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Is your hydration method used correctly?


Is your hydration method used correctly?

What is the most important maintenance step for the skin during the whole day in the air-conditioned room?

Of course it’s hydrating!

However, in order to saturate the skin, many crushes take hydrating sprays daily and spray them from time to time. This is actually incorrect!

  If you want to replenish your skin, you must not step into these wrong areas: Misunderstanding one, oily skin does not need rehydration. Do not think that oily skin does not need rehydration. Separate dry skin, oily skin needs rehydration.

Under normal circumstances, when the oily skin is severely secreted, it also indicates that the internal skin is very dehydrated. The reason is that if the internal skin is dehydrated again, the skin will continuously secrete oil to lock water. It can be seen that oily skin isNeed more water.

  Hydration Misunderstanding 2: Hydrating and Moisturizing at the Same Time Many people think of hydrating and moisturizing as the same thing for skin care, but they are actually different at the same time.

Hydrating is to replenish the water required by the skin’s stratum corneum cells, thereby improving the circulation of the skin cells to achieve the purpose of moisturizing the skin.

Moisture can prevent water loss and cannot fundamentally solve the problem of skin dehydration.

  Hydration Misunderstanding 3: Moisturizing sprays spend too much time in the air-conditioned room, and the skin often gets dry. Many MMs also develop the habit of carrying a bottle of spray with them. When the skin is dry, take out a spray.

However, the moisturizing spray can only temporarily replenish the skin’s lack of moisture. If it is used too much, it will not even achieve the effect of hydrating, but it will make the skin dehydrated.

  Hydration Misunderstanding 4: Hydrating is only needed at night. Many MMs are accustomed to doing work for the skin at night, but the best hydration time is in the early morning.

The reason is that between 12 pm and 2 am, the skin metabolism is at its peak, but it is not the best time to rehydrate.

Because people usually evaporate about 200 ml of water during sleep, when they wake up in the morning, the skin is in a state of physiological dehydration. At this time, it is best to do hydration, and the skin’s absorption is also the best.

Autumn throat sore drinking honeysuckle red date tea

Autumn throat sore drinking honeysuckle red date tea

It is easy to get angry after the fall, and the throat is often painful. In addition to stewing rock sugar pear, you may wish to make a cup of honeysuckle and red date tea.

Honeysuckle has been known as a good medicine for clearing heat and detoxifying. Ganhan clears heat without hurting the stomach. A cup of honeysuckle red jujube tea exudes the smell of grass, medicine, jujube and sweetness. It not only has a comfortable throat, but also has a pleasant mood.

Honeysuckle and jujube tea ingredients: 7 grams of honeysuckle tea, 10 grams of red dates, 3 grams of rind, 2 grams of licorice, 10 grams of wolfberry, rock sugar, and water. Method: 1. Wash the honeysuckle and rind with water and soak in waterAbout 10 minutes; 2. Add licorice and Chinese wolfberry, add red dates and rock sugar, stir well and let stand for half an hour; 2. Pour into a saucepan, cover, and simmer for about 40 minutes at high temperature.Get involved in one click.

First, honeysuckle can release wind and heat and clear blood poisoning. Honeysuckle is also known as honeysuckle. Honeysuckle is a commonly used traditional Chinese medicine with a long history. It was first published in “Special Records of Famous Doctors” and has been famous for its wide medicinal value since ancient times.

Honeysuckle has coldness, sweetness, enters the lungs, heart, and stomach meridians. It has the effects of clearing heat and detoxifying, anti-inflammatory, and tonicing wind, treating the symptoms of swelling, fever, fever, dysentery, and tumors.Dizziness, dry mouth, thirsty, sweaty and upset, acute mastitis, sepsis, appendicitis and other complications all have certain effects.

With Forsythia, Banlangen Fried Honeysuckle Decoction can treat mumps; Honeysuckle Tea can relieve heat and bright eyes; Forsythia Honeysuckle Cool Decoction can treat exogenous fever and cough.

At the same time, boil honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, lisianthus and licorice for 10 minutes with boiling water. When it is cool, drink it, and it can treat sore throat and tonsillitis.

Modern research proves that honeysuckle contains pharmacologically active ingredients such as chlorogenic acid and luteolin, and has inhibitory effects on various pathogenic bacteria such as hemolytic streptococcus, staphylococcus aureus and pathogenic virus of upper respiratory tract infection.In addition, it can enhance immunity, protect the liver, anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic.

In autumn, it is easy to dry and get angry, and the throat is dry and painful. At this time, a cup of herbal tea with honeysuckle, licorice, eustoma and other hot flowers can make the throat more comfortable.

Second, honeysuckle and mountain honeysuckle have different benefits. Honeysuckle is one of the 70 precious medicinal materials identified by the State Council and one of the 38 precious Chinese medicinal materials that are under the state’s key management. It is widely used in traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions, and people often drink herbal tea in daily life.It also contains honeysuckle.

According to media reports in the past, some merchants use mountain honeysuckle instead of honeysuckle. The 2010 edition of the “Pharmacopoeia” made strict regulations on honeysuckle, that is, chlorogenic acid cannot be substituted.

5%, containing geniposide must not be incorporated into 0.


The mountain silver flower contains chlorogenic acid though it is up to 2.

0%, but due to the main medicinal ingredient “Luteolin” content is almost zero.

In general, due to the increased production of mountain silver flower, the price is also relatively cheap. When buying honeysuckle, consumers should be careful not to buy mountain silver flower and lose benefits.

Faced with heart disease white-collar workers should have countermeasures

Faced with “heart disease” white-collar workers should have countermeasures

Competition and competition in the workplace is not only a battle of abilities, but also a battle of psychology.
Why are some talents so overwhelming but not proud of the workplace?
Why are some people discouraged after a little frustration?
These are all caused by the confusion of psychological factors — you must guard against “heart disease” in the workplace!
  The health standard of modern people is no longer just whether the limbs are healthy and whether the physiology is normal, but also whether the mental health is healthy.
Without a good state of psychological competition, it is impossible to achieve professional ideals.
At present, with the increasing pressure of employment, psychological problems in employment have also attracted more and more attention.
  ”Age of panic disorder”: The patient is not just a middle-aged white-collar worker. Ms. Zhang Zhang has entered a foreign company after graduating from university. Her youth and high salary have always been envied.
Today, more than 10 years later, her mood is beginning to be heavy and she has to worry about her future.
She thought of a stable job for a state-owned enterprise or agency, but almost all recruitment conditions required “under 35 years of age.”
Middle-aged white-collar workers, such as Ms. Zhang, who suffer from panic due to age, are not a minority. They suffer from “age panic disorder”.
  It’s not just middle-aged white-collar workers who suffer from this symptom.
Now many employers even require candidates to be under the age of 30 when recruiting, and the talent market has more new recruits every year, so some young people also start to worry about getting old.
The more you do this, the more nervous you become, and the mental age really becomes unknowingly.
These people often feel fatigued, sluggish, less energetic, less adaptable, often in a state of anxiety, irritability, boredom, and helplessness, and feel tired to live.
   Countermeasures: “Age panic disorder” is a psychological phenomenon and a social phenomenon.
We should firmly believe that this kind of non-objective and unscientific “age-only theory” existing in society will one day change it.
If you don’t want to wait until that day, change yourself, relax, learn more, and “charge” yourself. This is the most important thing.
As long as you work hard, you will usher in the second spring of your career.
  职业“迷茫症”:许多人都会经历的自我发展困惑    在一个人的职业生涯中,至少有四个时期容易陷入“认不清发展道路”的迷茫之中:   第一个时期是14-22岁At this stage, people assume the dual roles of student and job applicant.
The main question is: who am I?
what can I do?
The main reason for confusion is a lack of confidence and social experience.
   The second period is 22-28 years old. At this stage, people have entered the field of work, gradually learned about society, and established a preliminary network of relationships.
After working for a period of time, I began to re-evaluate everything around me, such as the working environment, occupation type, treatment, etc., to match my “career dream”.
The main question is: ideal does not match reality, do I have to choose again?
The main reason for confusion is that the individual’s development goals are inconsistent with the status of the unit and the opportunities provided.
   The third period is 28-35 years old. This is an important stage of personal career development. People at this stage have accumulated rich experience and their talents can be used to a certain extent. They are laying the foundation for promotion or entering other professional fields.
The main question is: why have I been doing nothing for so many years?
The main reason for confusion is frustration at work and dissatisfaction with current work.
  The fourth period is 35-45 years old. At this stage, people begin to re-evaluate the value of their careers. It is a period prone to career crisis.
The main question is: what should I do in the years to come?
The reason why they are confused is because they have a wealth of life experience, they have a deeper understanding of the limitations of life and the impermanence of the world, so it is difficult to make a rush decision about where to go in the future.
  Countermeasures: People have different goals and needs at different stages. When the career is confused, it is very important to understand what they need.
This requires a calm analysis and objective judgment of the situation, as well as the courage, confidence and determination to overcome the current temporary difficulties and strive for a better future.
    “自我强迫症”:为追求完美所付出的代价   患者大脑里反复出现某种念头或反复做一些刻板的动作,而患者本人也认为这种念头或动作没有必要,为此十分苦恼,有强烈摆脱Desire, but can’t help it.
75% of patients start before the age of 30, and how slowly they start can affect patients’ quality of life and work ability to varying degrees.
   Common obsessive-compulsive symptoms are: 1.Force suspicion of yourself: Repeated doubts about the correctness of your words and deeds, knowingly unnecessary but still not diminishing.

If you are doubtful whether the door is locked when you go out, check again and again, and you still have to go back downstairs.


Obsessive compulsive thinking: Thinking repeatedly about some natural phenomena in daily life, knowing that it lacks meaning, but cannot control itself.


Forced association: When an idea or a sentence comes to mind, it can’t help but think of another idea or sentence.


Compulsive intention: Repeatedly experiencing a strong inner impulse to do something that is contrary to one’s expectations, knowing that this is ridiculous and impossible, but it cannot be performed.

   Patients are mostly related to their own personalities. For example, they require themselves to high standards, pursue perfection in their work, and repeatedly test afterwards, demanding details.

They are too self-restrained, self-conscious and too cautious.

Therefore, they are often worried, nervous and distressed.

In addition, the disease is also related to heredity, changes in biochemical substances in the body, and certain structural changes in the brain.

   Solution: If it is only related to personality and psychological factors, then it will have a good effect to try to enhance self-reform ability.

You must learn to relax in your work, open your mind, be cheerful, and give up things that you cannot pursue.

If this is difficult to do, ask a psychiatrist for help in time.

    The competition in the workplace is the competition of “hardware”, but also the competition of “software”.

Unfortunately, it is often only concerned with the creation of “hardware” (such as training certifications that bloom everywhere), and the above builds a sound psychological state for people, relieves mental illness, and improves the “emotional intelligence” quality.

In fact, a good psychological quality is an indispensable foundation for a career. Without the “heart disease” in the workplace, everyone in the workplace can really “put down the burden and start the machine.”

Office is artificially beautiful

Office is “artificially beautiful”

Once upon a time, “artificial beauty” began to become the hottest word in fashion and beauty, and now this trend has gradually penetrated into the workplace.
“White-collar beauty” began to become more and more popular in the office. In order to walk more confidently and more attractively on the professional road, white-collar workers are increasingly looking to the gates of beauty and plastic hospitals. What a beautiful face is todayWhat kind of position does the workplace occupy, and how many job seekers are swept up by this beautiful trend?
The Workplace Guide will unveil the “office beauty”.
  Face change: “Advanced beauty salon before entering the job fair” Recently, Xiao Ai, who was near the senior year, went to the beauty salon to perform a face change operation called mandibular angle plastic surgery.
Her original round face suddenly thinned down and surprised many people. When talking about the reason of “painful determination to plastic surgery”, Xiao Ai said that during the junior year, some state agencies came to her school in advance to recruitHowever, Xiao Ai ‘s BabyFace always made her interviews end in failure. After learning from experience, she felt that she could not let similar results repeat in the senior year, so she was determined to make a big change in her face shape.
Since “the process of finding a job was originally a full-time job,” she was the first step for her job.
  As the competition for graduation among college students is becoming more and more fierce, many students not only work hard on resumes, clothes and photos, but also many people want to fundamentally change themselves.
The cosmetic program they choose is basically focused on the facial features such as double eyelids, face shape, and rhinoplasty.
  When applying for plastic surgery, college students often consider the overall effect and require improvements in some areas they think are defective.
“Advanced beauty salon before entering the job fair” has become the consensus of many college graduates.
Investing in your own image is like investing in your own future. It is not a matter of covering up. On the contrary, some students will gather to discuss the details of cosmetic surgery.
It seems that college students are no longer so far away from plastic surgery.
  Transformation: “My image represents the company’s image.” Mr. Qiao, as the manager of the client department, is gradually expanding due to his usual busy entertainment, and it seems to exceed the company’s alert standards.
So, manager Qiao chose to walk into the cosmetic surgery clinic and began his acupuncture treatment to lose weight.
Manager Joe is one of the few men who walks into the beauty salon.
According to the data provided by Yan’ai Hospital, the ratio of male and female plastic surgery is about 1:50, and there are even more elite men among men.
  At present, many companies have necessary considerations for the image of their managers, especially in some public relations, negotiation and personnel, customer management positions.
These positions often have high requirements for the temperament and interpersonal skills of the practitioners, and the image plays an undeniable role.
In order to better meet the requirements of promotion, many middle and high-level managers have also begun to put their body shape and image on an important position.
They often use the “curve to save the country” method, instead of directly performing major surgery on the body, they often use body shaping, weight loss, and some traditional Chinese medicine to perfect their image.
Especially acupuncture and injection methods are generally favored by this group.
They must not only keep their image and vitality, but also do not want their colleagues who are familiar with it to notice the change. Most importantly, the purpose of changing their image is not to be young or mature, but to enjoy work, bring self-confidence, and become their professionAdded value of quality.
  Whitening: “Impressive” Awen’s teeth have always been plagued by color. Due to tobacco and alcohol and some carbonated drinks, his teeth have been pigmented. Although not very obvious, he is close to the customer.The exchange was clear at a glance.
His occupation is sales. Although his previous performance has been good, if he wants to go to the next level, he must further improve his own conditions, so Arvin is determined to solve his dental problems.
He is undergoing a new cold light whitening operation.
  In fact, not only sales, but also teachers and service industries are very important.
In modern workplaces, people’s concern for their image has also begun to move from the whole to the details.
The teeth are not white enough and don’t seem to matter.
In fact, it often has incredible charm, and the first impression of meeting often starts with a smile.
Having a white tooth has begun to become the consensus of almost all white-collar and gray-collar workers in the workplace.
Some people who were born in the 1970s and have a period of tetracycline teeth branded by the times, are more and more aware of the embarrassment caused by the image of the teeth, especially when visiting customers, whether talking or looking down,This appeal has become a new indicator of workplace ability.
And because of long-term smoking, many people’s teeth are also facing the risk of “discoloration”.
Therefore, the tooth whitening programs in various beauty salons have recently been welcomed by more and more employees.
  [Expert Advice]专家 Several experts from Ren’ai Hospital and Long March Cosmetology and Plastic Hospital have put forward some relevant suggestions for the current “white-collar beauty fever”.
The key to image beauty in the workplace is an overall harmonious beauty. Don’t flood it.
Cosmetic surgery is just like dressing. It requires tailoring.
For example, the cosmetic effect of facial features depends not only on commensurate with other parts of the face, but also on harmony with body shape, hair, and so on.It must also be commensurate with my identity and occupation.

For some occupations, it is not necessary to change the original facial features. Some additional modifications can be made to achieve a cosmetic effect.


For some practitioners whose work has been quite stable, it is more prudent to choose plastic surgery.

The final decision of plastic surgery must be based on the technical conditions of the hospital, my economic foundation and the working environment.

It must also be reminded that if you choose a large hospital that must be away from plastic surgery, because these hospitals are fully equipped with medical equipment and are strictly performed in accordance with surgical procedures, the qualifications of doctors are equal to the certification of the health authority, and the final quality can be guaranteed.


Make use of holidays for beauty.

Although the May Day holiday has passed, there are still many holidays that can be used.

Because many of the current operations are minimally invasive, the recovery is faster, basically the stitching time will not be more than a Tuesday, and some wrinkle removal projects do not even require sick leave time. Selecting holidays does not affect work, but can fullyrest.

Career advisors help reduce workplace stress

Career advisors help reduce workplace stress

Professional management consultant Paul puts forward 7 key points to ensure that he is hired.


Actively welcoming change Paul said that one of his customers, K, was the second-highest in a department of a major telecommunications company in the United States. His boss was promoted. K was full of thought that he had been promoted.position.

  K passively resists and does not cooperate everywhere, making the department’s operation rigid.

As a result, although the new boss appreciated K’s talents and intentionally handed over the department’s new plan to K, but because the cooperative relationship between K and other colleagues had been destroyed, the company had to cut K in the end.

  In the expectation of rapid market changes, change is already the norm. Although high stability is the essence of human beings, since change is inevitable and accompanied by negative resistance, it is better to welcome change.


Letting people see their existence and working well but nobody knows will greatly reduce your employment promotion opportunities inside and outside the company.

When you have the opportunity to express opinions and make oral reports in front of the company’s senior management, you should do more preparations to show your ability appropriately.

Outside the company, you should take advantage of some speaking opportunities or serve as a professional group officer to let people outside the company know you.


Actively manage your own business Paul says, “Manage what you can manage.

“Whether you can maintain your current job may not be under your control, but whether you can make yourself a market value is definitely something you can control; passively letting the market determine your prospects is worse than taking the initiative to meet the challenges.It is to manage your own business, regularly restore your position in the company and the labor market, and whether the skills you have are now and in the future required by the market.


Be flexible. Don’t be limited by any job description. Think it’s not your responsibility. A new job allows you to come into contact with new things and learn new skills and knowledge, thereby increasing your overall employability.


If you have specialized skills, you must have a seat in the labor market. Professional skills are also essential, but your specialized skills must keep pace with the times.

For example, in some leading international organizations, the head of the human resources department is responsible for mergers and acquisitions.

However, in the past, the work of the personnel department was mostly in daily affairs management such as recruitment, wages and benefits.


The reason why the customer is able to survive depends on the customer’s support. The reason why your job exists is because the customer needs this service.

Stop thinking about what services you provide, think about what your customers need, what work they need to extend, and you can explain what value-added services you provide.

As long as you can provide services that ultimately meet customer needs, you naturally have market value.


Maintain a good relationship network. If you are looking for a job through a newspaper job advertisement, you are faced with thousands of breakdowns. If you are looking for a job through your network, for example, your old boss needs to hire an assistant, then youThe opponent may be just a few people, or even no opponent at all.

The difference between the two success rates has increased significantly, so why bother competing with a dozen or more people for a position.

How to Condition Spleen Deficiency-Ten Food Recipes

How to regulate spleen deficiency?

Ten Food Therapies for Spleen Supplementation

How to regulate spleen deficiency?

The spleen deficiency is one of the common diseases. The weakness of the spleen and stomach is mainly manifested by loss of appetite and weakness of the whole body. Especially in the afternoon, the whole body is tender, the tongue is thick and yellow and greasy.

There are many causes of spleen deficiency, so what should we do?

How to regulate spleen deficiency?

Here are ten diet therapies for you to take a look at.

  1. Previous rice porridge: 50 grams of previous rice and 10 grams of raisins. Cook the previous rice to nine maturity with the right amount of water. Add raisins and simmer until they are thin.

  2. Soak 10g of shiitake and beef soup and 30g of lean beef. Wrap the noodles with noodles first. After the soup is boiled, add the shiitake mushrooms, and then dial the beef slices.

  3, fried beef tripe, shredded potato, cooked beef tripe, 50g shredded, potatoes (potato) 80g, shredded, washed with surface water to wash off the surface starch, add hot spring onion and crushed garlic after the pan is heated, so as to shred potatoStir-fry, add the proper amount of beef broth and salt, MSG, and potato shreds.

  4. Two servings of fresh lentils with lentils stuffing, one serving of chicken, minced, add salt, monosodium glutamate, fresh ginger juice, and pepper water to make a filling. Use wheat flour to make the skin.Steam for 20 minutes.

  5, lily porridge lily, lotus seeds, barley each amount, with porridge, add rock sugar or sugar to taste.

  6, chestnut porridge chestnut meat 20?
30 grams, 100 grams of rice, cook together, season with sugar or oil and salt.

  7, Litchi porridge pitted dried litchi 5?
15 pieces of rice, 100 grams of rice, with porridge, add sugar to eat.

  8. Litchi Huaishan lotus seed porridge 50 grams of dried lychee meat, Huai yam, lotus seeds 10 grams each (mashed), soften, add 100 grams of rice, cook porridge and eat.

  9, ginkgo barley rice water shelled white nuts 8?
12 capsules, 60 grams of indica rice, boiled with water and seasoned with rock sugar or sugar.

  10, ginkgo steamed eggs open 1 small hole in 1 egg, put 2 shelled ginkgo, seal the small hole with paper, put it in the dish and steam it for oral use.

Served several times a day.

Pomegranate pain relief supplement is easy

Pomegranate pain relief supplement is easy

Abdominal pain is a common symptom that can occur in a variety of diseases, with different causes and different treatment methods. Pomegranate peel antibacterial and antiviral pomegranate is very common as medicine.

Pomegranate seeds, pomegranate leaves, pomegranate flowers, and pomegranate roots can be used as medicine. However, the most commonly used part of pomegranate is the pomegranate skin.

In ancient and modern medical books, there are many prescriptions for treating Jiujia, Jiujia, blood in the stool, prolapse of the anus, slippery spermatozoa, leaking, taking off, abdominal pain caused by worms, and mange.

For example, in the “Pu Ji Fang”, the long-stagnant stagnation of the gods is scattered, and only the dried pomegranate skin is used as the fine powder, and washed with rice soup.Angelica sinensis, Ejiao, and Artemisia sylvestris decoction.

Others, such as Qian Qian Fang, used it to cure the blood before and after defecation, and used it to cure anal prolapse in “Medical Notes”, and it was difficult to describe the use of it in the “Elbow Behind” to cure malignant sores.Recognition.

  Modern pharmacological studies suggest that the isocarpene contained in pomegranate peels has a very strong killing effect on pinworms. Using pomegranate chloride of 1: 10000 can kill pinworms within 5-10 minutes.

It contains a large number of antibiotics with a wide range of antibacterial and antiviral effects, and has significant inhibitory effects on Staphylococcus aureus, hemolytic streptococcus, influenza, Vibrio cholerae, various skin fungi and influenza viruses.

According to this stage, some modern doctors use pomegranate peel decoction for bacterial dysentery, amoebic dysentery, enteritis, bile duct infection, acute and chronic bronchitis, lung infection, chronic appendicitis, lymphadenitis, multiple bloated, traumaIn the treatment of infection, otitis media, etc., the results are satisfactory.

It is also used in some areas of the south to prevent rice dermatitis.

  The cause of abdominal pain needs to be identified first. However, as a common symptom, abdominal pain can occur in a variety of diseases. The causes are different and the treatment methods are different.

If abdominal pain is caused by worm buildup, the cure method is deworming and analgesia; stagnation of abdominal pain, digestion and stagnation; spleen disease, diarrhea caused by abdominal pain, astringent bowel to stop diarrhea, sterilization and diarrhea; obstructed abdominal pain, can be qiPain relief; cold evil attacks and pain, should be moderate and cold.

In short, the situation of abdominal pain is more complicated, and even some of them are acute abdomen (such as appendicitis, intestinal obstruction, etc.) and require surgery.

Do not be paralyzed when the cause is unknown, let alone pomegranate treatment.

The correct way is to go to the hospital for confirmation and ask a doctor for treatment.

Eating peanuts in moderation is good for your health

Eating peanuts in moderation is good for your health

The tide of obesity fear that occurred in the 1990s drove people out of the dining table.

But now people’s demand for peanuts has begun to grow and has reached the highest level in 20 years.

Because the latest research finds that people have misunderstood the nutritional content of peanuts in the past, more and more doctors now recommend eating peanuts to maintain heart health.


hzh {display: none; }  花生有营养又能减肥——炸花生米、花生酱,甚至带有花生碎屑的蛋糕,都受到美国人的喜爱。  Americans love peanuts again. The United States is a big producer of peanuts, but in the 1990s, out of fear of obesity, Americans abandoned peanuts out of their tables.

Because they think that the content of peanuts is too high.

Nutritionists point out that the trace content of peanuts accounts for about 30% -39% of total nutrition, while corn with higher trace content in plant foods only has about 4%.

  In the tide of obesity in the 1990s, when Americans switched to low-fat foods, the consumption of peanut butter and peanut snacks plummeted.

In order to change this situation, the peanut industry has carried out in-depth research on the impact of peanuts on human health. The results of the study show that peanuts are actually a kind of food that is beneficial to people.

After eliminating people’s misconceptions about peanuts, the consumption of peanuts rose to nearly 1.7 billion pounds last year, compared to 1.5 billion pounds in the previous year.

  In 2003-2004, the consumption of peanut snacks climbed to 4.

1.5 billion pounds, a record high since the 1990s.

Peanut butter consumption has soared from 700 million pounds in the 1990s to 900 million pounds.

Diane, executive director of the Georgia Peanut Commission.

  ”In the past, moms let us eat peanuts and peanut butter.

We now know that mothers are doing the right thing.

However, in order to make it clear that peanuts are just harmful or beneficial to humans, many researchers and universities have expended this research.

“How to eat peanuts to re-nutrition?

-Peanuts are rich in nutrition and comprehensive. They are a good and economical source of protein. They replace monounsaturated fatty acids, contain no impurities, contain stacked fibers, and are a natural low sodium food.

Vitamin E, folic acid, nicotinic acid, B1, magnesium, potassium, copper, zinc, and iron in peanuts have many essential micronutrients, which have a good effect on lowering blood lipids, preventing cardiovascular disease, diabetes and related cancers, while helping to control weightAnd reduce obesity.

  Therefore, peanuts and peanut butter are the most popular foods in the United States. Even people who are vegetarian or want to reduce their meat consumption often eat peanuts.

US Olympic Diving Champion Kriging.

Luo Jia Nisi said, “Peanuts are the food of the champion.”

  In the past 10 years, when peanuts were no longer loved by people, consumers in the United States began to look to vitamin E, nicotinic acid, thiamine (vitamin B1), riboflavin, vitamin B6, and minerals likeCopper, phosphorus, potassium, zinc and magnesium.

These nutrients are also a good food source for fiber and protein.

Peanuts also contain a small amount of resveratrol, which is an antioxidant and is also found in red wine.

Men’s flower heart is more of a psychological problem

Men’s “flower heart” is more of a psychological problem

Modern popular proverb says: ten men and nine flowers, one does not spend poor health.

The words are very humorous, but the second half of the sentence is a bit wrong, because a man with a poor body can spend his heart, but he has insufficient energy to spare.
In fact, it should be a man with ten flowers. Even if his body is too poor to move, there will always be passion and fantasy in the mind.
  Love hormones are addictive. Psychology believes that many men like to continue to make new loves like Ni Zhen, also for their physical reasons.
  After research, psychologists found that there is a special kind of person in the crowd, that is, people who are “addicted” to love hormones such as dopamine and oxytocin.
Such people, once the levels of hormones such as oxytocin in the back of the body have subsided, they will find new sources of stimulation again to enjoy the extreme pleasure and excitement caused by the high secretion of hormones. This is what we usually call flowery, old and new.people.
  Love preservation period is only one and a half years. Psychological research found that love preservation period is only 18 months.
Ni Zhen has no love for Zhou Huimin and naturally will have love for others.
  Neuroendocrinology has found that love between men and women is triggered by three chemical substances in the brain, dopamine, phenethylamine, and posterior oxytocin.
When men and women first developed love, these three chemicals burst out at the same time, making people’s heart beat faster, palms sweating, passionate, extremely joyful, and unable to stop.
  However, after a period of time, the phenomenon of rapid heartbeat and sweating of the palms will no longer occur, and the time of watching each other will be less than before; the intensity of hugging will be less than that at the beginning.
This is why-because over time, the human body will gradually produce an antifresh antibody to these 3 chemicals; after a period of time, the effects of these 3 chemicals will disappear,The freshness of time will gradually disappear, and then the emotional blending will be replaced.
  “花心”更多是心理问题  “花心”的人表面看起来好像和道德有关,但如果深究其行为形成的原因会发现:他(她)在原生态家庭中的抚养人、父母亲对其的态度, Emotion and behavior.
Desiring to be noticed by many people In the practice of psychological counseling, I often find “fathers of tigers” who do not understand parent-child education and cultivate “dogs”.
Because the father is too good, he naturally has higher hopes for his son; and because he is too good, he usually does not praise the child easily.
In this way, the child unfortunately lost his father when he was a child. This is the objective evaluation of the most important person in the process of establishing a sense of self-worth. This will make the child no matter how bright it is in the eyes of outsiders, but the inner self-worthFeeling is very low.
  If a person with low self-worth is difficult to obtain a sense of accomplishment through normal channels, it is likely that they will make trouble by other side-track methods, such as Ni Zhen’s pursuit of women, to attract people’s attention.
Eager to conquer and protect the nature of a man, because of the role of androgens, it is eager to conquer others and protect the weak.
If he is weak and “protected” by a woman, then in his subconscious mind, there must be a strong power to break free from the palm of the rescuer.
  As he grows older and more mature, as a man, Ni Zhen begins to long for himself as a strong man, and resents the protection of others.
Conquering a new girl and being admired by the little girl gave him great psychological satisfaction.
Some “flower hearts” are actually mental illnesses. Psychologists have summarized the reasons for the “flower hearts” person’s psychology for the following reasons: When he or she was a child, he did not get the protection he deserved, the care and selfless care.
But it is “false love in the name of love”, such as control, possession, jealousy.
Huaxin people are empty inside, like a magnetic bottomless black hole. They constantly need to be filled with external things or things, but they are always filled with dissatisfaction.
It has nothing to do with a person’s status, money, or reputation, but these external conditions will create more opportunities to constantly change people.
The fancy people don’t know exactly what they want-they feel insecure and worry about the future.
The fancy person lacks self-confidence and self-esteem, and lacks inner strength.
People who are careless don’t want to take responsibility for others, and adopt evasive behavior. Constant change is another evasion.
  The fancy people want everything.
People who care about their hearts always want more praise, respect, recognition and affirmation.
  F.People who care about wanting to get everything, refuse to let go, and keep chasing the so-called “better”.


Huaxin people have not been “weaned” psychologically, have not been cut off and their parents ‘“ spiral umbilical cord ”, have not yet completed the growth of psychological age, and become a truly independent and mature person.


Huaxin people suffer from mental illness, because the childhood psychological trauma in the original ecological family has not been treated in time, which is a psychological error area often ignored by parents and family members.

These traumas have always been accompanied by flowery people, relying on such behavioral defense methods to allow themselves to gain false self-confidence and dignity, with a thicker and harder metal mask walking helplessly in the long river of life, walking confused.
  Middle-aged crisis is a catalyst for “flower heart” Ni Zhen said in a breakup letter that he encountered a “middle-aged crisis”. His search for new love may be to prove that he is still a strong performer.

  Psychology finds that middle age is a new and important stage in personal self-evaluation.

When people reach middle age, they will always say to themselves, “I still have a chance-” “Can I still-” If the career development is still in place, the younger generation will gradually catch up with or even surpass themselves, and will feel not in the heart, selfValues start to falter; if there is any unsatisfaction in life, it will aggravate self-doubt and loss, and surround the depression.

  Ni Zhen’s career has been full of ups and downs, “YES!

”Business, employees ca n’t get a salary, and they are often collected by people; his health magazine“ Life Force ”, which is the chief editor, cannot be published as scheduled, and the sales volume is not ideal;, For the “Sing Tao Daily” column, wrote only three months suddenly stopped writing and so on.

  Psychology believes that in the middle-aged crisis, people always unconsciously seek new breakthroughs to affirm their own value and seek new meaning in life.

And Ni Zhen’s new love may have a subconscious meaning to seek a breakthrough.

  Moral cultivation and control “Hua Xin” From a psychological point of view, men’s “Hua Xin” has its physical and psychological roots. That is to say, people have this situation in nature, but in the process of socialization, People will slowly be assimilated by factors such as social norms and morals. That is to say, character and morals can control men’s “irreverence.”

  In a test of psychological research in the United States, when asked “How many lovers do you expect in your life?”, Men answered an average of eighteen or nine, while women answered four or five.

In other words, “flower heart” is a more common psychological and physiological phenomenon, but why many people have a thief and no courage, so that “out of bounds” in society is not a universal phenomenon-it lies in the power of moral cultivation.

  If a person with insufficient moral cultivation surrounds “love”, the burst of love hormones is shockingly simple and passionate; but if he is a married person or a person who has been affectionate like Ni Zhen, his brain “will tend to avoid harm”The positive feedback mechanism will immediately start, promoting the sense of responsibility and the generation of moral power to calm down the love hormones and make people return to reason.

  The reason why Ni Zhen committed “wrong things” with “simple mind” is because his moral cultivation is insufficient, and the psychological energy he generates is not enough to calm the passion.

Do you drink water for health or disease?

Do you drink water for health or disease?

Water is the source of life.

Therefore, we attach great importance to the role of water.

But, is that simple water, do you know how much science is implied?

Do you know how to drink water is scientific?

Do you know that drinking water can cure a disease?

Now let’s take a look at professional drinking water knowledge.


hzh{display:none;}  一、解答你喝水的12个疑问:  1。
What water to drink

  Fresh straight drinking water is the best choice.

The presence of chloroform in boiled water is very harmful to the human body.

The natural state water comes after multi-layer purification treatment. The microorganisms in the water have been killed in the purification. The calcium and magnesium elements in the water are very good for your health.

Studies have shown that hard water containing calcium, magnesium and other elements can prevent cardiovascular disease.

  Try to avoid drinking distilled water as often as possible (generally distilled water is too acidic, which is easy to hurt the body, and even more harmful to people with weak kidneys). Choose high-quality mineral water.

The best is boiled mountain spring. If you can, only alkaline water is the best for the human body; otherwise, it is not necessary to cook it after drinking in a household water filter.

In general, it is better to drink than not drink without choice!


What temperature is best?

  Some people like to drink ice water in the refrigerator after getting up in the morning, which is the most refreshing.

In fact, drinking such water in the morning is inappropriate, because the perfusion has been emptied at this time, and the cold or hot water will irritate the stomach and cause gastrointestinal upset.

Drink water in the morning. It is best to drink the same boiled water as indoors. When it is cold, you can drink warm boiled water to minimize the stimulation to the body.

Studies have found that boiled water cooled to 20–25 ° C after boiling has specific biological activity, it is easier to penetrate cell membranes, and can promote metabolism and enhance the body’s immune function.

Those who are accustomed to drinking warm and cold water have higher deoxygenase activity in the body, a better metabolism, and a reduction in lactic acid accumulation in muscle tissue, making them less susceptible to fatigue.

Be sure to cover when you boil the water the night before, because the boiled water will lose its activity if exposed to the air for too long.


How much water do you drink?

  A healthy person should drink at least 7-8 glasses of water (about 2.

5 liters), when the amount of exercise or hot weather, the amount of drinking water will increase accordingly.

Waking up early in the morning is a crucial time for your body to rehydrate, and then drinking 300 ml of water is the best.

Although water is very important to the human body, especially in some special occasions, such as when you have a cold, you really need to add more water after exercising, but drinking water is by no means the better.

Drinking too much water for a long time may lead to long-term overload in Nigeria and prone to kidney damage.

For some special groups, such as patients with heart failure and patients with renal failure, if they drink too much water, they may increase the burden on the heart and hypertension, resulting in aggravated conditions. Therefore, how much water should be consumed by such people should be based on the condition.Hear specific advice from your doctor.

In addition, in summer and summer, a lot of water is consumed while sweating, and symptoms such as weakness, headache, vomiting, and dazzling repeatedly occur, that is, “water poisoning”.

Therefore, the blood in the blood is constantly increasing and the salt is continuously lost or the concentration is reduced. Hypotonic dehydration causes the cells to edema, which leads to the above-mentioned series of symptoms. In severe cases, cerebral cell hypoxia and brain cell edema due to blood replacement will appear soonNervous symptoms such as headache, vomiting, drowsiness, slowing breathing and heartbeat, and even coma, smoking until life-threatening.

Therefore, do not drink too much water.

For ordinary people, drinking more than 2000ML of water per day may cause increased intraocular pressure.

Drinking water up to 3000ML helps prevent kidney stones.

  4.How to drink water

  Drinking water in the morning must be on an empty stomach, that is, drinking water before eating breakfast, otherwise you will not receive effects such as promoting blood circulation and washing the stomach.

It is best to drink water with small sips, because drinking too fast can be very detrimental to the body, and may cause lowering of blood pressure and cerebral edema, leading to headaches, nausea and vomiting.


When is it better to drink water?

  Of course, drinking water is always available. When thirsty, it can often only quench thirst and replace economic relief.

An effective method of drinking water is to supplement it on an empty stomach. Water will flow directly from the digestive tract and be absorbed by the body. Drinking water after eating is not as good as drinking on an empty stomach. Try it!


Drink too much water and go to the toilet.

  Working people often neglect to drink water because of work negligence, or in order to avoid the suspicion of “borrowing” to take a nap; here I particularly advise friends not to drink water on the grounds of “going to the toilet often.”

Over time, the bladder and kidneys will be damaged, which can easily cause back pain.

As long as you gradually develop a drinking habit, the bladder will get used to it, and the frequency of going to the toilet will naturally decrease.

But drinking eight glasses of water a day and going to the toilet seven to eight times is normal, and is a necessary replacement for metabolism.

Remember the way of drinking, don’t care about satisfying dry throat and neck thirst. Drinking a sip of water when the mouth is dry is totally useless.


Do you use pure water for cooking and soup?

  With the improvement of the quality of life, the quality of diet has also received more and more attention.

Some families are also thinking about how to be cleaner, healthier, and more nutritious when cooking and making soup.

At present, tap water is commonly used for distillation water, but there may be problems of secondary pollution of pipelines and residual chlorine.

So many people use purified water instead of tap water, thinking it is cleaner and safer.

However, in the process of making purified water, it not only removes some harmful bacteria, organic matter and other impurities, but also removes trace elements and minerals that are beneficial to human health, and a large amount of consumption causes the loss of these nutrients in the body.

In addition, some micronutrients in the water are irreplaceable for human health and cannot be completely replaced by food.

Therefore, it is not advisable to cook rice with pure water and make soup.

You can boil tap water before cooking. If possible, consider using natural mineral water.


Is it good to heat for a long time?

  If someone has tap water or bottled water at home, in order to prevent secondary pollution, you can consider boiling the water before absorbing it.

However, if the boiled water is repeatedly heated, it will cause a large loss of nutrients in the water, and the deposition of certain heavy metal ions and the production of nitrite substances will occur. At the same time, it will enter the body in gastric juice and food.Generates carcinogenic nitrosamines.

So high temperature can be heated, but the water repeatedly heated for a long time is harmful to the human body.


How much water do we need a day in an air-conditioned room?

  If you are thirsty in an air-conditioned room for a long time, your skin will be very dry, because the humidity in the air-conditioned environment is much lower than that in nature.

It’s completely summer, and it’s the same in winter with warm air conditioning, and the temperature will quickly evaporate.

Under normal circumstances, a person needs to drink 1500-2000 ml of water per day.

If you only turn on the air conditioner for only a few hours a day, the problem is not big, but if you can’t do without the air conditioner, then you must pay attention to add more water. It is best to ensure that you drink about 2000 ml of water every day.


There is a saying that “fat people get fat when they drink water”, right?

  Some people say “I am a person who gets fat when drinking water”, but this sentence has no basis.

Although the water contains trace elements and minerals required by the human body, ordinary white water is not ruled out. If you drink water to gain weight, it may only be due to the following reasons: you are drinking a transfer-containing beverage, or your body has water retention andCauses weight gain, but not absolute weight gain.


Does dark urine mean more water?
  Not necessarily.

There can be many reasons for the darkening of urine color, such as hemolytic disease, liver disease, and drug action.

If these reasons are ruled out, and indeed it is indeed that the acute exercise does not absorb water after sweating a lot or for a long time, then it should be added in time.

  Second, did you know that drinking water like this can cure the disease :.

hzh{display:none;}  很多人都听说过早晨喝一杯水对身体有好处,有人喝盐水?Anyone drink honey water?

Does anyone drink lemonade for whitening?

What kind of water is best to drink?

Choose a suitable drinking method for different situations.

  1.To cleanse the intestines and detoxify like this → A cup of cool boiled water in the morning after a body of metabolism, the body needs an external help to excrete, cool boiled water without any sugar and nutrients is the best!

If it is sugar water or water with added nutrients, it will take time to transform in the body, and we cannot quickly and quickly brush the function of our body.

Therefore, a glass of clear white water in the morning is a detox recipe.


Drink a cold like this → Drink more water than usual Every time you get a cold, you will hear the doctor saying, “Drink more water!

“This doctor’s order is the best prescription for cold patients.

Because when a person has a cold and fever, the human body cools down because of its self-protection response. At this time, sweating, shortness of breath, increased evaporation of skin evaporation and other metabolic acceleration will occur. At this time, a lot of water needs to be added, The body will also show thirst.

Drinking plenty of water completely promotes sweat ingress and urination, and is conducive to the regulation of body temperature, so that the bacteria and viruses in the body are quickly excreted.


Stomach pain to drink like this → People who often have porridge and have stomach problems, or feel uncomfortable with the stomach, can take “water conservation” measures to drink porridge.

The temperature of porridge should be over 60 ℃. This temperature will produce a gelatinization effect. The soft and hot porridge is melted at the entrance, and it is easy to digest after the belly. It is very suitable for people who have upset stomach.

The large amount of water contained in the porridge can also effectively lubricate itself, remove harmful substances in the stomach, and smoothly take them out of the body.


Constipation to drink like this → Drinking water with large mouthfuls. The causes of constipation are simply two: one is that there is no water in the body, and the other is that the body and other biological substances have no excretion.

The former need to find out the cause and drink plenty of water daily.

The initial temporary prescription was: drink a few mouthfuls of water and swallow faster, so that the water can reach the colon as quickly as possible, stimulate bowel movements, and promote bowel movements.

Remember, don’t drink in small sips, because the water flow is slow, water is easily absorbed in the stomach, and urine is produced.


Nausea to drink like this → nausea with salt water to induce nausea is very complicated.

Sometimes it is a protective reaction to eating bad food. In this case, don’t be afraid to vomit, because spitting out dirty things can make your body much more comfortable.

If you find it difficult to vomit, you can use the saline solution to induce vomiting. Prepare a cup of saline solution on your hand and drink a few mouthfuls to cause the dirt to spit out.

After spitting clean, you can rinse your mouth with salt water, so that it has a simple anti-inflammatory effect.

In addition, for the treatment of dehydration after severe vomiting, light saline is also a good supplement to water, which can alleviate the weak state of patients.


Fever to drink like this → intermittent, small mouth hydration is appropriate. Here we are talking about fever, which means that when you exercise yourself, the body temperature suddenly rises, and a lot of sweat is discharged.

At this time, people will feel tired, and proper drinking water is the most urgent care for the body.

Water can regulate the normal circulation of blood and interstitial fluid, dissolve nutrients, make it supply physical energy, disperse and transfer, regulate body temperature, and increase endurance.

However, it should be noted that violent hydration is forbidden during exercise. Drinking two bottles of beverage at one time will increase the burden on the heart. Therefore, intermittent and small hydration is recommended during exercise.

And hydration before exercise is also a very good maintenance program.

Obesity to drink like this → drink some water half an hour after a meal, some MM this fallacy, without drinking water can lose weight!
Now medical experts can tell you explicitly: this is a wrong approach.

If you want to lose weight without drinking enough water, your body’s aunt cannot metabolize, and the result is weight gain.

Many chemical reactions in the body are carried out in the medium of water.

Water is needed for digestive and endocrine functions of the body. Toxic substances in metabolites must be absorbed to eliminate them. Appropriate drinking water can avoid gastrointestinal disorders.

After half an hour, you can drink some water to strengthen your body’s digestive function and help you maintain your figure.


Drink a cough like this → Drink plenty of hot water and experience cough and sputum symptoms. Many people feel suffocated, uncomfortable, and sputum is difficult to cough.

Is there any good way to alleviate this?

Just to drink more water and drink more hot water.

Firstly, hot water can reduce the concentration of urine and make sputum pass through coughing. Secondly, the increase of drinking water can increase the amount of urine and promote the rapid excretion of harmful substances. In addition, it can soothe the congestion of trachea and bronchial mucosa.And edema, which reduces the frequency of coughing.

In this way, people will feel much more comfortable and unobstructed.


Drinking insomnia like this → The massage effect of hot water is a powerful soothing agent. The human body gradually enters the state of nightmare is a process of falling body temperature.

Among the environmental requirements suitable for human sleep, a warm environment is essential.

Taking a hot bath before going to bed is like warming your feet with hot water. Both can give people a warm external environment, repeat the discomfort caused by falling body temperature, and make people sleep.

It is worth mentioning that: water has a unique massage effect on the body. The effect of gentleness, softness, and nourishment is the best calming and tranquilizing agent.


If you are irritable, drink like this → drink plenty of water. If a person’s mental state is related to physiological functions, there is a substance that is the hub of connection, that is, hormones.

In simple terms, hormones are also divided into two types: one produces pleasure and one produces pain.

Endorphins made by the brain are called “happy hormones,” and adrenaline is often called “painful hormones.”

When a person is suffering from irritability, adrenaline spikes, but it can be excreted just like other poisons. One way is to drink plenty of water.


If you have a heart attack, drink a glass of water before bedtime. If you are a person with a bad heart, you can get into the habit of drinking a glass of water before bedtime. This can prevent diseases like angina pectoris and myocardial infarction that tend to occur in the early morning.

Diseases such as myocardial infarction are caused by high viscosity of the blood.

When a person is asleep, due to sweating, the water inside the body is lost, causing the water in the blood to decrease, and the viscosity of the blood will become very high.

However, if you drink a glass of water before bedtime, you can insert the consistency of the blood and reduce the risk of chronic emergencies.

Such a glass of water before bed, but a glass of life-saving water.

  Third, the scientific way of drinking water: 1.

Do not wait until you are thirsty because this is a warning sign, just like the machine oil is not enough and the parts are worn out (the body toxins have been produced).

People who forget to drink or do n’t like drinking water are best restricted to drinking at least 4-6 times a day.

300-500cc each time.


Each mouthful is contained before drinking. It is best to infiltrate the entire mouth so that the thirst center can be conveyed by the biological feedback mechanism, so that the cells of the body know that there is water to enter the body, and the brakes are fully absorbed.


Take your time and taste the body like a stove slowly. It will smoke (toxin) immediately upon pouring water, allowing the body sufficient time to make a good metabolism and eliminate toxins.


Drinking warm water is better than drinking ice water to quench thirst. The warm water is less irritating to the body, and the body can complete a better biological feedback response to the thirst center without additional reactions.