clock to improve your sleep efficiency.

Traditional Chinese medicine theory believes that the two hours of the child (11 pm to 1 am the next day) and noon (11 to 13 am during the day) are the times when the temperature difference changes the most. At this time, the human body needs proper rest.

Faced with heart disease white-collar workers should have countermeasures

Faced with “heart disease” white-collar workers should have countermeasures

Competition and competition in the workplace is not only a battle of abilities, but also a battle of psychology.
Why are some talents so overwhelming but not proud of the workplace?
Why are some people discouraged after a little frustration?
These are all caused by the confusion of psychological factors — you must guard against “heart disease” in the workplace!
  The health standard of modern people is no longer just whether the limbs are healthy and whether the physiology is normal, but also whether the mental health is healthy.
Without a good state of psychological competition, it is impossible to achieve professional ideals.
At present, with the increasing pressure of employment, psychological problems in employment have also attracted more and more attention.
  ”Age of panic disorder”: The patient is not just a middle-aged white-collar worker. Ms. Zhang Zhang has entered a foreign company after graduating from university. Her youth and high salary have always been envied.
Today, more than 10 years later, her mood is beginning to be heavy and she has to worry about her future.
She thought of a stable job for a state-owned enterprise or agency, but almost all recruitment conditions required “under 35 years of age.”
Middle-aged white-collar workers, such as Ms. Zhang, who suffer from panic due to age, are not a minority. They suffer from “age panic disorder”.
  It’s not just middle-aged white-collar workers who suffer from this symptom.
Now many employers even require candidates to be under the age of 30 when recruiting, and the talent market has more new recruits every year, so some young people also start to worry about getting old.
The more you do this, the more nervous you become, and the mental age really becomes unknowingly.
These people often feel fatigued, sluggish, less energetic, less adaptable, often in a state of anxiety, irritability, boredom, and helplessness, and feel tired to live.
   Countermeasures: “Age panic disorder” is a psychological phenomenon and a social phenomenon.
We should firmly believe that this kind of non-objective and unscientific “age-only theory” existing in society will one day change it.
If you don’t want to wait until that day, change yourself, relax, learn more, and “charge” yourself. This is the most important thing.
As long as you work hard, you will usher in the second spring of your career.
  职业“迷茫症”:许多人都会经历的自我发展困惑    在一个人的职业生涯中,至少有四个时期容易陷入“认不清发展道路”的迷茫之中:   第一个时期是14-22岁At this stage, people assume the dual roles of student and job applicant.
The main question is: who am I?
what can I do?
The main reason for confusion is a lack of confidence and social experience.
   The second period is 22-28 years old. At this stage, people have entered the field of work, gradually learned about society, and established a preliminary network of relationships.
After working for a period of time, I began to re-evaluate everything around me, such as the working environment, occupation type, treatment, etc., to match my “career dream”.
The main question is: ideal does not match reality, do I have to choose again?
The main reason for confusion is that the individual’s development goals are inconsistent with the status of the unit and the opportunities provided.
   The third period is 28-35 years old. This is an important stage of personal career development. People at this stage have accumulated rich experience and their talents can be used to a certain extent. They are laying the foundation for promotion or entering other professional fields.
The main question is: why have I been doing nothing for so many years?
The main reason for confusion is frustration at work and dissatisfaction with current work.
  The fourth period is 35-45 years old. At this stage, people begin to re-evaluate the value of their careers. It is a period prone to career crisis.
The main question is: what should I do in the years to come?
The reason why they are confused is because they have a wealth of life experience, they have a deeper understanding of the limitations of life and the impermanence of the world, so it is difficult to make a rush decision about where to go in the future.
  Countermeasures: People have different goals and needs at different stages. When the career is confused, it is very important to understand what they need.
This requires a calm analysis and objective judgment of the situation, as well as the courage, confidence and determination to overcome the current temporary difficulties and strive for a better future.
    “自我强迫症”:为追求完美所付出的代价   患者大脑里反复出现某种念头或反复做一些刻板的动作,而患者本人也认为这种念头或动作没有必要,为此十分苦恼,有强烈摆脱Desire, but can’t help it.
75% of patients start before the age of 30, and how slowly they start can affect patients’ quality of life and work ability to varying degrees.
   Common obsessive-compulsive symptoms are: 1.Force suspicion of yourself: Repeated doubts about the correctness of your words and deeds, knowingly unnecessary but still not diminishing.

If you are doubtful whether the door is locked when you go out, check again and again, and you still have to go back downstairs.


Obsessive compulsive thinking: Thinking repeatedly about some natural phenomena in daily life, knowing that it lacks meaning, but cannot control itself.


Forced association: When an idea or a sentence comes to mind, it can’t help but think of another idea or sentence.


Compulsive intention: Repeatedly experiencing a strong inner impulse to do something that is contrary to one’s expectations, knowing that this is ridiculous and impossible, but it cannot be performed.

   Patients are mostly related to their own personalities. For example, they require themselves to high standards, pursue perfection in their work, and repeatedly test afterwards, demanding details.

They are too self-restrained, self-conscious and too cautious.

Therefore, they are often worried, nervous and distressed.

In addition, the disease is also related to heredity, changes in biochemical substances in the body, and certain structural changes in the brain.

   Solution: If it is only related to personality and psychological factors, then it will have a good effect to try to enhance self-reform ability.

You must learn to relax in your work, open your mind, be cheerful, and give up things that you cannot pursue.

If this is difficult to do, ask a psychiatrist for help in time.

    The competition in the workplace is the competition of “hardware”, but also the competition of “software”.

Unfortunately, it is often only concerned with the creation of “hardware” (such as training certifications that bloom everywhere), and the above builds a sound psychological state for people, relieves mental illness, and improves the “emotional intelligence” quality.

In fact, a good psychological quality is an indispensable foundation for a career. Without the “heart disease” in the workplace, everyone in the workplace can really “put down the burden and start the machine.”

Chinese medicine ingredients improve woman skin

Chinese medicine ingredients improve woman skin

Who doesn’t want fair and delicate skin?

But in life, our skin is often difficult for us, either with a black and red face, or dull and pale.

How to do?

Properly changing the diet structure may greatly improve the skin.

What’s wrong with your skin?


Cordyceps sinensis-a caterpillar fungus that lays down with the old tortoise. It has the effects of strengthening the spleen, calming the skin and whitening the skin.


The spleen and stomach are not strong, the anger is very strong, the female with a pea-faced face is full of heat and detoxification, and the spleen and stomach are strengthened. If your urine is yellow, then drink this soup.

Poria cocos has a strong flavor, so it should be covered by seasoning when cooking, which is also a good way to check the cooking skills.


Female ginseng turtles that are too busy and stressed-Compared to ginseng, American ginseng is mild in nature and suitable for more people tonic, and it is suitable for all seasons. The tonic effect of turtles is well known.

This soup is especially suitable for those white-collar women who work and are under excessive pressure. They can nourish qi and nourish yin, clear fire and relieve annoyance, and nourish the stomach.


In autumn and winter, female ducks with hot lungs, cough and sputum cough pots are mainly used to nourish the lungs and nourish the kidneys, stop bleeding and reduce phlegm.

However, it should be noted that people with cold spleen and stomach and stomach ulcers are best not to eat it, so as not to be counterproductive.

Newspapers on the table to eat = eat poison into the stomach

Newspapers on the table to eat = eat poison into the stomach

Newspapers are the most important source of information in our lives. The newspapers first conveyed the message and told people about the current dynamics of the society. What is most concerned about it.

But newspapers are also time-sensitive, how do expired newspapers deal with them?

There are a lot of people who are used to laying newspapers on the countertop when eating. This will make the table dirty and clean, but it will make those toxins unknowingly run into you.

  The main impurities in newspaper inks containing toxic multi-newspaper inks are heavy metals, including lead, chromium, cadmium, mercury, etc., which may cause harm to the human body.

For example, lead elements completely destroy the formation of human blood cells, and can also enter the brain tissue through the blood, causing brain damage.

When the lead in the human body accumulates to a certain extent, there will be symptoms of chronic poisoning such as mental disorders, terrible dreams, insomnia, headaches.

  In addition, the ink used in newspaper printing usually contains ethanol, which is a toxic organic solvent such as alcohol, tertiary amine or xylene.

Although most of the hazards will be eliminated after drying these organic solvents, the residual part still poses a potential hazard to the human body.

If inhaled for a long time, it may affect the central nervous system of the brain and cause great harm to health.

  There are tens of thousands of bacteria and viruses in the hands of people, and the dyes used in newspapers are highly adsorbable, and the virus is easy to stay in the newspaper.

The more people look at the newspaper, the more viruses are attached to it.

If you eat your hands or tableware when you eat, you may eat bacteria into your stomach.

How to make children talk to their parents?

How to make children talk to their parents?

One day, children will talk to their parents or teachers about their past experiences, feelings and fears.

Parents or teachers must listen to their children calmly, know how difficult it is for them to speak, how courageous they are, and how long they hesitated before they can tell the truth.

  First, don’t panic or overreact!

If the adult shows special fear, contempt or other negative reactions, the effect on the child is unfavorable, which will further trauma the child’s mind.

If an adult jumps into thunder as soon as he hears it, he immediately refuses to blame or even scolds them: “I told you already .” This would only worsen the situation, it would also cause the adult to lose the part and image in the child’s mind, and it would make the child’s words half-heartedStop and refuse to provide more information.

  Adults need to pay special attention to the fact that children will definitely ask that they never tell others about this. At this time, they should explain clearly to the child that it is affirmative to ensure that the matter is not discussed with unrelated people, but sometimes it is necessaryReport to the relevant authorities or persons in the child and adolescent protection of the military to seek their help.

  The correct way is: respect the child’s privacy and the child’s personality in a safe, secret place.

  1. Support the child to tell the story-Make it clear to the child “No matter what happens, we will always love you”, encourage them to tell the truth as soon as possible, and the adult will help them gradually no longer be harmed.

It should be remembered that sexual harassers will definitely intimidate children when committing crimes: “If I tell others, I will kill you.

“And children are afraid that adults will punish them for this or lose care.

  2. To express love for children from two aspects of physiology-hold your child, don’t open your mouth when talking, “why didn’t you tell us earlier” or “why would you let this shame happen?” Instead, give the childSome positive encouragement, such as “I’m proud you can tell us about this”, or “I’m glad things aren’t too bad” or “I know you’re still young, it doesn’t blame you, in which case youIs powerless. ”

  3. Explain to the children that they are not wrong-most children will have deep guilt or self-blame. If they are more savvy and stronger, they will not be tempted or coaxed, so tell them clearly that you are not at faultOr responsible.

  4. Remember that children rarely lie about sexual abuse-make children feel that adults believe everything they say.

  5. Continue to communicate with the child-Let the child know that parents will still be compassionate, caring, understanding and supporting them in the future, so that the children will dare to tell the specific process and feelings.

  6. If you suspect that your child has a physical injury, take the child to the hospital for examination-parents are useless to speculate on their own, they must seek medical treatment in a timely manner, and ask professionals to make correct and independent judgments.

Time Health in Traditional Chinese Medicine


“Time Health” in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Foreword TCM has been suspected of “corresponding to the heavens and humans” since ancient times, and people’s work and rest should be in line with the weather. This concept runs through the most important traditional Chinese medicine classic “The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic”, especially in the “Spring March, this is called Chen Chen, Heaven and Earth.”Everything is good, everything is glory, nights get up early. Summer March, this is the show, the heavens and the earth, the real thing, the night and the morning. The autumn is March, this is Rongping, the weather is urgent, the atmosphere isMing, early morning and early rise. Winter March, this is closed, water and ice, no disturbance, yang, morning and evening.” These four passages can be described as a guide to getting healthy on time.

The essence of time in Chinese medicine is not completely reflected in the change of seasons, but also reflected in the time of meridian flow; not only in daily routine and solar terms, the regularity of time, but also in the treatment of diseases, in the best time for treatmentIt is for “time-adapted”.

According to the meridian flow theory, the twelve hours of the day correspond to the twelve meridians of the human body. Each meridian has its own main time, in its respective main time.The operation of gas is the most vigorous, and its corresponding law is: when the child (23 o’clock to 1 o’clock), the gallbladder is the most prosperous, and the ugly time (1 to 3 o’clock) is the most prosperous, and the time of the lung (3 to 5 o’clock) is the mostWang, when the time (5 to 7 o’clock), the most intestines through the most prosperous, Chen (7 to 9 o’clock) stomach is the most prosperous, when the time (9 to 11 o’clock) spleen is the most prosperous, noon (11 to 13 o’clock) heartThe most prosperous, no time (13 to 15 o’clock) small intestine through the most prosperous, Shen Shi (15 to 17 o’clock) bladder is the most prosperous, when the time (17 to 19 o’clock) kidney is the most prosperous, when the time (19 to 21)The pericardium is the most prosperous. At the time of the sea (21:00 to 23:00), the three cokes are the most prosperous.

The appearance of the meridian flow injection theory was originally used as a guide to the treatment of clinical acupuncture treatment. It was gradually used to guide people’s daily work and their own viscera and blood. The operation of the gas is corresponding: when the child enters sleepThe best time, ugly time for liver detoxification, when entering deep sleep, it is good for the respiratory and lung clearing, when you have to develop the habit of drinking water and defecation, and Chen should add a day of breakfast, when the spleen is prosperous,It is conducive to nourishing blood and absorbing nutrients. The breakfast at the time of the meal needs to be comprehensive in nutrition. At noon, it is necessary to take a short break at noon. The function of digestion and absorption is the most abundant at the time. Therefore, there is a lunch to eat, and the time is the bladder. It is the most in the day.The important time for drinking water, drinking more water helps the bladder to detoxify, when you work, you need extra rest, you should keep your mood happy, and rest at the time of the sea to cultivate and live.

In the “Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classics”, as early as in the “Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classics”, it was mentioned that “there are many people who have a disease, and many of them are Huihui, Chun’an, Xijia, and Night”. The Eastern Han Dynasty Zhang Zhongjing proposed that “Six Classics Syndrome” highlightsThe relationship between human physiology, pathology and time cycle; in the Jin and Yuan Dynasties, Li Dongxuan made it clear that “the sorrows of sorrows and sorrows are more dramatic. When the night is quiet, there is more than enough disease, but the disease is ill and the blood is not sick.Adding drama, you are quiet, it is more than yin and disease, but blood disease is not sick.”

Today, the development of traditional Chinese medicine, more and more people recognize the essence of time in the development of disease, and at the timing of treatment, the beginning of the change of purpose to choose.

For patients who need chemotherapy for cancer, they choose to replace them at the time when the stomach is most prosperous. It can rebuild the response of the insulin channel to chemotherapy drugs and reduce the toxicity of drugs to antibiotics.

Nowadays, not only Chinese medicine, modern medicine also finds that many diseases have a regularity of time, and the circadian rhythm of blood pressure, the circadian rhythm of arrhythmia and the relationship between human nerves and endocrine regulation.

The winner of the 2017 Nobel Prize in Medicine also won this award for discovering proteins that regulate the circadian rhythm of cells at the molecular level.

It can be seen that whether it is past or today, whether it is Chinese medicine or Western medicine, time must exist as a commonality.

How do modern people maintain their health on time?

For modern people who live with high work pressure and fast pace, time can’t be grasped in their own hands. Staying up late, working overtime is a commonplace, business trip, time difference is also difficult to avoid, what can be done to maximize the natural and self-regulation of rhythm in one day?What?


If you have to stay up all night, drink more water.

The best time to fall asleep at the time of child, staying up to 1 or 2 o’clock, often restores the liver and gallbladder blood, and over time, it is easy to appear on the fire of the liver and gallbladder.

If you can’t guarantee to go to bed early, add at least some water to make your body fluid not too much.


It is difficult to fall asleep, pat the gallbladder for a long period of time, and finally have the opportunity to go to bed early, but it is difficult to fall asleep. At this time, you can beat your gallbladder to a slight fever, help, and better fall asleep.


Can not defecate on time, but also massage the internal sputum when the large intestine is the main, it is recommended to develop the habit of defecation at this time.

However, many people are anxious to go to work in the morning, and they can’t take care of the internal feelings. For a long time, it leads to irregular bowel movements or constipation.

Therefore, in the morning, whether you have any intentions, massage your abdomen clockwise, press the Tianshu point on both sides of the navel, leading to indirect peristalsis, gradually develop the habit of defecation in the morning.


If you have no conditions to rest at noon, try meditation. When you are at the heart of the heart, you can take a nap at noon, which is very helpful for adjusting your stress and relaxing.

However, many office workers do not have lunch breaks at noon. Then, bring headphones, choose a soothing music or meditation voice teaching, close your eyes and let your head go empty for a while, but also relieve the stress of one morning, to betterThe state faces the work of the afternoon.

References:[1]Zuo Yu, Tan Wei, Xiao Wei, Wu Yingbin, Huang Yong.

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10 kinds of micro sports let you achieve fast weight loss


10 kinds of micro sports let you achieve fast weight loss

How to lose weight?

Exercise weight loss is one of the speed loss methods, then, what sports can achieve fast weight loss?

Xiaobian tells you to pay attention to a few small movements when you lose weight, so that you can achieve rapid weight loss.


The splay on the treadmill Did you pay attention to your feet while you were exercising on the treadmill?

And what state is it when running?

Inside eight characters or outside eight characters?

Don’t think that this is just a question of running posture, it is also about how much it consumes.

銆€銆€Studies have shown that running posture can affect adult consumption.

In other words, if you take the correct running posture, you can consume 6D0 card conversion in 30 minutes.

Incorrect postures only allow you to consume temporary values below this number.

Consume more cockroaches.

銆€銆€Suggestions for you: When you run the “outer eight characters” running method, you can make your feet “outer eight characters”, which can make you run more stable, increase the consumption during running, and consume more energy.

And if you can pick up your heels while running, you will get better results when you run on your toes.

Because doing so will increase the shortcomings of your running. If the body wants to maintain balance and keep running, it needs more power to support, which will make you burn more.

銆€銆€2. Are you still sitting in a chair on a fitness ball?

Then you are really out of date, and now the fashionable thing is to replace the traditional chair with a fitness ball.

In other words, whether you are in the office or in a fitness club, sit on a fitness ball instead of a chair or floor.

The original purpose is to keep you in balance and constantly adjust your posture and move your body.

銆€銆€Suggestions for you: Put a fitness ball in the office Of course, we feel that we can’t force you to change your chair into a fitness ball, but you can put a fitness ball in the office.

Especially when it is easy to get bored after lunch, sitting on the fitness ball for 30 minutes will immediately rejuvenate.

In addition, if you can still hold dumbbells for exercise, it is even more perfect.

銆€銆€3, skipping jump “double shake” fitness coach said: You should do 200 rope skipping exercise every day, can tighten the whole body muscles, better consume your aunt, to achieve the purpose of body shaping.

This is true!

However, if you change the method of skipping, you may get twice the result with half the effort.

銆€銆€Suggestions for you: Try the “double shake” jump in 100 “double shake” jumps every day. When you hold the rope, the rope passes twice quickly under your feet.

Compared with the normal skipping method, this has certain disadvantages, but it is also the best way to skip.

It effectively burns 26 cards in less than a minute, and it can strain your whole body muscles, exercise endurance and increase strength.

銆€銆€4, let yourself take a break First, you have to determine your identity: you are just an ordinary company employee, not a person who wants to get a lifetime medal in sports and fitness.

Therefore, your fitness training should be soothing and you should never be an avid “fitness saint”.

銆€銆€Advice for you: 1/4 principle This is the “Time Principle” from the American Fitness Association Sports Fitness Recommendation Handbook.

Its advice is: in the 60 minutes of exercise, you should ensure that you have 20 minutes of rest; in the above exercise and fitness program, you should give yourself a quarter of time to learn theoretical knowledge, enhance and update yourselfFitness concept.

You must know that fitness is not the whole life, and life needs fitness to adjust.

銆€銆€5, in-situ jumping the most fat-consuming jumping exercise is a good fitness method.

Stretching exercises are often performed, so that the body can obtain a health-care oscillating massage, thereby improving body health, enhancing physical fitness, and improving exercise level.

Repeatedly repeating the practice of jumping action can make the human body bear a certain amount of exercise load, which is conducive to improving the level of physical function, balancing ability, and developing the ability and sensitivity of coordination.

銆€銆€Advice for you: The practice of jumping freely in the field is to repeat the practice of jumping in place without any equipment.

Such as: straight leg jump – start from the squat, swing the arm up and jump up, gradually buffer back to the deep, so practice 5-10 times a group, practice 2-3 times a week.The essentials of the abdomen jump are: starting from a half-bow, swinging the arm to raise the leg and abdomen, and then repeating the practice after repeated restoration.

2 times a week, each time to practice 3 groups, each group 10-20 can be, it is very effective for abdominal weight loss.

銆€銆€In practice, you should choose a softer ground, such as sand, grass is better, you should pay attention to relax and massage the calf after practice, to prevent the film from becoming inflamed and affecting health.

銆€銆€6, use the chart to witness your progress to go to the fitness every week, every time there will be a lot of sweat.

But how many aunts are consumed, you seem to have never counted.

Because of weight loss, your coach may ask you to pay more attention to the number and frequency of meals.

However, the fitness program and frequency are also worthy of attention. Only by recording from time to time can you know what you are doing.

銆€銆€Advice for you: Make a fitness record card This is a fitness record card that only belongs to you. We hope that it can witness your progress through the table curve, so that you can keep an eye on your progress and give yourself more.confidence.

The table should include: weight, exercise, exercise time, consumption value, body flexibility, body sensitivity, mental state, etc.

銆€銆€Change your fitness record card at least four times a year to develop new fitness goals.

For example, when you see the table, you can already complete 50 sit-ups in 2 minutes, you can increase the range of sit-ups in the next plan, so that you can have more and higher goals.

銆€銆€7, hold on for another minute. When we do YOGA training, we usually ask for certain actions for 2-3 minutes.

It may be difficult for you to start practicing.

However, with the increase in practice time, they are not difficult, you may be able to maintain continuous time or do more difficult moves.

銆€銆€Advice for you: Keep the YOGA tree pose for another minute to do YOGA exercises, you must have done the “tree pose” practice.

In general, it will require the practitioner to maintain the posture for 3 minutes to stretch the muscles and extend the body.

In fact, you may wish to keep another minute, so you can burn more aunts and exercise endurance.

銆€銆€8, can not be ignored the reverse movement of the arm like a wheel straight backwards circle is a little laborious, but just rely on the back muscles to give us thrust.

This action is more difficult to do than swimming in front (the front muscles make us move forward), but it can more accurately mobilize the buttocks muscles rather than the segmented biceps.

The most beneficial part of this action is the top.

The more muscles you exercise in the scapula position, the more beautiful the dark contours will be.

銆€銆€Advice for you: Backstroke only for a long time (at least half an hour your aunt will start burning) and regular (three times a week) swimming to see the effect.

It is best to be in a cooler water, because the water temperature is too high, which can lead to cramps and poor breathing.

Try to keep the speed slower, but if you are not very hard, you can run a few times (reminder: the effect of swimming can only be felt through long distances).

Finally, the more the arm is broken back to the head, the more the muscle will stretch.

銆€銆€9, walking with a weight-bearing vest while walking, can help you burn 10% more frequency.

For safety reasons, the weight should not exceed 20% of the weight (for example, a woman weighing 60 kg, with a weight of more than 12 kg).

If you don’t like this weight-bearing method, try holding two long poles in your hand.

Although they weigh only 0.

5 kg, but it can burn 20-25% more conversion, and there is no substitute.

銆€銆€Suggestions for you: Take a 30-minute walk every day. You can take a look at the following data: sprint for 30 minutes, consume 210 cards; wear a weight vest for 30 minutes to consume 231 cards; take a long rod for 30 minutes to consume absorption252 cards.

Still hesitating?

Hurry up and take the road!

銆€銆€10, the “foot grip” scientific walking exercise when walking, can be both fitness and bodybuilding.

Therefore, walking has become a recognized and effective method of fitness, and the World Health Organization has also said that “the best exercise is walking.”

However, in order to achieve the desired exercise effect, the walking skills can not be ignored.

銆€銆€Suggestions for you: correct and effective posture Correct posture: the head should be right, the head should be flat, the trunk should be naturally straightened (shoulder shoulders, chest and waist slightly, abdominal abdomen), this posture is conducive to smooth meridians, bloodSmooth operation, so that human activities are in a benign state.

銆€銆€Pay attention to the sense of rhythm: when walking, the center of gravity of the body moves forward, the arms and legs are coordinated, the steps are strong, the nature is moderate, the stride is moderate, and the feet are grounded to have a sense of rhythm.

銆€銆€Natural Breathing: Care should be taken to pay attention to the technique of abdominal breathing, that is, try to make a little effort when exhaling, be natural when inhaling, and coordinate the rhythm of breathing and pace.

銆€銆€鈥淔oot grip鈥? When walking, one foot in contact with the ground should have a 鈥済rip鈥?action (toe inward), which promotes microcirculation on the feet and legs.Walking speed: This depends on the individual circumstances.

The study found that when walking at a speed of 80-85 meters per minute for more than 30 minutes, the effect of disease prevention and fitness is most obvious.