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How much do you know about nutritious rice

How much do you know about nutritious rice

You can get delicious, delicious and delicious meals by cooking with tea. The most amazing thing is that there are many benefits of tea cooking, such as degreasing, cleansing, eating and preventing diseases.

  Tea boiled rice can be cooked with tea to obtain color, fragrant and delicious meals. The most amazing thing is that tea boiled and greasy, cleansing, changing food and preventing diseases.

According to research by nutritionists, regular rice cooked with tea can prevent cardiovascular diseases, prevent strokes, fight cancer, prevent cancer, and prevent dental diseases.

Cooking method: first soak 1-3 grams of tea, soak in an appropriate amount of boiling water for 4-9 minutes, take a small piece of clean gauze, filter the tea to remove residue, and use it overnight (not suitable for overnight tea); then pan the rice into the pot, Wash and pour the tea into the rice cooker, make it about 3 cm higher than the rice surface, and cook it before serving.

  Pork liver and kidney rice Cut the pork liver and kidney (fat-free and glandular) into small pieces, mix and marinate with the right amount of seasoning, and spread until the cooked rice is cooked over low heat.

Insufficient liver and kidney, sore waist and knees, dizziness, have therapeutic effect.

  The Chinese jujube and black chicken glutinous rice are pitted and chopped. The black chicken is shredded with glutinous rice and cooked in a pot.

It has the effects of nourishing the spleen, nourishing and strengthening, and can treat the symptoms of weak spleen and stomach, poor appetite caused by insufficient blood and qi.

  Potato and beef rice Chop potatoes and fresh beef into minced meat, add ginger, peanut oil and other spices and mix well, spread on cooked rice, simmer on low heat and cook, with cold, stomach, tonic and qi, strong glutenBone-building and anti-edema, dehumidification and other effects.

  The bone soup and rice will wash and break the meat and bones, add onions, ginger, pepper, salt and rice wine to make a bone soup; then remove the bones and seasonings from the soup, and then put in the cooked rice, thenCan be boiled into bone soup rice.

This rice is fragrant and delicious, soft and palatable, and contains protein, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, especially suitable for the elderly and children.

  Milk Baked Rice Mix milk with water and put it in a pot with rice to cook milk rice.

Milk risotto has white and soft flavor and rich mastic flavor.

It is not only nutritious, but also can treat conditions such as fatigue, insufficient blood, moist skin, nausea and constipation.

  Pumpkin cooked rice Wash the pumpkin, cut it into cubes, and cook it half-cooked, add appropriate rice, and cook it into rice or porridge for dinner.

For those who like to eat sweet, it can satisfy the appetite, increase food fiber intake, supplement carotene, and can be converted into vitamin A in the body, which is effective for keeping the skin tender and protecting eyesight.

  Pork ribs steamed rice Wash the ribs, cut into small pieces, add oil, salt and other spices, spread on the bottom of a bowl or dish, then spread the washed and soaked rice on the ribs, steam into the boiling water pot until the meat is cooked.

The smell of this meal is tangy, and calcium and bone are strengthened. It is a good meal for young people and the elderly to strengthen their bodies.

Parents need to keep their eyes open

Parents need to keep their eyes open

For many parents who have just been promoted to grandparents, there is always something they don’t understand about their baby’s diet. For example, there are things in foods that babies under 1 year old cannot eat. I believe many grandparents don’t understand.

Let’s take a look at the introduction here.
Milk: Before the baby is one year old, insist on consuming breast milk or formula, because the baby cannot digest the protein in the milk, and the nutrition in the milk is not what the baby needs and can absorb, the mineral content in it is likelyDamage your baby’s kidneys.

  Mineral water: Mineral water with high mineral content can damage your baby’s kidneys.

For infants and young children, the mineral content per liter of mineral water must not exceed 100 mg, sodium must be less than 20 mg, and fluorine must be less than 1.

5 mg.

  Honey: Honey contains clostridium, which can cause botulinum poisoning.

Adults initially prevent the growth of this spore, but babies do not have this ability, which may lead to the danger of poisoning.

  Protein: Babies can eat egg yolks, but can’t eat protein protein until about one year old, because protein can cause allergies. If the baby has a family history of allergies, it can be eaten until about two years old.

  Peanut butter: Peanut butter is a food that is very susceptible to allergies. It is best to add it when your baby is one or two years old.

In addition, peanut butter itself is very sticky, making it difficult for a baby to swallow, and it is also easy to cause choking.

  Wheat food: Most babies have been exposed to cereal foods-cereal and bread from 6-8 months.

But wheat is the most susceptible food in all grains, so if your baby has allergies, it is best to wait until one year old before eating.

  Shellfish: Seafood is very susceptible to allergies. Experts suggest that it is best to wait until your baby is one year old.

Babies with a family history of allergies should be supplemented to about 3 to 4 years old.

  Other potential allergic foods: Because parents have allergic symptoms, and they are scared to worry about the baby’s inheritance, pay attention to other foods with allergens-such as corn, soy, chocolate, and other allergies you eatFood-add slowly after one year of age.

  Large pieces of food: For babies at this stage, green bean-sized foods are safest to heal-they won’t separate into your baby’s throat; vegetables like carrots, celery, lentils, etc. must be chopped and cookedGive it to babies; spherical fruits like grapes, small tomatoes, etc. must be cut into diced shapes to feed, and various weeping willow meats must be diced or mashed into meat before they can be eaten.

  A small hard food: nuts (walnuts, peanuts, sunflower seeds, etc.), popcorn, fruit candy, raisins and various other dried fruits are all potential asphyxiating killers. Try not to give them to your baby, or use otherCooking method: Do not give your baby chewing gum, fudge, etc., as it can easily stick to your baby’s throat and cause breathing difficulties.

Couple love warm up little exercise

Couple love warm up little exercise

If love wants to heat up, in fact, couples can make a fitness plan for two people, but also make their bodies more perfect, and add fun communication for the two, so why not kill two birds with one stone?

  How to choose a sport suitable for couples When it comes to how to choose, you must first consider both men and women. Do not choose sports that are intensive and not fun. Do not force each other to do what you already can.Fitness plan for two.

In fact, many traditional double sports, such as “tennis, table tennis, badminton” and so on, have become commonplace.

Today’s “dual sports” is a new type of sports combination.

Couples can encourage each other to go to the gym or cooperate with each other to practice double yoga. Let’s start the new “double sports” era together.

  A tandem bicycle is the most environmentally friendly sport in modern society. It can not only exercise the body, but also deepen the understanding of each other in the process of riding a bike.I can recall the green feeling of my first love with a little movement and mood.

  Double Yoga Double Yoga is the best double exercise for friends and couples.

In essence, it is the same as single-person yoga, but it is more representative of two people working together to complete some yoga moves that cannot be performed by one person or are more difficult to achieve.

Double yoga can enhance each other’s emotional communication, and promote the cultivation of a sense of tacit understanding.

  Double jogging According to a survey, 66% of people who love running say that running makes them happy.

Running is good for weight loss and promotes heart and blood circulation.

It is especially helpful for raising women’s sexual desire. For this reason alone, he will be willing to run with you.

  Double skating Double skating sounds very romantic, it helps to increase lung capacity, which is what men need most to fight “protracted battle”.

Skating together is good for love and affection, and regulates the relationship. The most favorable evidence is that among all pairs of sports, there are the most couples in figure skating.

  Double horse riding can exercise the agility and coordination of the body, especially can make men’s leg muscles strong and rigid, making men more brave and powerful.

Studies have shown that horse riding can help improve the endocrine system and cause the pituitary to secrete hormones.

  Double swimming, breaststroke and butterfly stroke, are most suitable for women because they make full use of thigh and pelvic muscles.

In addition to making the abdominal muscles level and sexy, improving sexual performance, it can also prevent complications such as uterine prolapse, rectal droop, and bladder droop.

Butterfly swimming is also the sexiest male exercise.

  Is there anything more suitable for couple dance than duo dance?

From eyebrows to embracing each other, dance belongs to lovers.

Fill your passion and aunt with burning.

  Let love heat up and tricks Don’t miss the skills of life. If you use husband and wife relationship, you can also achieve magical results.

Recently, the American media have summarized some “high-hands” that are applicable to the workplace but can improve the relationship between husband and wife.

  Concise wording When entrusting or describing a thing, people often involve a lot of irrelevant content. It can be used to pave the way for your own words, which is simply “啰 嗦”.

But American counselors say it’s best to explain things straight to the topic and concisely come up with ideas.

If the wife feels that she is too busy and wants her partner to help, it is best to say, “Can you buy some condiments along the way when you go home?”

“And don’t forget to say” Thank you. ”

  Courage to admit mistakes “People often lose face and refuse to admit their mistakes when dealing with work and marriage relationships.

A famous American author said that the best way to alleviate the contradiction between husband and wife is to take the initiative to admit mistakes, which can quickly quench the anger, and the simple and effective words are: “Dear, you are right, I am wrong.”

“Leave room. When promised, if you leave room, the results will be unexpected.

For example, for work that can be completed on Monday morning, you may wish to promise that the leaders will hand in before the day.

Because as long as you complete it ahead of schedule, you exceed the leader’s expectations.

The same principle applies to marriage.

When committing to a partner, pay attention to operability.

If your partner has a birthday, you can say “I’ll order a birthday cake”, which is easy to achieve.

But don’t pack your tickets what you will do-because if there is a little disappointment, your hard work may be wasted.

  The wife who wants to depreciate and want her husband to take the initiative in housework should learn this trick well.First of all, you have to make your husband happy, such as boasting that he took the initiative to pack the chopsticks tonight, “helped me a lot.”

Then you might add the phrase “If you can wash all the bowls and just put them in the pool, that would be great.

Finally, I give a sweetness: “I just want to say that you can do this, I am really moved.

How to make children talk to their parents?

How to make children talk to their parents?

One day, children will talk to their parents or teachers about their past experiences, feelings and fears.

Parents or teachers must listen to their children calmly, know how difficult it is for them to speak, how courageous they are, and how long they hesitated before they can tell the truth.

  First, don’t panic or overreact!

If the adult shows special fear, contempt or other negative reactions, the effect on the child is unfavorable, which will further trauma the child’s mind.

If an adult jumps into thunder as soon as he hears it, he immediately refuses to blame or even scolds them: “I told you already .” This would only worsen the situation, it would also cause the adult to lose the part and image in the child’s mind, and it would make the child’s words half-heartedStop and refuse to provide more information.

  Adults need to pay special attention to the fact that children will definitely ask that they never tell others about this. At this time, they should explain clearly to the child that it is affirmative to ensure that the matter is not discussed with unrelated people, but sometimes it is necessaryReport to the relevant authorities or persons in the child and adolescent protection of the military to seek their help.

  The correct way is: respect the child’s privacy and the child’s personality in a safe, secret place.

  1. Support the child to tell the story-Make it clear to the child “No matter what happens, we will always love you”, encourage them to tell the truth as soon as possible, and the adult will help them gradually no longer be harmed.

It should be remembered that sexual harassers will definitely intimidate children when committing crimes: “If I tell others, I will kill you.

“And children are afraid that adults will punish them for this or lose care.

  2. To express love for children from two aspects of physiology-hold your child, don’t open your mouth when talking, “why didn’t you tell us earlier” or “why would you let this shame happen?” Instead, give the childSome positive encouragement, such as “I’m proud you can tell us about this”, or “I’m glad things aren’t too bad” or “I know you’re still young, it doesn’t blame you, in which case youIs powerless. ”

  3. Explain to the children that they are not wrong-most children will have deep guilt or self-blame. If they are more savvy and stronger, they will not be tempted or coaxed, so tell them clearly that you are not at faultOr responsible.

  4. Remember that children rarely lie about sexual abuse-make children feel that adults believe everything they say.

  5. Continue to communicate with the child-Let the child know that parents will still be compassionate, caring, understanding and supporting them in the future, so that the children will dare to tell the specific process and feelings.

  6. If you suspect that your child has a physical injury, take the child to the hospital for examination-parents are useless to speculate on their own, they must seek medical treatment in a timely manner, and ask professionals to make correct and independent judgments.

21st Century I am the best doctor

21st Century I am the best doctor

Today, the living environment of human beings is getting worse and worse. The pollution of air, scale, and noise is serious. The incidence of complications of modern “civilized diseases” such as hypertension, hyperglycemia, diabetes, obesity, tumors, and cancers is rising.

The American “Women’s Health” magazine states that one third of women in the United States, or 35 million people, are in the invasion of menopause.

And there are more than one billion of these menopausal women. Tens of millions of them need to transfer estrogen regularly and quantitatively to prevent health care or delay the various symptoms of menopause.


hzh{display:none;}  新华社最新公布的数据表明:我国是世界上拥有骨质疏松症患者最多的国家,现有患者9000万人,占总人口的7%。According to the survey data of the United Nations Health Organization, 20% -30% of the elderly over 65 have constipation, and the incidence is highest among women.

Therefore, medical scientists and nutritionists have repeatedly reminded people that long-term constipation is the most harmful to the human body, and it is easy to cause complications such as prolapse prevention, sigmoid torsion, intestinal obstruction, and urinary retention.

Its onset is complicated, mainly due to poor living habits, and the lack of supplementary fiber in the daily diet is one of the main causes.

  Cardio-cerebrovascular diseases, heart disease and tumors are currently recognized as the three most serious diseases that threaten human life and health. Their central cerebrovascular disease has ranked first in death in Western countries, and it is only due to cerebrovascular disease in the disease spectrum.Deaths due to illness account for the second place in Japan, the third place in the United States, and the first place in China for several years.

This shows that cerebrovascular diseases pose a serious threat to human life and health.

With the improvement of human living standards and the extension of life expectancy, the incidence and degree of social aging have increased, and its incidence has continued to increase.

There are 1 in China.

100 million people suffer from hypertension, 15 to 20 million suffer from coronary heart disease, 6 million suffer from stroke, and more than 2 million die each year from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, accounting for 40% of the total mortality rate.

The essence of cardio-cerebral vascular disease is that the deposition of hypertension in the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular vessels leads to the hardening of the cardiovascular wall, the narrowing of the brain and blood vessels, the loss of elasticity of the blood vessels, and the rupture and embolism, which leads to coronary heart disease, hypertension, and myocardiumInfarction, cerebral thrombosis, cerebral hemorrhage, diabetes, hyperemia.

Countries around the world pay a high price each year for treating various diseases.

In the United States alone, $ 259 billion is spent annually on patients and patients who die from coronary heart disease, cardiovascular disease, and stroke.

Cancer is one of the refractory diseases of the contemporary era. “Cure cancer but not cure” and “talk about cancer discoloration” have become the shadow of human beings. The United States is a country with a high incidence of cancer in the world.The rate of increase is as high as $ 110 billion in economic losses to cancer each year.

  The 21st century is an era full of vitality and challenges. Various overloaded pressures and bad living habits directly affect our physical health at the same time, putting many people in a “sub-healthy” state, which has become the focus of attention in the international medical community.

According to a survey report of nearly 10,000 people in China, more than half of the population is in a sub-health state, and most of these populations are between 20-45 years old.

We must ask ourselves, what kind of people do we belong to?

How far is it from disease?

We must learn self-care, self-protection, self-medicine, and timely escape from sub-health.

  Medical experts warn us: The best doctor in the 21st century is you. Investing in health is the same as saving. Investing in health is saving money, and returning to health is money.

Visually explain: health is like a glass ball, no longer feels complete when dropped on the ground, and career, work, and family are like a ball, and you can bounce again when dropped on the ground; meaning that work is not good, and you can have a good body to restartStrive for greater glory.

Without a good body, everything is equal to zero.

These facts prompt us to pay more attention to the relationship between our health and diet.

Traditional methods of treating cancer with food therapy can, in some cases, date back to more than 4000 BC.

In the remote, soy functional factors have been reported in cancer prevention and treatment.

Soy food came into being under this background and flourished. Soy food is a functional and healthy food. Although it does not take effect immediately after consumption, it does have comprehensive, long-term, and stable effects.Drug plasma.

Therefore, the medical and nutritional circles have begun to recognize and study the positive role of soy foods in preventing diseases.

  With the development and progress of science and technology, through comprehensive research on the relationship between biological functional factors and various diseases and daily diseases that are beneficial to human health in soybean food, it has been clearly recognized and accurately positioned.

This has become possible by improving dietary conditions and food composition, giving full play to the physiological regulating role of soybean functional factors, in order to achieve an improvement in human health.

Exercise prescription for people with disease-induced obesity

Exercise prescription for people with disease-induced obesity


Limiting the total speed of the limit helps you understand: substances that supply energy to the body, we call them heat sources, including sugar, sugar, and protein.

Aunt is the heat source of the highest heat source, and the physiologically effective conversion of 1 gram of cockroach in the body is 9 kcal, and the sugar and protein are 4 kcal.


Appropriate amount of trace diet to maintain a moderate amount of traces, there is a certain bias in weight loss.

  Reason: A moderate amount of traces can also cause a feeling of satiety, so that dieters can naturally accept low-dose precipitation without feeling obese.

When the reduction in total content is reduced, it is often accompanied by insufficient intake of inorganic salts and vitamins.

  Therefore, during the weight loss period, you should eat more fresh fruits, vegetables and seafood.

Dietary fiber foods (such as whole wheat products, oats, etc.) have a feeling of fullness without supplying heat, while also reducing absorption, which is the best diet food.


Medium-intensity exercise helps you understand that the way the body can be energized in sports can be divided into two categories: one is anaerobic energy supply, that is, in the case of relatively insufficient oxygen or oxygen supply, mainly relying on ATP, CP to decompose energy andGlycogen anaerobic glycolysis dissolves energy supply (ie, sugar element anaerobic glycolysis).

Type sports can only last for a short time (about l-3 minutes).

All-power running below 800 meters, short-distance sprints are all activities of anaerobic energy supply.

The other type is aerobic energy supply, that is, the energy of exercise mainly comes from aerobic oxidation of glycogen (姨, protein).

Due to the sufficient oxygen supply during exercise, the glycogen can be completely decomposed, releasing a large amount of energy, and thus can continue to delay.

Such sports, such as running over 5,000 meters, swimming above 1500 meters: jogging, walking, disco, ballroom dancing, cycling, Tai Chi, etc. are all such sports.


Appropriate increase in strength training studies shows that with the increase of age, the metabolic rate (RMR) will decrease at a rate of 1-3% year by year, and the decrease of RMR is largely attributed to the decrease of lean body mass (LBW).

The decrease in the body’s RMR level and the decrease in LBW content are all related to insufficient exercise.

This is the basic reason why many people start to bless after middle age.

Note: the elderly wear clothes to avoid three tight

Note: the elderly wear clothes to avoid “three tight”

The neckline is tight: some older people love to wear high-necked clothes or tight-fitting sweaters, sweaters, etc., and some people tie their tie tightly.
This not only affects the heart’s delivery of blood to the head and neck, but is also prone to carotid sinus syndrome.
As the elderly grow older, the strength of the heart beats gradually weakens, the hardening of the blood vessels loses elasticity, and the blood supply to the brain is laborious.
If you add the restraint of the neckline, the burden on the heart will be even heavier.
In addition, the over-tight neckline oppresses the baroreceptor in the carotid sinus of the neck. Through nerve reflex, it causes blood pressure to drop and heartbeat to slow down, causing insufficient blood supply to the brain, headache, dizziness, nausea, and golden eyes.Especially people with high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease, and diabetes are prone to fainting and shock.
  Tight waist: Many trousers sold on the market nowadays, in order to reduce the trouble of wearing a belt, most of them are elastic pants made of elastic band, and when they are put on, the waist is tight and not relaxed.
This tightly wrapped around the waist, young people can bear, the elderly are different, they are more obese, the waist is thicker.
In addition, some elderly people have lumbar muscle strain and lumbar disc herniation and bone hyperplasia. The waist is often painful and uncomfortable. If you put on the pants with too tight waist, the impact on your health will be even greater.
The waist is the backbone of the body, and the tight waist binds the bones and muscles of the waist, which not only affects the blood circulation and nutrient supply there, but also tends to increase the back pain.
In addition, the intestines in the abdominal cavity are tightened so that the intestines cannot digest food by peristalsis.
Especially those who are sick at the waist and have stomach problems, long-wearing pants with tight waists often make the symptoms worse.
  Socks tight: In recent years, the socks produced by the socks factory are mostly tight socks, so as not to slip off.
In fact, the tight socks are very unfavorable to the health of the feet.
Everyone knows that the foot is the “second heart” of human beings and the “fundamentality of human beings”. As the saying goes, “cultivating trees to protect the roots and raising people’s feet” is the truth.
The foot is an important organ of the whole body. There are 206 bones in the whole body, 52 feet on both feet, 66 joints on both feet, 40 muscles and more than 200 ligaments supporting the whole weight of the body.
The tight socks are often tightly attached to the wrists of the feet. It seems that a wall is placed so that the blood of the heart can not flow smoothly to the feet, nor can the blood containing waste on the feet flow to the heart.If the time is long, it will cause swelling of the feet, swelling of the legs, cold feet, pain in the feet, and numbness in the legs and feet, which will increase the process from aging of the legs to aging.

Don’t let panda eyes accompany you to work

Don’t let panda eyes accompany you to work

Roughness, fine lines, and dark circles. These skin wounds that can’t be waved once they are entangled, are the dangers faced by almost every OL suffering from work pressure.

I woke up in the morning and saw the two downcast “Panda eyes” in the mirror.

The foundation is piled layer after layer like a wall, and the effect is still not satisfactory.

I vowed to go to bed early this evening, but I didn’t expect to work overtime until midnight.

Does it feel like you’re talking about yourself?

No way, it seems to be a common problem with OL.

  Don’t believe that body lotion is an eye cream. Believe it or not, just ask the eyebrows around you. The habit of using body lotion as an eye cream is definitely not a few.

In fact, this method is very harmful to the skin around the eyes, because the molecules that make up the nutrients in the lotion are generally not absorbed by the skin around the eyes, and it is easy to produce traces.

The nutrients of macromolecules also easily enlarge the pores around the eye sockets, and the pigmentation of chemicals has become a hotbed for dark circles.

  For the correct method of applying eye cream, use your middle finger to tilt from the “Zhuzhu Point” inside the upper orbital eyebrow and tilt it clockwise to Qingming Point. Repeat five times. The action should be gentle to allow the eye cream to be fully absorbed.

  Nasal problems that cannot be ignored Because of the alternating use of air conditioners, the indoor and outdoor temperatures often differ greatly. Repeated colds can easily cause allergic rhinitis, sinusitis and other nasal diseases.

These seemingly minor problems cause poor blood circulation around the eye sockets, especially when the nose is forced to blow, it will rupture the facial microvessels, and the blood vessels around the eyes will be very fragile. Once ruptured, it will produce purple-black dark circles.Although these dark circles form slowly, they are not easy to eradicate.

  Endocrine changes always pay attention to women before the cycle, pregnancy, and menopause, due to changes in hormone secretion in the body, resulting in deeper skin pigments, eye circles will become more obvious.

Similarly, when we are over fatigued and not rested, the autonomic nerves will be imbalanced, resulting in poor blood circulation, causing the veins in the skin under the orbit to swell, and dark circles appear.

So pay attention to the combination of work and rest, to ensure adequate sleep is particularly important.

  Cold and hot compress plus massage results in a well-balanced diet. Eat more fruits rich in vitamin C, do appropriate aerobic exercise, enhance cardiopulmonary function, promote blood circulation, and help reduce the formation of dark circles.

  In addition to having a healthy lifestyle, we can also use acupoint massage, combined with hot and cold compresses, to effectively drive away dark circles.

Gently massaging the acupuncture points around the eyes can stimulate nerves and promote blood circulation; cold and hot compresses can eliminate venous congestion and eliminate blood vessel exposure.

  The correct method is to wash the face, warm the towel with hot water, and then apply it to the eyes to allow the hot air to guide the blood circulation. When the towel is cooled, immerse it in hot water and replace it; after ten minutes of hot compress, change the cold water for about one minute, Can help blood vessel contraction; after completion, apply eye cream to add moisture.

Is Homosexuality Caused by Parents

Is Homosexuality Caused by Parents

With the rapid development of the economy, the incomes of many families have increased, and the Internet has also risen suddenly. Coupled with the influence of some social factors, students have matured early, and the phenomenon of early love has taken root.

The students who show early love are not necessarily students with unsatisfactory grades, and some are still very good students.

  Most of the parents or teachers pay attention to or forbid the communication between the opposite sex. If they are too repetitive, they will be discouraged by the parents and the teacher will find the way of the personality of both parties until the two seeds of friendship or love go out.

In fact, this approach will not fail to achieve their desired purpose, and further, the child will appear to be excluded or afraid of the opposite sex in choosing a partner.

  Children need idols when they are growing up, especially for adolescent children, which is in a need of human instinct for worship. Many girls like to imitate the walking methods of other beautiful girls, and boys like famous athletes and sports displays.My own strength, in fact, is all due to an instinctive imitation and the desire to be recognized by the same sex and the opposite sex.

  Most parents or teachers often block the problem of early love in general. Instilling how bad the influence of early love on the child is, it will cause the child to have a fear of the opposite sex, and it will also produce a resistance when contacting the opposite sex.

  Children at this age also have this natural need for love, both the need to love others and the need to be loved. Over time, this unrelievable love will naturally favor the same-sex side.In the future, I feel safe with the same sex without being criticized by parents and teachers.

In this case of adolescents’ ability to define gender is not yet strong, gender changes will occur, leading to the emergence of homosexuality in adolescence.

  Regarding the change of adolescent gender orientation, both parents and teachers’ attitudes towards “early love” must be resolved, and the contact between parents and the opposite sex will also affect children subtly.

  How to establish the child’s sexual orientation, the approach to the problem of early love is a question worthy of our consideration.

There are many ways to solve this “early love” problem. Many parents and teachers adopt a tough attitude to solve it, but the results are counterproductive. The child’s early love is actually an expression of normal feelings, sometimes even simple, but it is what we adults want.excessive.

  Therefore, parents must communicate with their children in many ways. They must respect both the child and the child’s feelings. Sometimes the child’s feelings are very strong. Do not override the child and deal with such problems with a reprimand.
  At the same time, we must be honest with him to overcome the responsibilities of both sides of the love, not to hurt the other side, but also to consider the problem from the perspective of the other side, so that the child can understand the parents’ good intentions, and can learn the truth of life from this aspectGrow up slowly.

  Of course, at this stage, the way the child interacts with the opposite sex has been imitating an adult. As a parent, it is first necessary to handle the contact with the opposite sex, so that the child feels that it is normal to contact the opposite sex or the same sex.thing.

  As a parent, we must solve the psychological problems of our children, especially adolescents. We believe that our children’s feelings should not be based on the standards of their parents. The child’s own growth is an irresistible force. Communication and guidance are the only solutions to children.The best way to grow up is also a good medicine to help your child truly mature!

Beach Swimming Fitness Tips

Beach Swimming Fitness Tips

1. You should swim in the sea area with lifeguards on duty, follow the instructions and do not exceed the warning line.

  2. Playing at the seaside. Do not rely on inflatable buoys (such as swimming laps, floating beds, etc.) to assist swimming. In the event of discouragement, there is no obstacle and it is easy to cause drowning.

  3, swimming in the sea, because it is moving water, there are currents, waves, different from the swimming pool, it needs doubled endurance and physical strength to reach the same distance, so you can not overestimate your swimming ability, it will not cause misfortune.

  4. It is forbidden to swim alone to avoid accidents.

  5. In the sea, if there is bleeding from skin injury, you should go ashore immediately. 6. When someone is drowning, you should shout or call 110 for assistance. You have not learned to save life on the water.event.
  7, the seaside lifeguards are wearing yellow under red clothing.

If you see the white cabin on the beach and the yellow and red flagpoles next to it, you can be sure that it is a lifesaving station and the lifeguard is on duty.

If the flagpole is closed, it means that the lifeguard is not on duty.

At the same time, the life-saving station also has a warning sign. If the red flag is inserted, it is a warning to everyone that the sea wind is strong and it is not suitable for swimming.