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What is contagious soft palate?


How to treat infectious soft palate?

What is contagious soft palate?
How to treat infectious soft palate?

Summer swimming is a favorite of all, especially for children on summer vacations, who often go to the swimming interest class.

However, contagious soft palate is most likely to occur at this time, properly attracting attention!

So what is contagious soft palate?

How to prevent infectious soft palate in summer?

How to treat it?

What is contagious soft palate?

Infectious soft palate is an infectious skin disease caused by infectious soft prion (MCV) infection, especially in children.

MCV belongs to the poxvirus family and has multiple subtypes, with MCV-1 being the most common.

Almost all children are caused by MCV-1.

However, in adults with low immune function or those with unsatisfied sex, about 60% are caused by MCV-2.

The lesions are characterized by papules or nodules with a waxy luster, and the top is sunken and can extrude a cheese-like soft palate.

The incubation period ranges from one week to six months.

Can occur in any part of the body, most commonly in the neck, torso, lower abdomen and external genitals.

How to prevent infectious soft palate?

It is mainly exposed to infection through the skin, easily infected in public facilities or swimming pools, autologous injections, or even sexually transmitted infections, but not sexually transmitted diseases.

Pay attention to personal hygiene, take a bath, do not use a bath towel to wipe the bathtub, so as not to cause skin damage caused by exogenous MCV infection or autologous infection, the number of carcasses increases in a short time.

Change underwear frequently, do not share daily necessities with others, try not to disinfect the public baths that are not strict, go to the swimming pool, and reduce the chance of infection.

Do not share clothing and bath towels in kindergarten or group living, and pay attention to disinfection.

Because contagious soft palate can be infected by self-inflicted, new soft palate appears on normal skin immediately after scratching, so avoid scratching.

Avoid sports or outdoor activities during treatment and reduce the chance of sweating.

For the family, the sheets and underwear should be cleaned separately.

Especially if there are young children in the family, avoid contact with them.

How to treat infectious soft palate?

There are currently no truly effective drugs for infectious soft palate.

The dermatology treatment of the disease is “pliers.”

Use a sterile gingival or curved vascular clamp to completely extrude the soft corpus callosum in the lesion and then wipe it with iodine or 75% alcohol.

When the infection is combined, mupirocin, compound polymyxin and other antibacterial ointment may be used first, and the above treatment is performed after the infection is controlled.

After a pliers removal, there may still be immature soft silt, and it is necessary to wait for the soft palate to mature and then clamp until the soft palate is completely clamped clean.

As long as the molting of the surface of the last evil body is replaced, it is the “end” of the disease.

After each puncture treatment, it is recommended to clean the underwear worn on the day of treatment, and use it again with hot water or after exposure to sunlight.

You can bathe after 4 hours of treatment.

After bathing, remove the wounds from the forceps with iodine or 75% alcohol, then apply antibacterial ointment such as mupirocin or compound polymyxin.

After two weeks, the replacement of the skin at the wound surface is normal skin.

Pliers removal is currently the most effective, safe, and scar-free treatment, but there is more obvious pain when pliers.

What are the symptoms of contagious soft palate? How do you treat the infection? Is it irritating in the private parts of the condyloma?

What kind of medicine is good for ocular condyloma?

The World Cup night and night Raiders carnival does not hurt!

The World Cup night and night Raiders carnival does not hurt!

The World Cup night and night Raiders carnival does not hurt!

The World Cup is an important day for fans all over the world to look forward to.

But to participate in this passionate football feast, staying up late seems to gradually.

How can I have a good body and cope with life and work while watching the game in the middle of the night?

Take a look at this World Cup Day and Night Repair Body Raiders for the fans.

[Before the night]1.

If you are going to fight the World Cup tonight, then you should sleep for 1 to 2 hours during the day, you can make up some sleep needs first.

The body has a basic daily sleep demand time. If it is too late to fatigue, even drinking coffee at this time, can not achieve refreshing effect.


The caffeine contained in coffee and refreshing drinks is a good helper, but depending on each person’s metabolic status, caffeine should work in the body at least 1 hour after eating.

So if you plan to stay up late to watch the game tonight, you can drink coffee earlier, and avoid the time when you want to rest at the end of the work. Instead, you can’t sleep because of the excitement of caffeine.

3, vitamin B supplements eat more vitamin B group of food, including folic acid, niacin, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, etc., they participate in metabolism, provide energy, protect nerve tissue cells, calm nerves, relieve discomfortFeeling is also beneficial.

With vitamin B group, there are animal liver, fungus, brewer’s yeast, pumpkin, millet and so on.

4, calcium supplementation at 2 o’clock at night is the peak of human calcium loss, especially when the brain adjusts the operation, the rate of calcium loss will recover.

Because taking 1000-1500 mg of calcium tablets before the night is necessary.

Because iron has a certain inhibitory effect on the absorption of calcium, in the dinner before the night, it is necessary to avoid spinach, red dates, eggs, kelp and other foods with high iron content.

5, remove makeup, wash the thick foundation and the oil stains accumulated in a day, will hinder the skin’s breathing, and even cause acne.

So be sure to remove makeup before going to bed and wash your face.

[Causes caused by staying up late]1, even change posture Many fans sit in the wrong position when watching the ball, maintaining a posture for many years, the cervical vertebrae, lumbar damage.

It is recommended to keep only one position when watching the ball, and walk around the room during the intermission.

2, refuse to eat garbage, stay up all night, never eat high-calorie or fried foods, should not eat instant noodles to fill the stomach, so as not to be too hot; should not eat salty food, or face and body will be swollen after staying up late.

3, drink plenty of water is the most needed substance of the human body, people who stay up late must develop the habit of drinking more water, 4-7 cups of water per day is appropriate.

The craving is a signal that the human body lacks water, indicating that the cells in the body are in a dehydrated state. If left unattended, the hard sputum will affect the health, so it is necessary to replenish water in time.

4, to the skin hydrating irregular sleep skin moisture loss, especially in the night sitting in front of the computer work.

Experts suggest that Amy’s MM can apply a thin film during day and night, which can effectively protect the skin and prevent electromagnetic radiation.

5, stay up all night and stay up late, you will feel hungry, you should choose a small amount of starch food for staying up late, and only eat five full.

Because excessive starch intake will bring the burden to the digestive system, people feel faint and stunned – but a small amount of starch also has the spirit of boosting, providing energy to the brain, so the weight is important, you can mix a small amount of starch with proteinIt is soy milk, milk, and it can bring vitality in addition to hunger.


Ancient Chinese health motto


Ancient Chinese health motto

[Translation]After drinking, do not want to drink cold water cold tea, mostly for dating wine as a drug-free water, that is, to go.

For a long time, the waist and knees will be heavy, the bladder will be cold and painful, and it will suffer from edema, thirst, and fractures.

銆€銆€銆愪緥鍙ャ€慏on’t drink cold water cold tea after drinking. Otherwise, this cold liquid is easy to put the kidneys on the wine to stop the toxic water, and must be removed as soon as possible.

This poisonous water will cause heavy waist and knees. The bladder (known as the urinary tract) is cold and painful, and it also needs to take into account diseases such as edema, thirst and leg fractures.

銆€銆€The original way of nourishing, long time, sedentary, long lying, long-sighted, long-awaited, Mo Qiang food and drink, great intoxication, great care, great grief.

銆€銆€[translation]The method of maintaining life is not to walk for too long, sit for too long, sleep for too long, watch too long, listen for too long; don’t eat too much, drink too much to indulge; don’t be too sad, too sadAnd miss.

In short, don’t be too much.

銆€銆€The original text is a sloppy, two-story labor, three sorrowful anger, four quit drinking, five 鏇?鏇?

銆€銆€[Translation]Health should focus on: First, the desire should be less, second, the labor should be temperate, the third is not to be angry, the fourth is to drink as little as possible, and the fifth is to carefully replace the five flavors of food.

銆€銆€There are few words in the original text, less in mind, less food in the stomach, and less sleep naturally.

According to this, there are four less, and the gods are fine.

銆€銆€[translation]The mouth should not talk much, the heart should be less likely to hang things, the stomach should be less diet, sleep should not be too much.

According to this “four less” health, it can prolong life.

銆€銆€[translation]The head is the head of all the yang.

“Introduction to the theory of life”: “Winter should freeze the brain”; and he said: “There is no return.”

“The translation” is the gathering of various yang in the human body.

“Introduction to the Theory of Life” said: “Winter should make the head cold”; also said: “Do not cover your head when sleeping.

“[Author]cold desire gradually, the heat is fading away.

From the waist to the abdomen to the fracture of the foot to get normal temperature, the chest to the head to get a little cold, cold is not frozen, the temperature is not dry.

銆€銆€[translation]When the weather turns cold, it is necessary to gradually add clothes. When the weather turns warmer, it is necessary to gradually undress.

From the lower abdomen of the lumbar spine to the toe, it is often felt warm. The chest to the head often makes people feel cool, but the cool alternative is to become a sense of freezing, and the warmth is also replaced to make it hot and uncomfortable.

銆€銆€[Secretary]Winter is warm and cold, and the brains are frozen in spring and autumn. This is the common law of saints.

銆€銆€銆愪緥鍙ャ€慣he winter foot should be warm, and the mind part can make the sense of coolness, so as to avoid cold or osteoarthrosis; in the spring and autumn, both the mind and the feet should feel cool.

This is a method commonly used by people who are good at health to adapt to seasonal climate changes in their daily lives.

銆€銆€Previously, “Ancient Chinese Health Prescription”[author]ears are not very listened, not looking at the eyes, sitting for a long time, not getting tired.

銆€銆€[渚嬪彞]The ear does not use the hearing to the limit, the eyes do not watch for a long time, sit for a long time, sleep without sleeping until the body feels tired.

銆€銆€[Secretary]After sitting in the wind and coming to the brain, the person in the brain does not live.

Even more drunk and full of wind, the wind is only responsible for disaster reasoning.

銆€銆€[渚嬪彞]Sitting and falling asleep must be protected from the wind, and the brain is blown into the wind by people.

If you lie in the wind after being drunk, the wind will become a disaster if it blows into the body.

銆€銆€When the original text begins, don’t open your eyes with cold water, and you will see the blindness and tears.

銆€銆€銆愪緥鍙ャ€慦hen you get up in the morning, don’t open your eyes and wash your face with cold water. Otherwise, your eyes will dry up, damage your vision, and you will have more tears.

銆€銆€The original text is sleepy. in the dream.

銆€銆€[translation]When you are thinking about sleep, you will be in the dream.

銆€銆€There are five good things in the original heart.

How five?

One is not difficult to sleep, the two sleep easily, the three sleep without nightmares, the four sleep when itching to protect, the five sleepy easy to enter the good feelings.

銆€銆€[translation]There are five good things in one heart sleep.Which five?

First, there is no difficulty in falling asleep. Second, it is easy to wake up after sleep. Third, there is no nightmare in sleep. Fourth, there is good God protection when sleeping. Fifth, after waking up, the heart is easy to enter into good consciousness and yearn for truth.

銆€銆€[translation]Spring March, this is the hair.

Heaven and earth are born, everything is glory; nights get up early, step in the court, and be slowed down to make the mind; to be born without killing, not to take, not to be punished, this spring should be healthyand also.
[translation]The three months of spring is the scorpion of the spring air.

The place between the heavens and the earth is growing and sprouting, and everything is flourishing. Every night, go to bed early and get up early, walk slowly in the courtyard, relax your hair and relax your body, let the spring blossom and move; the hair is not suppressed, given without taking,It is not a suspicion of reward, this is the secret of adapting to the breath of spring and maintaining the anger of hair.

In the summer of March, this is a fan.

The heavens and the earth are in gas, and everything is real; the night is getting up early, and there is no sorrow; the ambition is not anger, so that Huaying is a show, so that the gas is vented. If you love it, this summer should be the best, and the way to grow the long.

銆愪緥鍙ャ€慣he three months of summer are the lush growing season.

The harmony of heaven and earth, the result of all things blossoming; go to bed early every morning, do not hate the long days of sunshine.

Make your heart and mind not angry, so that the essence of the fruit blossoms, let the yang get a catharsis, just like the ones you love, this is the way to adapt to the summer environment, to develop the atmosphere of summer growth.

Yangyang in spring and summer, and Yin in autumn and winter.

銆愪緥鍙ャ€慡pring and summer focus on maintaining the vitality of the body, and the autumn and winter focus on maintaining the body’s yin.

[Translation]Autumn March, this is Rong Ping.

The weather is urgent, the atmosphere is clear; the early morning and early rise, and the chickens are booming; the Zhian Ning, to slow down the autumn; the convergence of the spirit, make the autumn calm; no external ambition, so that the lungs are clear, this autumn shouldThe way to raise money is also.

[translation]The three months of autumn are the time when everything is settled.

The atmosphere in the sky is so strong that the things on the ground are clear.

Go to bed early and get up early every day, and the living time is the same as the time of getting up the chicken; to make the peace of mind, to ease the chill of autumn; to converge the spirit, to calm the breath of autumn; do not make the mind exposed, let the lungs clear,This is the secret of adapting to the temperament of the fall, and fostering convergence.

In the winter of March, this is closed.

Water ice and earth, no disturbance to the sun; morning and evening, must wait for the sun; if you want to hide, if there is a private intention, if you have it; go to the cold, warm, no skin, make the gas,This winter should be the way to raise Tibet.

[translation]The three months of winter is the season of latent preservation.

The water is frozen into ice, and the ground is frozen and cracked. Do not disturb the yang; wake up early every morning and wake up later. It is best to get up when the sun comes out. It makes the mind look like a collection, just like a secret, it seems like there is a harvest; avoidThe cold is close to warm, don’t let the skin sweat, and often hurt the yang.

This is a way to adapt to the temperament of winter and cultivate a collection of yang.

In the spring, the acid is increased to increase the temper, the summer is bitter and the spleen is increased to raise the lungs, and the Changsha province is rich in salt to nourish the kidney. In the autumn, the acid is sour to raise the liver, and the winter is salty and bitter to raise the heart.

銆愪緥鍙ャ€慖n the spring, eat less sour, eat more sweet, to nourish the temper; eat less bitterness in summer, eat more spicy, to nourish the lungs, eat less bitterness in the summer, eat more salty, to be kidney-smelling; eat less spicy in autumn, eat more sour, to nourish the liver; in winter, eat less salty, eat more bitterness, to nourish the heart.

Within one year, spring windproof, and cold-proof; summer heat-proof, but also prevent cold due to summer, but cold; long summer anti-wet; autumn anti-dry; winter cold, and wind.

These eight, the sick and the patient are all known.

[Translation]In the middle of the year, the spring must be windproof and prevent cold spring; in the summer to prevent heat, but also to prevent cold and cold caused by heat and cold; long summer to pay attention to moisture; autumn to prevent dryness; winter to prevent cold and wind.
These eight things, the patient and the person who cares for the patient know.

[Author]The movement of people is based on static.

God is quiet, and his heart is filled with calmness, and he is calm and quiet, and considers silence.

It is quiet and has a quiet, and it moves by object.

[translation]The actions of human beings should be dominated by silence.

The Yuanshen must be silent to get a rest, the brain must be silent to supplement the blood, the will must be quiet and peaceful, and the thoughts must be silent and wise.

To achieve a certain method of static, the heart will not be able to travel, it will be quiet, chasing fame and fortune will move.

The five common senses of fattening must be exercised every day.


The five common senses of fattening must be exercised every day.

Do friends who want to gain weight know the common sense of fattening?

Below, I will introduce you to the five key common sense of fattening.

銆€銆€1, gaining weight refers to increasing muscles, not increasing those aunts of Matsuba.

So don’t blindly eat more food, or eat food indiscriminately, which is not good for your body’s function absorption.

銆€銆€2, friends who gain weight or lose weight drink 3000-4000ML of water every day, only absorb enough water every day, the body’s metabolic function will work well, which will improve the absorption capacity of their own nutrition.

銆€銆€3, daily exercise is inevitable, do not have to go to any gym to exercise, as long as 30-40 minutes of exercise every day, such as palm pressure, sit-ups, etc. (these sports can be done at home), when the body generates enough oneNitric oxide, when these “living vitality gases” are free to spread to every part of the body, the body’s function will gradually increase and the body will get better and better.

銆€銆€4, nutrient absorption should be balanced, it is protein, because protein is very important for the body to make muscle, daily protein can be absorbed in soybeans.

銆€銆€5, the body detoxification should be normal, whether through stool or urination, the body’s toxins must be removed in time, it is recommended to eat more roots of the food, here is the most fibrous parts, often eat to help defecation or improve constipation symptoms.

銆€銆€Through the above sharing, I hope to help my friends who want to gain weight.

Healthy tips, wash your feet with warm water in summer and summer.


Healthy tips, wash your feet with warm water in summer and summer.

Do you often wash your feet with cold water during the summer, do you think this is nothing?

Health experts tell you that if you have been healthy for a long time, your health is harmful.

銆€銆€In the hot summer, there will be more sweating, especially after exercise. This is because washing the feet with cool water will make the whole body cool, but actually has expanded the pores and suddenly closed.

In addition, the muscle fatigue after exercise, the increase in tension, after suffering from cold water stimulation, can cause cramps and other symptoms.

If you wash your feet with cold water frequently, it may not only cause your feet to be cold and cold, but it may cause dysfunction of the body for a long time.

銆€銆€In addition, the foot is suddenly stimulated by cold water to cause the normal operation of the blood vessels to contract, which may lead to dysfunction of vasodilation, causing various types of arthritis and rheumatism, and women cause gynecological diseases.

銆€銆€Therefore, since in the hot summer, you should not let your feet get cold. Wash your feet with warm water to keep your feet warm. This has good preventive effects against colds, flu, rhinitis, high blood pressure and angina.

10 big signals remind women to clean up their bodies


10 big signals remind women to clean up their bodies

If women want to become more beautiful, they must remove the toxins from the body. When these symptoms appear, the body is suggesting you, and it is time to clean up your body!

1 signal one: bad breath bad breath refers to a symptom of odor sputum in the mouth, mostly caused by lung, spleen, stomach heat or food accumulation, these things have long been deposited in the body can not be discharged into a toxin.

Bulimia spicy food or overeating, fatigue, excessive heat, stagnation, or certain oral diseases, such as oral ulcers, dental caries and digestive diseases can cause bad breath.

2 Signal 2: Constipation If you have more than 3 or more days of bowel movements, you may have constipation.

According to different symptoms, constipation can be divided into two types: habitual constipation and occasional constipation.

The large intestine forms feces and controls bowel movements, which is one of the main channels for the body to excessively discharge toxins.

銆€銆€If the poison is stored in the body, it will affect the operation of the spleen and stomach, causing the complications of the large intestine to be abnormal, resulting in constipation due to initial impediment.

Long-term constipation, feces can not be discharged in time, will produce a lot of toxins accumulation, these toxins are absorbed by the body, will be secondary to stomach upset, bad breath, pigmentation and other symptoms, resulting in weakened human organs and decreased resistance.

3 Signal 3: Obesity If your body weight exceeds 20% of the standard weight, or the body mass index[weight (kg) / body fat (m2)]is greater than 24, it is obese.

Obesity is a disease with excess nutrients. If you eat high-fat and high-transfer food for a long time, the toxins in the body will breed, causing imbalance and causing obesity.

銆€銆€In addition to weakness, inconvenient movements, wheezing during exercise, palpitations, fear of hot sweat or low back pain, lower extremity joint pain and other symptoms, most of the sugar, trace, water and other substances metabolism and endocrine abnormalities.

4 Signal 4: Changes in endocrine secretion of chloasma, long-term oral contraceptives, liver diseases, tumors, chronic alcoholism, and sun exposure are the causes of chloasma.

Everyone expects to have a beautiful face, but I don’t know when it started. Your shells have yellowish brown or light black patches. The patches are picture-like or butterfly-like patches that make the skin lose its original appearance.The tender luster.

5 signal five: ulcer sores is a chronic inflammatory skin disease of hair follicles and sebaceous glands.

Various toxins produce a large amount of toxic substances under the action of bacteria, which are endangered by the blood circulation and the whole body; when the discharge is blocked, the skin will penetrate and overflow through the skin, causing the skin to become rough and acne.

銆€銆€In addition, lack of trace elements, nervousness, sorghum or high blood sugar diet are the cause of acne.

Therefore, we can’t just pay attention to the “face” and ignore the “environmental protection” in the body.

6 signal six: skin itching skin is the body’s largest detoxification organ, sweat glands and sebaceous glands on the skin can discharge toxins that other organs can not solve by sweating.

External stimuli, irregular life, nervousness, and endocrine disorders can cause itching by weakening this function of the skin.

7 signal seven: chronic gastritis is a variety of chronic gastric mucosal inflammatory lesions caused by uncontrolled diet, spleen and stomach weakness, excessive work and rest, forming a poisonous body, qi and blood.

8 signal eight: internal irritability syndrome refers to excessive reaction or abnormal phenomenon in the body, resulting in slow blood flow, detoxification pipeline is not smooth, a variety of toxins remain in the body.

The main features are abdominal discomfort or abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhea, constipation.

9 signal nine: eczema is caused by digestive diseases, gastrointestinal disorders, mental stress, or various physical and chemical irritations caused by chemical substances in the environment, it is also excessive waste generated in the metabolic process.Can not be discharged from the body in time.

10 signal ten: duodenal ulcer worries and anger, liver qi stagnation of endogenous poison, diet, hunger and satiety, overeating spicy and other things, the exotic poison brought by tobacco and alcohol can beCauses duodenal ulcers.

50-year-old middle-aged women are prone to winter depression –


50-year-old middle-aged women are prone to winter depression?

When winter comes, the wind is chilling and the trees are dying.

At this moment, some people will become depressed, lazy, sleepy and bulimic, and have a lower interest in everything.

Once the snow melts and the earth rejuvenates, these symptoms will gradually disappear and the mood and strength will return to normal.

This phenomenon is called “winter depression”, also known as “re-almotion disorder” (SAD), which refers to a kind of depression caused by weather changes.

銆€銆€There is no obvious genetic factor in the incidence of winter depression.

It occurs mainly because the human body clock can not adapt to the winter, short nights, short changes in sunshine time, leading to biological rhythm disorder and internal secretion disorders (especially the neurotransmitter known as mood stabilizer – “serotonin”Reduced synthesis), causing emotional and mental disorders.

銆€銆€First, someone is prone to winter depression.

The incidence of women is higher, young women and middle-aged women over the age of 50.


Introverted, sensitive, and emotionally vulnerable.


Those who happen to suffer from psychological stress in the winter (such as unemployment, divorce, leaving relatives, etc.) have not been promptly vented and channeled.


People who work indoors, especially those who are physically weak and rarely participate in physical exercise.


People who are not living properly and are not eating properly.

銆€銆€Second, what is the performance of winter depression in winter? Every winter, because of the cold climate, the sun is weak, the scenery of the scene is bleak, you will feel the invisible pressure in the spirit, and you will be trapped in the mood of cheering all day long., melancholy and dull, attention can not concentrate, work efficiency is reduced: it seems that the whole world has become cold and clear, no vitality; sleepy dreams, poor sleep quality, listlessness: these people tend to have poor appetite or bulimia, always like to eat starchAnd plasma food, they like to keep themselves in the house, do not want to go out to socialize, do not know anything.

Serious people can affect normal work and life.

銆€銆€Third, how to prevent winter depression The key to this disease is to increase sunlight and outdoor activities.


The windows are often opened during the day to allow indoor air to circulate.

Office workers can use the lunch break to go outdoors and walk and pour away in the fresh, sunny places, so that the foot can be stepped on the stimulation and massage, so that the left and right hemispheres of the brain alternately generate excitement and inhibition.


Listen to light and relaxed music and participate in some refreshing cultural and sports activities.

Chat with friends or read healthy and up-to-date books to energize your emotions and thinking.


Pay attention to strengthening nutrition, improving the diet structure, eating more high-energy, brain-friendly foods and fruits and vegetables, such as meat, eggs, beans, bananas, citrus, chocolate, coffee and green tea are all good.”Emotional supplements.”


Life is regular, work on time, improve sleep quality.


Interested in wearing brightly colored clothes such as red, yellow and white are good choices.

3 wrong ways to keep healthy!


Are you still insisting?

Come back quickly

3 wrong ways to keep healthy!
Are you still insisting?
Come back quickly

With the improvement of modern living standards, people are paying more attention to their own bodies. Many people are slowly learning to maintain health, especially in the elderly.

It is a good thing to pay attention to health and pay attention to your own health. However, if the method is wrong, it will not achieve the effect of curing the body, but it will be extremely harmful. Even in serious cases, even the safety of life cannot be guaranteed.

Therefore, health must avoid some misunderstandings.

Will long-term vegetarianism get liver?

Many people think that meat has high feces and cholesterol levels. In order to avoid and control the three highs, or to lose weight and control weight, etc., begin to eat vegetarian.

Some people also think that vegetarian food is much healthier than eating meat, but it is not.

Unreasonable vegetarianism can also bring health risks. First of all, the metabolism of human tissues, a large part of the energy comes from cockroaches. If you avoid eating meat, it may lead to malnutrition.

In addition, due to long-term unreasonable vegetarianism, the amount of absorption is insufficient, the body will stimulate the liver to break down the aunt in the body to provide nutrition, and this body is slightly decomposed and difficult to be eliminated, it will accumulate in the liver, for a long time.It will become a liver.

What kind of health care method is harmful?

1, hot stone stone therapy will not be known when, many people pay attention to the health of the elderly circle began to spread such a health approach: people lying on the big stone after the sun, absorb the “hot air”, can remove the body’s wetQi, as well as the function of health care.

In fact, this method is obviously wrong.

Because the temperature rises higher after the big stone absorbs the sun, it is easy to cause heat stroke if it is not noticed, especially in the summer.

Moreover, there is no scientific basis for the health effects of this method, and it cannot be trusted.

2, casually beat the body to death. There is news that a six-year-old child is dying because of the health of his grandparents.

Patting health is initiated by a doctor from the rivers and lakes, saying that it is a cure that can cure all diseases.

After many patients have misunderstood, they began to pat the joints of the body and no longer take medicine to seek medical treatment.

Strike hard on the body, this may cause certain external damage; and some patients are also reckless to stop the drug, it is simply worse, it may only lead to serious disease.

There is no scientific basis for tapping the body to cure diseases.

3, as the saying goes, the movement is a source of health, but exercise is also divided into categories and to see the situation, especially the middle-aged and the elderly are relatively weak, can not be carried out indiscriminately.

A popular health care method is to go away quickly, but in fact this kind of exercise is comparative, and it lasts for a long time. If you don’t pay attention, you may have many problems such as excessive exercise.

If you have a three-high or heart disease, you may also induce heart obstruction, which is life-threatening.

It is a good thing to enhance health awareness, but it is also necessary to pay attention to health care, such as vegetarian diet, or stone therapy, body beats, and violent walking. The health effects of these methods have not been scientifically proven, but they have great potential hazards.Be sure to avoid it.

Analyze the seven wonderful realms in sex


Analyze the seven wonderful realms in sex

Even a partner who is already happy can be happier, because most of them still lack deep communication with each other, and true intimacy is very subtle.

Avoiding contradictions, satisfying the superficial happiness, and making no effort on the realm that needs to be improved is relatively easy, but it is vulnerable.

銆€銆€Experts believe that true love is divided into seven realms. Love Realm 1: Lust You may think that as long as the two people are in the same personality, the relationship will naturally last for a long time.

But don’t forget that personality is attached to the body, and the body is the (and interesting) tool that connects you to the other half.

Sexual love is a combination of gender relations, and it is necessary to give full play to its role.

If the sexual life is not harmonious, there must be a gap between the two that cannot be crossed.

銆€銆€A healthy sex life not only brings sensory pleasure, but also improves the quality of life (in a broad sense).

When a pair of partners who were suffering from “sexual drought” received treatment, they found that they often worked hard for trivial things, and then they were annoyed.

They accepted the advice of the experts and began to relive the closeness of the flesh, becoming more tolerant and more loving.

銆€銆€Although you may be making love every day, your passions are not as fanatical as when you first fell in love.

The additive that the two people are passionate about is the love posture that does not fall.

When both of them are meditation, step by step, step by step, and step by step, the way of making love has closed the old way, which seems to be routine and tedious.

銆€銆€As long as you are not on the plane, you can find out more about the sex posture that both people feel comfortable with.

The implantation of the “falling” of the bed makes the real happiness not come when the climax comes.

The method of activating eroticism is actually simple and effective. Just use your imagination and creativity, rekindle the spark of sex, throw away the old routine, and boldly experiment with new ways.

Don’t worry about the awkward “run-in period”, dare to dare to do it.

The moment you are most excited, you must tell him.

銆€銆€Geli, 29, sales director, she and her boyfriend learned to exchange their feelings on their own bed in an open and honest manner. “After every love, we have to discuss it, unless I am particularly excited, I amWhat to do will make him reach a climax and so on.

This has kept our sexual life energetic, and has never been low tide, and has continued to reach a new level of renewal.

“The realm of love two: the spirit of any love contains the factors of sincerity, should be the harmonious development of the spirit and the body.

Although the meaning of a lover has gone far beyond friendship, you can still be friends with him and appreciate each other.

銆€銆€Platonic spiritual love is pure and beautiful, and it is the glue that maintains all other realms.

When you start to get bored with Romantik, when your energy has been restored by passion, you can only rely on trust and friendship to keep the relationship going.

銆€銆€Explore your friendship, first think about how you get along when you are not in bed.

On the weekend afternoon, you got the flu, coughing, coughing and sneezing. Don’t say anything else, it’s impossible to connect a kiss. They just sit on the sofa and watch the cartoons broadcast several times. How loud are you crying?He needs his main axis to lean on, but he is not nearby; when he tells you all the dissatisfaction at work, you become very impatient. These all indicate that your relationship is lower than the normal state of your friend’s realm.

銆€銆€Feifei, 30, lawyer, “I am very harmonious with my boyfriend. At that time, we were all law students, and we could understand each other sensibly.

But then we went out for a weekend and found that the two were not speculative, very embarrassing.

“Friends suggested that Fifi take the initiative to ask some questions about private life, similar: “What is your most desirable weekend?

“Who is your best playmate in childhood?”

Why do you like him the most?

“Trying to create a sexual premise while creating a friendly atmosphere, and then talking about some of the topics that lovers care about is critical.

Feifei took the advice of a friend. “Now I know more about his background and emotional experience, and his opinion is more objective.

Sharing the bits and pieces of life with him has become my happiest moment, because we have not only regarded each other as a romantic lover, but also the most intimate friend.

“Love Realm III: Romance When did the two of you spend the last time together – is the one that most makes you suffer from Pang Ruo, the most ecstasy?”

If you think about this issue after 30 seconds, it should light up the “passion” red light to you.

銆€銆€Excessive sensational contempt does not help to maintain long-term relationships, but moderate romance is a love flavoring and preservative that allows lovers to enjoy the vitality of love.

銆€銆€Li Ye, 28, translated, “Every year, my husband will make a weekend travel plan. He has been keeping secrets forever. I never knew where he was going to take me, but every time he picked up, he showed deep love for me.And considerate, it is the annual surprise that makes our marriage full of fresh and exciting feelings.

To increase the romantic sentiment, first ask yourself (rather than those who are good-loving lover cards). What it means to love and romance, listening to your own voice is as important as listening to others.If your understanding of romance is a kind of plain and faint, don’t ask for earth-shattering, don’t expect the flower shop to have the biggest bunch of Valentine’s Day roses in history, then tell him, he will satisfy your romantic requirements, no longer need toIt’s hard to wonder if you like carnations or roses, whether it’s red or yellow.

銆€銆€The realm of love four: the actual actual love?

It sounds a bit contradictory.

But think about your real life – when you talk to your boyfriend about buying a new Buick, or designing a Hawaii travel plan, or deciding to watch these channels, if the two don’t coincide, you will sigh between you.Tacit understanding.

銆€銆€If the relationship between the two sexes is working properly in this realm, the daily division will be resolved before the upgrade.

Life is such a reality, to allow a different understanding of the way of life, therefore, it is important to learn to respect each other and to avoid disadvantages.

銆€銆€Yangyang, 25 years old, model, her love affair has experienced the death of the actual life after the death, “I and my ex-boyfriend often do a little bit of things happen, such as when the kettle is half full, can you open?”
The endless revolution has consumed all our tenderness and romance.

“The realm of love belongs to one of the most difficult states to coordinate, but it is easy to diagnose.

When you deal with it alone, when you cope with it, is it difficult to deal with it?

If the answer is yes, you should work hard on this interface.

銆€銆€First of all, don’t worry about why you can’t agree on everything, or try to understand why you are divided.

First, learn to compromise.

An Qi, 29 years old, advertising planning, the past and her boyfriend A Wei have to do everything for everything, including the most common 鑾?鍔?鍔?( ( ( 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10Shaanxi?

Minutes have to take a look.

He always likes to put blunt logic on everything, and I like to act intuitively.

Later, we discovered that we only had different ways of thinking, and things soon began to turn.

I must study the map carefully before leaving the house. He also believes that I will make a correct judgment. We have reconciled quite well.

“The Realm of Love 5: The philosophical connection between philosophy and gender is to be a pair of lovers. You should share or at least think of each other’s values, be they religious beliefs, political views, outlooks on life, and worldviews.”

If there is a fault here, you will have a sense of inner emptiness.

銆€銆€If you love for a long time, it is necessary to know the philosophy of love.

If you don’t face this problem and can’t discuss it in depth, the assessment of the two will inevitably lead to conflicts, and may eventually split up.

For example, religious beliefs and the need for children are the two issues that most need to reach consensus.

Ji Ji, 30 years old, fashion designer, “We didn’t discuss the child’s problem before we got married, but he hopes that a child will be a year after marriage. I want to improve my career first. I haven’t done it yet.Preparation, he thinks that this is a personal contempt and insult to him. The endless gradual proof that our views on the future are completely different, so I decided to end this painful marriage.

“Philosophical issues are not inscrutable, but they can still be communicated. You can exchange life philosophy and worldview with him frankly. You don’t have to stick to yourself from the fragmented personality.”

Ning Yue, 29 years old, computer programmer, “I finally found the most ideal husband in my heart, but he is a Christian, and I believe in Buddha. After a few months, we open our hearts and affect our respective spiritual realms.The factors that are found do not have much to do with religious beliefs. It is important to choose a lifestyle lifestyle.

Since our basic views have been agreed, then the decision to celebrate Christmas or other festivals is not a problem.

“The Realm of Love 6: The intellectual connection between the intellectuals and the sexes does not mean that you must follow his fascination with World War II novels and car rally, but learn to analyze why he is so fascinated, and then cultivate some common hobbies to provide you with 50 years of experience in the future.Enough talk.

銆€銆€Ouyang, 32, psychologist, “I have no relationship with my boyfriend’s career. He is engaged in the financial industry. I usually pay attention to him about some business and market knowledge. He is also very interested in my work, otherwise,We can only have the dog in the retina all day long.

“If you want to test the compatibility of intelligence between you, you can ask him some questions that are more slack and more flexible, such as “What do you think about horror movies?”

“It is best not to talk about things,” what do you think of “The Silent Lamb”?

“Try to set aside room to expand the other’s interests; or carefully choose a topic that has never been explored before, and use it as a rare and romantic opportunity to build a deeper intellectual connection.”

銆€銆€Getting into the other person’s “brain” to explore may lead to a fierce transformation, and the transformation is precisely a wonderful way to strengthen the connection. One of the real intimacy distortions is to see if you are comfortable with the disagreement between the two.

Remember, the true meaning of the two people’s ideological resonance is to understand and respect each other’s views, not their identity.

銆€銆€The Realm of Love 7: The permanent pursuit of permanence and eternality is the guarantee of maintaining love.

Without it, the inner insecurity will drive you crazy, and you will always worry that your next lip war will be the last time, worrying that someone wakes up in the morning, he has escaped.

銆€銆€Persistence will motivate you to improve other realms of love, because you will be observant and red, and hopefully everything will be perfect.

銆€銆€Those who have been living for a lifetime agree that gender relations cannot be perfect.

Lin Yuan, 80 years old, “There are always times when it is not that he just went to the room, otherwise the dinner was going well, and I suddenly went away.

It must be admitted that life is not always only sunshine and happiness. In any case, it is a special pleasure to return to the two after the Rose War.The benefit of this fault in the realm is that two people or one of them always avoid avoiding the future and never make long-term romantic plans.

To test if you have a crisis in this area, you can ask yourself the following questions: Do you know his dreams and ambitions?

Will he put your common interests above his personal interests?

(Do you also do this yourself?) The relationship between the two is intimate, and you can be justified. “We will definitely be old!”

“But to achieve such a fit, you must strengthen communication and not hide and conceal your feelings.”

This realm of love can test people the most, love on the road?

Time is the only best witness. It is incapable of rushing, and you can’t start the future with a few minutes of heat.

Learn to trust him, talk to him, respect each other’s personality, and only then, a beautiful tomorrow will come.


Give a little time to be happy

Many people in life are always pushing away from things that can bring them happiness, because these things are never within their consideration, not in their schedules, or they don’t even know that these can bring himHappy things, or they are rigid enough to jump out of established living routines.

銆€銆€One day, I couldn’t help but think of the night before the destruction of the Titanic. The women were still giving up the dessert after eating to keep the slim figure.

Since then, I have tried to make myself more flexible in my life.

銆€銆€How many housewives were there, what they had taken out of the refrigerator, and the husband suddenly went out to dinner, so she finally gave up eating at home?

銆€銆€How many times have your children come over and want to talk to you, but you are watching the TV quiz show with enthusiasm, so he has to stop someone from spending a lonely childhood?

銆€銆€I have counted how many times I have called my sister and said, “How about going out for lunch after half an hour?

“She will always stutter,” I can’t go.

My clothes are hanging outside.

My hair should be washed too.

I hope that I can know your arrangement yesterday, or I will not have breakfast so late today.

And it seems that it is going to rain.

“My personal favorite is her sentence: “Know that today is Monday.

“She died a few years ago.

We did not have lunch together until she died.

銆€銆€Because we have filled up so many trivial and unimportant things in our lives, we are actually giving time to the things that are causing us headaches, and we are squeezing out the time that is originally happy.

銆€銆€We always think this way – when our children learn to go to the bathroom, we will go back to visit our grandparents; when we replace the old carpet in the living room, we will go for a leisure; wait for the other twoThe children are all finished college, we will go to a honeymoon again. The transformation of life is gradually getting older and slowly accelerating.

The days go by, and the promises we put into ourselves are getting more and more.

Every morning we wake up and express our life as a routine prayer. “How will I be.”

“How do I plan?”

“And “I will do it someday, when everything is stable.”

“I have a friend who “just fights for the day”. Anyone calls her. She always has time to take risks and travel with friends.

She is also happy to accept new things and new ideas.

Her enthusiasm for life is very infectious. You only have to talk to her for five minutes, and will be willing to change your feet into a pair of pulleys, simply go to the bungee without taking the elevator.

銆€銆€I haven’t touched the ice cream for my lips for ten years.

In fact, I love ice cream very much, but when I have a spoonful of scoop, I can directly affect my delicate stomach and damage my digestive function.

So, I chose to give up.

A few days ago, I finally stopped to buy a sandwich sandwich ice cream.

At that time, I felt that even if my car hit the iceberg on the way home, I died without regret.

銆€銆€So, from now on, please continue to enjoy your life and do what you 鈥渢hink鈥? not what you 鈥渟hould鈥?do.

If you will die soon, and you can only make one more call, then who will you call and say?

Thinking about those, why are you waiting now?

銆€銆€Have you ever watched the children playing on the carousel?

Have you heard the sound of the raindrops falling?

Have you followed the butterfly that flutters?

Are you staring at the afterglow of the sunset?

Are you busy every day?

When you ask, “How are you?”

“Can you hear the answer?銆€銆€When the day is over, do you still have the housework to do tomorrow in your head?

When the child asks a certain wish, do you send him a “this thing we will do tomorrow”, but ignore his feelings in a hurry?

Have you ever lost contact with a good friend and let a sincere friendship regretfully draw a rest?

Why don’t you try to make a phone call with a greeting?

銆€銆€When you worry about it and spend your day in a hurry, this day is like a gift that is not open to you, just thrown away.

Life is not a race.

It may be appropriate to slow down.

Listen to the movement of this life before the end of the song of life.